Spring 2018 Beauty Trends: Get the Look with Nordstrom

https://www.addcolo.com/bob-wigs.htmlWhen it comes to refreshing your beauty routine, there is no better time to do so then this spring. The Internet is just buzzing with ways to banish your winter blues and inject a little color into your complexion. From multi-dimensional, velvety lips that pack a springtime punch to the most gorgeous luminous skin; beauty comes alive as the flowers begin to bloom.

However, beauty trends can be hard to master on your own. What looks easy and effortless on the runway, can occasionally lead to the need for dozens of makeup remover wipes and a bit of frustration. But don’t fret; Nordstrom has you covered on the beauty end!

Right now, you can visit a participating Nordstrom store to learn how to achieve the freshest runway-inspired looks of the season. Learn tips and tricks from industry experts about how to create a high-definition pout that’s sure to wow! Nordstrom beauty experts will be using top brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent for kissable lips that are anything but boring.

                                       Images courtesy of addwigs

Another favorite trend of Fashion Reverie and Nordstrom’s right now is a gorgeous, ethereal highlighter. For a limited time you can learn from the pros how to give your skin that beautiful, perfect glow that looks like you just stepped off a red carpet. Hint hint, it’s easier than you might think!Nordstrom is pulling out all the stops for their Spring Beauty Event! It’s so much more than just a trip to the beauty counter for a quick makeup lesson. From high-energy runway shows, backstage beauty demos, one-on-one time with beauty experts, free samples and exclusive gifts with purchases (while supplies last), this is one beauty extravaganza you’re not going to want to miss!

Oh and did we mention, it’s free to attend? So if you’re looking to add a new beauty technique to your arsenal, or just want to stay on top of this season’s biggest trends, visit shop.nordstrom.com/c/spring-trend-week-by-store to find a participating store near you and get on the list.

—Janine Silver




Fashion Reverie’s 2018 Unisex Winter Skincare Guide

                                    Image courtesy of fashionbeams.com

Snow doubt about it… winter is here! If you were in any part of the United States in the first few days of 2018, and most this past week, then you were likely affected by a lot of snow. It crippled some small towns and brought some major cities to a standstill. And even though we know winter will come every year, every year we often under prepare for it. It can affect travel, commuting to work, and our bodies. While we at Fashion Reverie can’t give you much advice on getting to work in the winter, we can surely advise you on how to prepare and repair your body from winter’s harsh effects.There’s an old adage that says, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Fashion Reverie has assembled a fail-proof list of skincare products that will have you feeling summertime fresh during the most blustery winter months.Oxygenetix Oxygenating Acne Control Foundation

Though acne is usually associated with warmer temperatures, even in colder climates acne still prevails. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Acne Control Foundation features maximum strength 2% salicylic acid combined with the brand’s proprietary, breathable delivery system. The prime ingredient is the pro-healing, patented Ceravitae Complex, a supercharged, oxygenating, breathable matrix that promotes collagen cell production and connective tissue growth. Ceravitae attracts oxygen to the skin to support healing and keep skin strong and healthy. Ceravitae works synergistically with time-released salicylic acid to maintain effective treatment levels throughout the day.

Dr. Bronner Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Available in eight scents, their peppermint is the most popular. Made with with organic peppermint oil, it clears sinuses, sharpens the mind, and tingles the body leaving you totally revitalized. Just make sure to not let it linger on your most sensitive parts … It’s powerful!Bath and Body Works Orange Ginger Energy Sugar Scrub

The scrub is perfect for sloughing off dead skin and invigorating your body. The ingredients include five nourishing oils, including jojoba, sunflower seed, safflower seed, mineral, and almond oils for maximum hydration coupled with orange and ginger essential oils for tension relief. Breathe deeply to maximize its energizing effects.Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Sport Muscle Soak

Built from mineral-rich thermal bathing salts, and paired with Molton Brown’s iconic scent of Madagascan black pepper oil, grapefruit, and aromatic cardamom, this bath soak help relax your muscles and ease away the stress of the daySimply Balanced Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

An all-natural product that is great for your skin (and hair). Being that it is unrefined, it retains the natural smell of the coconut while keeping your skin moisturized and healthy. Some people have even reported that, after a few weeks, it has helped clear up minor skin conditions.Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

Tested by guys who use and abuse their hands, this rich, non-greasy formula helps heal and soothe dry, chapped, cracked hands. Particularly beneficial to those who wash their hands a lot or spend time outdoors in rugged temperatures, Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer repairs tough calloused skin and cuticles, providing lasting relief.Zirh Clean

An invigorating face wash with Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids that work to remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. The cleanser has a fresh, light lemon scent that leaves your face feeling and looking fresh and clean.Anthony Facial Scrub

This gentle face scrub is a triple threat. It exfoliates skin, removes grime, and helps get rid of ingrown hairs. White sand from Bora Bora removes dead skin, aloe vera soothes and refreshes the skin, and Vitamin C nourishes the skin. This is a spa-worthy concoction for your face.Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner

This toner is the wingman to all of your facial products. Not only does it remove residual dirt, oil, and impurities cleansers can miss, it brightens the complexion, reduces redness, balances oil production, and preps skin to receive further product like serums and moisturizers, boosting their efficacy.Dr. Perricone Vitamin C Ester Serum

This is a golden elixir for your face. The concentrated boost of Vitamin C brightens your complexion evens out your skin tone; helps smooth crows feet, and reduce wrinkles. You can get it in as a liquid serum or a travel-friendly cream.Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm

Everyone needs an optimum concoction for lip protection and repair. Composed of shea butter, pure Vitamin C, and squalene, this lip balm is designed to keep your lips hydrated and healthy. Squalene is super moisturizing; Vitamin C helps improve the appearance of aging skin, and the shea butter protects against dryness and dehydration while keeping your lips supple. And it leaves your lips shine-free. Perfect!Malin+Goetz Weekender Travel Kit

When traveling, you can’t bring your whole skincare regimen, so why not have a handy kit that’s always ready to go? This weekend essentials kit is pre-packed for easy travel. It includes grapefruit face cleanser, Vitamin E face moisturizer, bergamot body wash, eucalyptus deodorant, almond hand treatment, and lip moisturizer. No need to create your own kit of products, this TSA-friendly assortment is all you need for a quick getaway.

—Carl Ayers


Fashion Reverie Beauty Feature: Radiance Aesthetic & Wellness Spa

At 635 Madison Avenue, there is a best-kept secret that can improve your health and turn back the hands of time for your skin. Enter Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness Spa, which has had a Manhattan location for over 17 years, recently moving their medical spa to a more spacious digs on Madison Avenue.

The likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, and David Geffen have frequented Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness Spa, thanks to their incredible group of doctors, in particular, Dr. Natalya Fazylova. Specializing in everything from vitamin drips to laser treatments and anti-aging, Dr. Fazylova prides herself in holistic medicine.

Dr. Fazylova often has patients come in for a particular treatment, and discover that patients have other challenges like hormonal imbalances and vitamin deficiencies. Before she treats any of her patients, Dr. Fazylova checks everything from hormone levels to blood work. “I am very thorough,” she says. “I come from a foundation of treating the person as a whole. I check everything from hormone levels to the diet. I can handle hormone imbalances, whether male or female, thyroid problems and pre-menopause. It’s all about life optimization here.”

In a city of socialites, fashionistas, and entertainers, anti-aging services has become one of her most sought after specialties. “The perfect environment for humans is the rainforest,” said Kim Schmidt, PR director for Radiance. “The average lifespan for a human is really supposed to be 120 years. However, we’re surrounded by all this pollution and different environmental factors and that takes away from our lives.” To that extent, Radiance has created IV ‘cocktails’ and vitamin drips that provide patients with necessary electrolytes, B vitamins, and glutathione boosters to improve the health of the whole body from the lungs to the liver.


Dr. Fazylova spent several years in conventional medicine before she realized regular testing wasn’t giving her the results she should be getting to improve her patients’ health. She went on to do a certification in holistic medicine, giving her the answers she had been searching or that traditional medicine was not addressing for her patients. She happened into skincare and beauty treatments because people started asking for those specialities.“There are many patients who seek us out at Radiance because they hear about the work we do,” Dr. Fazylova says. “After 17 years in the medical practice doing holistic medicine, I can recognize things other people don’t.”

Since moving her practice to Midtown East, Dr. Fazylova not only has been able to attract a more upscale clientele, but by partnering with Madison Bid and the New York Concierge Association she’s able to reach out to the community on the Upper East Side. Radiance has also been working with hospitals that have visitor divisions, and has partnered with prestigious organizations such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and hospitals including Mount Sinai and New York Presbyterian to provide holistic wellness treatments to cancer survivors.

                                    Images courtesy of Radiance Aesthetics & Spa

One of Radiance’s biggest philanthropic causes is mental health. To that end, Radiance has partnered with Fountain House, an organization that supports both art and mental illness. Since the 1940s, Fountain House has dedicated itself to the recovery of men and women with mental illness by providing affordable living services and work opportunities.Radiance’s professional staff hopes to add weight loss and body contouring services in the near future. As Schmidt explains, “It’s all [about] the beautiful people in here.”

—Kristopher Fraser

Bridal Beauty Fall 2018

                     Anne Barge Bridal 2018 backstage images courtesy of ODA PR

New York International Bridal Week is more than a parade of beautiful bridal gowns. Bridal Week is also determines that bridal beauty looks that will trend for the bridal season. And for the fall 2018 bridal season, many bridal designers are adapting loose, wavy hair, bronzed, natural beauty with slight hints of rose gold.Interestingly, these hair and makeup looks are generally associated with spring/summer brides; however, in a fashion market that is experiencing more trans-seasonal trends, bridal designers are beginning to make bridal gowns that easily translate to any season. The same holds for the bridal hair and make-up trends.

                                 Anne Barge Bridal fall 2018 images courtesy of ODA PR

The Anne Barge fall 2018 collection is an interpretation of nature’s midnight garden. An escape into fanciful garden that inspires all things feminine—a delicate tracery of ribbons and bows, a whisper of pink, dreamy layers of floral lace.TEAM Hair & Makeup’s creative director Mar R kept the hair and makeup sleek and simple, with smooth, swept-back ponytails held by a ribbon and a darker lip for a nineties accent. Skin is soft and luminous with a subtle sheen of rose gold and lightly lashed eyes. Beauty and design for today’s bride.

                                Reem Acra Bridal fall 2018 courtesy of Atelier PR

Reem Acra’s fall 2018 bridal collection drew inspiration from the saintly spirits that protect us, and in particularly bless and sanctify marriage. This inspiration was made evident in a soft, eerie beauty that infused the entire collection with some models looking like specters reminiscent of the Wilis in “Giselle.”As counterpoint to this rather spectral collection, Reem Acra’s makeup and hair team chose to go with a very natural, bronzed beauty with floral garlands of baby breath woven into jeweled tiaras. One doesn’t necessarily associate baby breath and bronzed beauty with ghostly projections or saintly reverence. Still, Reem Acra find a way make these disparate elements work.






Summer Beauty Pick: Think Pink

Images courtesy of pinterest.com

Images courtesy of pinterest.com

Millennial Pink has been the color of the summer season, just one scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll find pink décor, clothing, food and accessories.  This trendy-meets-girly hue has also taken a foothold in the beauty market in the form of lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and even perfumes.

That said; you’ll notice Millennial Pink looks different all the time.  This variation in color is the result of this season’s pink being a spectrum of shades.  It encompasses colors like Rose Quartz, Pale Dogwood, and Candy Pink, which is why the color is sometimes portrayed as dusty pink while other times you’ll find Millennial Pink as a combination of peach and beige.  According to Veronique Hyland of The Cut, “[I]t’s ironic pink, pink without the sugary prettiness …”

There is still a lot left to the summer season; summer doesn’t officially end until September 21. Remember, it’s not too late to incorporate pink your summer wardrobe. Fashion Reverie has rounded up our favorite pink beauty products along with tips on how to get the most of the color of the season!

Millenial_Pink1Dress Up Your Makeup Tray

While it’s really the packaging that gives these products their beautiful hue, they can easily serve double duty; decorating your home and enhancing your beauty routine.

We adore amarté Wonder Cream. This high tech, bio-organic moisturizer will rejuvenate your skin while preventing signs of aging.  The luxe thick cream has made a huge splash and really lives up to the hype!  We love how supple and soft it leaves our skin, while minimizing dark spots and wrinkles.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet both smell as beautiful as they look. Let these gorgeous pink bottles dress up your cosmetic tray while the delicate scents will soon become your signature fragrance. Narciso Rodriguez For Her features an intoxicating selection of hints of rose, peach, soft amber and wood, a truly elegant and sensual aroma. While, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet captures the spirit of the Dior brand, romantic, and yet playful.  Smelling of springtime, with notes of orange, peony, Damask Rose and white musk, this perfume will brighten your mood every time you spray it on.

Jill Stuart Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara is actually an intricately designed silver tube, only sporting a tiny pink Swarovski crystal on the top, the special wand will instantly lift and curl your lashes like “a blossoming flower.”  The mascara comes in black and brown (no pink shades yet), but it will certainly help highlight a wash of pink across the eyelid.

Give Your Manicure an Update

There certainly isn’t a shortage of pink nail polishes; however, we especially love Zoya‘s quick drying formula and beautiful rich shades.  If you go on their website or to your local salon, you can find every color in the rainbow (and then some!)  For a dusty pink mani, try Rue, a beautiful pink shade, perfect for work and play. 

Images courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

Images courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

Swipe Some Pink to Enhance Your Eyes

tarte’s Smolder Eyes pencils in champagne adds just a tint of pink in a beautiful metallic hue.  Pair it with a slightly bolder pink shade such as the one’s found in Lorac’s Pink Champagne Palette for the perfect eyeshadow style.  Keep it delicate and soft with just a whisper, or go bold and make a statement!

For a feminine soft look, blend soft pinks and orangey golds like makeup artist Monica Marmo did backstage at Delpozo‘s spring 2017 fashion week show. Artist Emi Kaneko also applied a soft ’80s pink from M.A.C Cosmetics not only to the eyes but also on the cheeks and lips for an all around pink glow.

Accentuate your arches with metallic strips and eyes bathed in pink pigment like the models rocked at Sabinna‘s spring 2017 show.  For more of a pop, try a bolder neon hue such as the magenta lids at Wunderkind.

The Perfect Pink Pout

Pink lipstick has been around since as far back as we can remember.  For a Millennial hue, opt for a dusty rose or a candy pink.  NYC‘s Expert Last Lipstick in Candy Rush is plenty sweet, but with a sense of maturity.  Bare Minerals‘ Moxie Lipstick in Do It All, really can do it all, keep it more natural for daytime or combine it with a smoky eye for the perfect sundown look.

Gloss it up with Dior‘s Ultra Gloss in Rose Twin Set or Rose Coquette.  Both shades add a youthful vibrance and a healthy dose of our favorite new shade.

Images courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

Images courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

A Touch of Blush

Just because the product is a blush, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it as a highlighter. Backstage at Asli Polat, models used pink shimmer to highlight their face and lids, which were lined with white eyeliner for emphasis.  Apply with BrushCraft‘s Oval Makeup Brush to easily get a natural and healthy flush or the perfect highlight! The beautiful shape of the brush makes it simpler now than ever!

Find multi-uses for your blush too, applying it as an eye shadow, highlighter or even DIY lip gloss (by mixing your favorite blush with a touch of Vaseline.)  After all monochromatic makeup is très chic, just look at the pink cheeks and lips at Leonard Paris.

—Janine Silver

Summer Beauty: It’s Time for Sunshine and Romance

Three_Graces_Beauty_TrioBring the romance of summer front and center with soft twisted hair in classic shapes and rosy-hued cheeks.  Since summertime means longer days, sunshine and hot humid weather, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out some gauzy and unstructured styles.

Soft natural waves are the perfect look this time of year.  This no fuss style is ideal, as it doesn’t require sitting in front of a mirror with a hot curling iron or straightener.  If your hair is naturally straight, fake a wave by sectioning your hair into four pieces and braiding each one before heading to bed.  Spray with a little hairspray to keep the style.


In the morning, simply un-do the braids and brush out the waves with a soft bristle brush or your fingertips.  You don’t want to completely loose the effect, so make sure only to run the brush or your fingers through once or twice.  Keep the hair off your face by making a deep side part and pinning in back sections for a light and easy half up-do.  You can accent with optional twists and/or braids to enhance that classical romantic aesthetic.

Another option that is great for both long and shorter hairstyles starts by creating a large loose French braid around the crown of the head.  Make sure to pull pieces of hair out to keep it from looking overdone.  To give the look a little something extra, try braiding in ribbons of lace.  Then with the remaining hair, make a side ponytail or bun at the nape of your neck for an easy style that not only looks beautiful, but will also keep you cool and comfortable when the temperature rises.

Images courtesy of fashionreverie.com/Ken Jones

Images courtesy of fashionreverie.com/Ken Jones

Finish the look off with a flush of soft pink on the cheeks and lips for the perfect dreamy warm-weather beauty look.

—Janine Silver

Beauty Pick: Brow Design International

Images courtesy of Supreme Publicity

Images courtesy of Supreme Publicity

Has it warmed up yet? Well, that depends on what part of the country you live in. Still, spring officially arrived on March 21 and if you still shop at brick and mortar stores, you will find a lot of spring/summer clothing on the racks.

With this change in temperature, consumers become more concerned about their outer appearance. Gyms start to crowd up, you began to see a few tans and of course more skin is exposed.

It is also the season to become more concerned about your face. Since you can’t cover up with hats and scarves, your face is probably the first thing that everyone sees.

Along with a clear, smooth complexion, do not forget about your brows. Fashion Reverie has discovered a unique and innovative brow technique that will set you apart this spring from others with great brows.

The Brow Design® International microblading method was discovered by founder Julia Anne Milin, after years of apprenticeships, experience, and experimentation. After continuing to see the ‘standard’ procedure that the majority of microblading professionals were similarly using, Julia Anne was determined to create a technique that would produce a single unique result for each client, individually.

Image courtesy of Supreme Publicity

Image courtesy of Supreme Publicity

First, an extensive color-matching protocol is used, where advanced color-technology steps are done in order to reach the pigment that perfectly matches the client’s natural base. Second, the ancient ‘Golden Ratio’ technique is referenced in order to declare mathematical precision based on the facial architecture of the client. We then work directly with the client in order to craft an authentic shape that ultimately results in making their fantasy brows become a reality.

You know you cannot go wrong with Julia Milin’s innovative brow design technique. Julia Milin is a classically trained vocalist, having studied at LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts (the high school lionized in the film “Fame”). Julia has performed in both pop, rock and opera around the globe, and with her detailed and intense training and performance schedules, lots of discipline and hard work is involved. Julia brings that same kind of dedication and precision to uniquely shaping brows.

Images of Julia Ann Milin and Salma Hayek, coutesy of Brow Design International

Images of Julia Ann Milin and Salma Hayek, coutesy of Brow Design International

And she has a long list of pleased clients for all her craftsmanship and hard work. All this craftsmanship and artistry is done at Brow Design International, the first microblading clinical office in the tri-state area. Brow Design International is recognized as the sole entity responsible for putting this new state-of-the-art procedure on the map. Since the birth of Brow Design International, and later Brow Design Microblading Academy, Julia Anne continues to shape the future of microblading techniques as she consistently reinvents her craft, while simultaneously magnifying the industry standards.

—William S. Gooch


Bridal Beauty Extra: Pre-Wedding Pampering Sessions

Wedding planning can be stressful, the flowers, the favors, the alterations, the guest list, the registry, the seating chart … the list of things to do never seems to end.  Before the big day, take some time to unwind with your favorite gal pals, trust Fashion Reverie, you won’t be sorry.

So grab your bridesmaids and melt your stress away at some of New York City’s top spas!

Images courtesy of The Sisley

Images courtesy of The Sisley

An Indulgent Facial to Get You Photo Ready:

The Phyto-Aromatic Facial at The Sisley Spa has to be the most relaxing facial in all of New York City.  Sit back and enjoy as your skin is pampered and your complexion enhanced for all those wedding photos.

Breathe in to inhale the delicate aromatics and begin your journey.  As you exhale, the aesthetician expertly massages your facial muscles in sync with your breathing.  Even the process of simply cleaning your face and removing your makeup is carefully done to hit pressure points, taking into a world of relaxation.

The rich creams, that are thick and lightly perfumed and customized to each person’s skin type, are derived from natural ingredients like white Lily and grapefruit.  These rich creams leave your skin smooth, hydrated and tingling in a pleasant way like champagne bubbles dancing on your tongue.

Speaking of champagne, cap your experience off with a celebratory glass of bubbly in their relaxation room for the perfect spa day with your squad!

The Sisley Spa

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

35 East 76th Street, 3rd Floor


Images courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths

Images courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths

Float Away from Stressful to Do-Lists

As a bride-to-be it seems your list of tasks gets longer every day.  Take some time to enjoy a day in AIRE Ancient Baths thermal pools.  Their candle lit room is filled with hot and cold pools, steam baths and jacuzzis to melt away tension.

A huge upgrade from a crowded public pool or all-day spa, this downtown Tribeca spa limits the amount of people for a truly indulgent experience.  A personal attendant will walk you through their beautifully designed space with high ceilings and aquamarine pools.

AIRE’s baths reach up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit and are perfect for soothing sore muscles.  Then cool down in one of their plunge pools for an icy boost to your system, before returning to the tempered waters or relaxing marble steam room.

The 90-minute thermal bath and aromatherapy session gives you full access to their hot and cold plunge pools and steam room.  They’re happy to explain the benefits of each pool, but you’re free to walk around, testing the waters as you please.

The benefits of alternating between hot and cold water have been widely reported on and are praised for helping increase everything from circulation to a general feeling of well-being.  However, AIRE offers a lot more than just different temperature soaks.  We loved the Flotarium, a warm salt flotation tank, which allows you to feel weightless and carefree while floating in this quiet space. Also, check out the propeller jet bath, which uses pulsating water to deliver a relaxing massage.

While the ambiance does feel romantic and there are plenty of little nooks and corners for couples to hang out (or make out in), the luxurious setting is also ideal for groups of girlfriends looking to unwind.  On your visit you’re bound to spot mothers and daughters relaxing side-by-side, bridal parties enjoying themselves in a quiet serene space, and yes the occasional overly affectionate couple.

AIRE Ancient Baths

88 Franklin Street


1 (646) 878-6174

Images courtesy of Trump Soho

Images courtesy of Trump Soho

Escape Your Soon-To-Be Mother-In-Law in a Turkish Hammam

(Or Bring Her Along, We’re Sure She’d Enjoy a Day at the Spa)

Regardless of your political feelings, a traditional cleansing ritual from Morocco at The Spa at Trump Soho is something both Democrats and Republicans alike can get excited about. This unique detoxifying experience uses black olive soap and rhassoul clay mud, along with a traditional kessa mitt to remove impurities and dead skin cells, leaving you with soft beautiful skin.

The spa itself is small like many Manhattan spas, but it is the epitome of relaxation with LED-chromo-therapy showers, heated toiled seats and a beautiful relaxation lounge filled with comfy day beds and bathed in natural light through sheer curtains.

You’ll start your treatment by being led into the spa’s hammam, where after you get comfortable on the heated stone table, hot water is rhythmically splashed across your body.  The heat along with the pressure and motion of the water combines for an unforgettable experience.  Soap and lotions are massaged onto your body and scalp for beautiful, smooth skin.

To conclude the service, you’re asked to sit up and take a deep breath.  As you exhale, you’re hit with cool water to help you acclimate.

Be warned the room isn’t quite like in regular massage, there is constantly running water and metal bowls clanking together.  However, the noise is a byproduct of the talented specialists use of the water to keep you in a constant state of bliss, so in our humble opinion, it’s something that can be overlooked.

The Spa

Trump Soho New York

246 Spring Street

(212) 842-5500


Images courtesy of The Haven

Images courtesy of The Haven

Spoil Yourself and Your Favorite Ladies Rotten

As if you needed another a reason to truly indulge, a spa day is the perfect alternative to a crazy booze-filled bachelorette.  For about the same price as an expensive night out, you can get messaged from head to toe—plus you don’t need to worry about being covered in spilt tequila shots while pushing off some over enthusiastic guy who’s not getting the hint.

The 6-hour package at Haven starts with an hour-long, relaxing massage.  Next, get ready for your honeymoon with an Island Wrapture body treatment.  This tropical treatment will hydrate, exfoliate and renew your skins’ moisture balance to leave you with a full body glow.  You’ll forget all about your wedding day woes as your whole body is treated from your toes to the top your head; yes, even you scalp is massaged with a warm coconut oil treatment.

Once your skin is feeling unbelievably soft you’re ready to work on your complexion.  An 80-minute facial will keep blackheads and blemishes at bay, so you’re all ready for your big day.

Take a quick break for lunch.  A selection of wraps, sandwiches and salads are offered to keep your energy up for a little more pampering.

After lunch, enjoy the last part of your treatment, an over-the-top manicure and pedicure by one of their expert manicurists.  After a full day of being rubbed down, a little polish doesn’t seem like something to get excited about; however, Haven’s Hand and Foot Renaissance packages truly bring the traditional mani/pedi to its knees.  All your extremities will be deliciously moisturized, scrubbed and soaked in an essential oil bath before being placed in heated mitts for the ultimate experience.  Lastly, a polish of your choosing is applied.

While time really does fly when you’re having fun—or rather getting pampered—the benefits of being spoiled rotten will last well after you’ve left the spa.


250 Mercer Street


1 (212) 343-3515

*While all these spas are phenomenal, with any facial or body treatments, Fashion Reverie recommend doing it at least a full week before the big day in case of any redness or irritation that might initially occur.

—Janine Silver


Tadashi Shoji’s Eau de Rose

Tadashi_Shoji_Eau-de_Rose_03Well, it’s about time. After more than 30 years in the fashion industry, iconic fashion designer Tadashi is launching his first fragrance.

Following in the footprints of most high-end designers/brand, Tadashi Shoji is entering the fragrance market after having dressed such well-known Oscar winners M’onique and Olivia Spencer, as well as Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kate Beckindale, Dita Von Teese, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams, Ruby Rose, Keke Palmer, Julia Ormand, and many others.  And over the past decade the Tadashi Shoji brand has branched into the plus size/curvy, kids, bridal, and accessories markets, so it is only natural that the fragrance market would be Shoji’s next frontier.

“In the thirty plus years that I have been designing, I’ve learned that all women regardless of shape, size, and culture all want the same thing—to feel beautiful and confident in their own being,” explains Shoji. And women will feel equally beautiful in Tadashi Shoji’s debut fragrance, Eau de Rose.

Images courtesy of Manfolk PR

Images courtesy of Manfolk PR

Inspired by the women Shoji dresses and the gardens of Japan, Eau de Rose is feminine, sensual and fearless. The dominating note of rose leads the feminine composition while the deeper exotic essence of Oudh Oil creates an amorous finish. Fresh and complex, the surprising combinations are as multifaceted as the Tadashi Shoji woman.

The top notes of Eau de Rose are bergamot, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, rhubarb, and blackcurrant. The body notes are rose, jasmine, osmanthus, lily of the valley, and cedarwood, while the dry down scents are musk, frankincense, labdanum, patchouli, rose absolute, and oudh.

The Eau de Rose collection retails at $27 to $135. Eau de Rose will launch exclusively at Lord & Taylor and on macys.com in April.


Beauty Alert: Slim Down in 2017

Image courtesy of payless4brands.com

Image courtesy of payless4brands.com

We’re all looking to tone up and slim down after eating a little too much turkey and Christmas ham (not to mention the dozen or so Christmas cookies at work!)  While there’s really no substitution for a healthy diet and exercise, Fashion Reverie has found the best ways to give your weight loss resolutions a little push in the right direction!   So banish the cellulite, firm that booty and wave goodbye to bat wings.  These small changes might be all you need to inspire you to reach your goals!

Now, if you’re happy with your body as is, more power to you!! Fashion Reverie thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are!  Really!  However, if you feel a little less cellulite and firmer skin would bring an extra dose of self-confidence, read on.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Smooth your Bum Bum

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream promises to tighten and moisturize your entire body including your bottom.  Brazilians are known for their ultra tiny bikinis and fabulous derrières, so anything they use Fashion Reverie thinks is worth trying!

Made with their special ingredient, guaraná, a native Amazonian plant and one of the most potent sources of caffeine in the world, in addition to cupuaçu butter to lock in moisture and restore elasticity, acai to keep skin looking young and coconut oil to soften and condition. Fashion Reverie has high hopes for this product.

The Fashion Reverie beauty squad applied the cream before heading to bed and was pleasantly surprised to wake up to better, more supple looking skin.  Some of our team even observed a slight diminishing of cellulite.  After a few uses the team’s fascination with the thick Brazilian cream grew.

From the sweet smell of pistachio caramelo to the subtle shimmer, you’ll find yourself adoring this product from the moment you apply it to your skin.

Image courtesy of Murad

Image courtesy of Murad

Build Youth Back into your Skin

Murad’s Youth Builder Duo promises younger and firmer skin with it’s Firming Peptide Body Treatment designed to hydrate and increase firmness as well as the Collagen Support Body Cream, which is said to increase the appearance of youthful skin with intense hydration.

The Firming Peptide treatment melts on the skin as a light oil.  Within a few uses, Fashion Reverie’s beauty squad saw a slight difference as the product helped tone up the skin.  The Collagen cream felt super luxurious as your body is bathed in rich shea butter and jojoba extract.

Regardless of your age or skin type, this duo is a knockout punch!  It will leave your skin soft and firm all at the same time!

Image courtesy of The Haven Spa

Image courtesy of The Haven Spa

Try an Hourglass Treatment

The Haven Spa located in New York City performs hourglass treatments aimed at slimming, firming, toning and detoxifying the body.  Using plant extracts, caffeine, essential oils and algae extract as well as hot and ice cold thermal agents to help improve the appearance of cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks, “orange peel” skin and also help burn fat.  They claim most people lose 1 to 4 centimeters around their waist and thighs.

Our beauty squad tried out the treatment and we have to say it was nothing like we expected.  The 90-minute treatment starts off by having you strip down while a therapist applies extract lotions all over your body.  Once you/ve lathered up, you’re wrapped in cellophane and get to rest in a nice little blanket cocoon.  Next comes the hard part!! A thin layer of a cooling agent (more like a frigid cold cream) is applied all over you to help stimulate your fat cells, so cold in fact that it may make your teeth chatter.

If you’re anything like the Fashion Reverie beauty squad, you’re probably lying there shaking and dreaming of a hot shower.  Unfortunately, our therapist tells us to keep it on all night so it has time to work.  After freezing on a table and remaining relatively cold all night we woke up excited to see the results.

After 24 hours, we did notice a 1.5 inch difference around our midsection.  Sadly it didn’t help much on other parts of our body or with cellulite and other trouble areas.  The treatment did however help with spots and stretch marks.

We’re told you really need 5 to 7 treatments to see a noticeable difference.  Would we try it again?  Perhaps, but only on the hottest day in July!!

All the above tips and tricks are there to help you feel confident and be the very best version of yourself!  Please note that results vary among individuals and our findings might not be the same for you.

—Janine Silver

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