J. Lindeberg Spring 2015

JLIndberg_Spring_2015For spring 2015 J. Lindeberg looked to rock n’ roll silhouettes of the late 1960s. This inspiration is a carryover from last season, and true to form creative director Jessy Heuvelink continued to find a way to make this point of view fresh, current and invigorating. Entitled “Biotopia” Heuvelink infused florals, prints and 3-D embellishments while maintaining the collections nod to 60s rocker style.

Though the brand over the years has become known for collections that have high consumer appeal, this spring collection’s continuation of very familiar silhouettes—tight pencil suit pants and narrow jackets— Heuvelink did take some risks, mostly in the fabrications and mixing of  a variety of influences.

Where this collection excels is in Heuvelink’s marrying of different street and rocker styles from the 60s with a mix of color and print fabrications without loosing its modern point of view. Though at times the collection may seem like an homage to the Fab Four or rock n’ roll bands like the Rolling Stones, The Turtles, and Jim Morrison and the Doors—there is also a slight nod to the early rock bands of 70s in this collection with hints of the Ramones and Jefferson Airship—this collection is far more than that. The chicness and elegance distilled through Heuvelink’s kaleidoscope of influences and fabric combinations should solidly places this collection in the constellation of male fashionisto’s spring 2015 faves.

Heuvelink elevates this spring outing from a 60’s rock band tribute by pairing patterns and fabrications with silhouettes that were never put together during that era. Zebra-stripped tribal jackets with mesh tees and skinny trousers, bomber sleeveless jacket with a grey jumpsuit, and a suede grey short trench with white jeans were never seem in the tumultuous Sixties.  Still, the collection is slick, sophisticated, well-thought out and consumer friendly.

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

Standouts in this outing is Heuvelink’s zebra-stripped tribal jacket with skinny trousers and mesh tee, sleeveless grey bomber with grey jumpsuit, and hand-pained floral leather jacket.

—William S. Gooch

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