Let CBD Beauty Products Be the Answer to your Summer Skincare Needs


Unless you have been sleeping under a rock or just very busy, you are probably aware of all the buzz around CBD beauty products. With everything from anti-aging cremes, under eye gels, moisturizers to beauty masks to cleansing gels, CBD is proving to be the next best ingredient in beauty products.

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient found in cannabis and hemp. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH), CBD does not have psychoactive properties—no flying to the moon on CBD. In oil form, CBD has been shown to decrease inflammation, skin irritations and redness, and enhance skin rejuvenation. “CBD extracts can be absorbed through the epidermis layers of the skin to interact with cannabinoid receptors located on skin surface cells. With the skin being the largest organ of the human body, what we put on our skin doesn’t only affect the skin, but it can have long-lasting effects on our health and general wellbeing,” explains Shiona Redmond, CBD expert and creator of Graces London, in a forbes.com article.  And with the prediction that CBD beauty products will exceed $16 billion by 2025, CBD beauty brands are quickly becoming the darlings of the beauty industry.

With this wave of CBD beauty products, it’s a challenge to know which brands really deliver. Fashion Reverie has curated a few CBD beauty products that not only will deliver but exceed expectations.

Image courtesy of Cannatera

If you are in the market for a great cleanser that re-invigorates the skin and anti-aging CBD product, Cannatera is Fashion Reverie’s brand of choice. A few of our editors tried out some of Cannatera’s products and gave rave reviews.

By creating a product that activates the plant molecules to find the endo-receptors on the cells of the skin, in order to go to work and “make improvements” by healing unhealthy cells and regenerating skin cells, Cannatera provides the fast track to healthy, glowing skin anyone can feel good about! Cannatera products are naturally sourced from a plant known to produce four  times the oxygen of any other plant on the planet, and the only plant that will remediate toxins from the soil, it makes absolute sense that Cannatera is a ground breaking product that not only will make the consumer feel good about their face, but the environment and planet.

Image courtesy of The Bromley Group

Warm temperatures mean that our skin needs to be more hydrated than ever. And High Beauty has the perfect CBD moisturizers to keep your skin rejuvenated and properly hydrated.

Give your skin a high five with this revolutionary moisturizer formulated with the highest level of Cannabis sativa oil and potent plant actives. High Beauty’s Cannabis Facial Moisturizers helps naturalize your skin’s inflammatory response, balances your skin function, and protects with potent antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Image courtesy of MASK Skincare

After all long day on the job, your skin needs a pick-up. MĀSK sheet mask to the rescue!!

MĀSK sheet masks were developed to restore skin to balance, ease, and radiance.  Formulated with aloe vera and coconut water an instant boost of hydration, the Hydrating and Brightening MĀSK calms signs of inflammation to return skin back to its healthiest-looking state.  Abundant in powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C, and jackfruit helps brighten the look of skin.


Music Festival 2019 Beauty

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

Festival season is in full swing and no matter if it’s music or an artistic movement, there is a festival out there for every taste.  Aside from the art instillations and bands, one of the best parts of festival season are the over-the-top, gorgeous, sometimes a bit daring, beauty looks! 

We spoke to two of our favorite festival obsessed makeup artists, the dazzling, glitter-loving Amri of @AmriHearts and creator of Kandeolove, and Irish beauty award nominee for Makeup Specialist of the Year and professional bridal makeup artist, Carly Fisher, for the ideal looks to wear to every festival, all season long.

“Preparation can be just as vital as the event itself when really trying to kill a look,” Amri explains. “Your skin needs to be well hydrated and prepared for a day in the hot sun. I personally ‘over-hydrate’ at least a week in advance and ensure I apply a hydrating mask a couple of evenings before and the day of the event. A face primer and long-lasting SPF foundation can be a great help in addition to the proper sunscreen for your specific skin type.”

Fisher also takes skincare very seriously. “I can’t express enough the importance of SPF and the protection it gives to your skin. Most importantly for health reasons such as skin cancer but also to protect your skin from premature ageing. You’ll still get a suntan while using SPF, just not burn to a crisp and destroy your skin.”

“If you happen to soak in a little too much sun, I always use Aloe Vera to help rehydrate before heading out for day two,” shares Amri.  And “always, always, always wash your face before calling it a night!”

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

Governor’s Ball Music Festival

“I love the idea of the no makeup skin look [for Governors Ball] with faux freckles dotted onto the face” explains Fisher. 

To get the look Fisher recommends using Inglot’s AMC Brow Liner Gel and applying onto the cheeks. “Slightly more of a defined brow [would work] here, too.”  Fisher recommends using Revolution Brow Pomade for the desired effect, complemented with luxurious lashes, such as Rebeluna lashes and NYX Butter gloss on the lips to keep them soft and supple.

She also recommends applying a bit of “bPerfect Tan of course for that [elusive] New York City glow.”   Top it off with a face jewel placed between the brows to coordinate with your outfit, to really add some personalized, second-look worthy, New York style!

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

“Held in Tennessee, this arts and music festival definitely gives off a more relaxed feel. I would keep away from the glitz and glamour of festival makeup and keep it all toned down,” Fisher explains.  “Image Skincare Oil Free SPF with a good base, such as Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation [will give you a perfect and more importantly, protected complexion.]”

Adding a touch of color on the lips from the Sculpted by Aimee Lip Quad (a great multi-colored pencil to easily stash in your bag) and a pair of feathery lashes like the ones by SoSu, will give this ‘no makeup’ look a twist!  Fisher recommends pairing the look with braids and white denim to complete the effect!

Image courtesy of pinterest.com/Amri

Firefly Music Festival

“Go all out in color here for the Firefly Festival,” Fisher exclaims.  This type of festival is the ideal place to rock tons of colors at once.  Your imagination is the limit so you can really turn your face into a canvas and go crazy.

Fisher shares that you should start by applying an SPF such as Bioderma to make sure your skin is protected from those summer rays.  Then to get that highly pigmented, rainbow explosion look you’re after, she recommends the bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Pallet and lots of glitter for that standout, stop and stare sparkle. To finish the look, Fisher recommends swiping on Lime Crime’s liquid lipstick, which will last through all your favorite sets!

“Wearing braids is a great way to keep yourself cooler and keep hair away from the face while dancing [at Firefly],” explains Amri.  “Also cosmetic grade, chunky glitters, bold, bright eyeshadow colors are a must, when you are really trying to go for a brilliant look. I’ve always had a love for glitter, but always had trouble finding a cosmetic grade chunky glitter that would really make the statement and express the beauty I was after. This led me to create my own line of cosmetic grade glitters, Kandeolove. Problem solved!”  

As the queen of glitter, Amri suggests using gel adhesive to keep the glitter from ending up all over your face.  “Kandeolove glitter gel adhesive is made with Aloe Vera included, so it also helps with skin protection.” An added bonus for a hot day in the sun!

Image courtesy of pinterest.com


For a hip festival like Lollapalooza, Fisher suggests, “pairing your makeup look to match that cool electric Chicago feel.”  She adores these hip ‘hun buns’ for this festival with bronzed skin and simple face jewels.

“Smoked out eyes and signature fluffy brows finished with fluttery lashes and a sexy nude lip [are perfect for this event.]”

As always, Fisher recommends starting with a good SPF, Image Skincare Oil Free SPF, is another one of her favorites. “Always apply a longwear foundation, I love Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Soft Matte Hydra Makeup.” Fisher is also obsessed with creating soap brows for a natural fluffy brow complemented by some Ardell Demi Wispies and face jewels…” will keep that hip feel to your look so you’re ready to rock on.

Images courtesy of pinterest.com

Burning Man

“Burning Man is the ultimate of all festivals when it comes to style,” gushes Fisher. Set in the Black Rock Nevada Desert, it’s important to remember that it does get a bit dusty and very hot.

“My advice would be to keep the skin fresh and simple with some cool metallic stick-on face beads,” explains Fisher. “The fashion for this festival is go big or go home! Totally out there space age outfits, so the more simple the rest of the makeup the better. To protect your skin in the desert heat you’d need a high SPF 50. I’d recommend Bioderma SPF 50 for face. Double wear light foundation and simple nudes or soft metallic shades on eyes and lips…Remember always protect your skin first in this kind of climate.”  Or keep the focus on your beauty look like Amri does with over-glittered eyes in a myriad of colors that you can’t help but notice.  “I usually do reds, oranges and golds for desert festivals such as Burning Man.” Amri explains.  With glitter piled under the eyes and accentuating the inner, upper corners of brows–or placed like tear drops cascading down the cheeks. 

“Festivals inspire me to express my creativity and to step out of the everyday look. They give us the opportunity to go beyond and try out new and exciting looks that can extend past ones’ wildest imagination,” Amri shares and Burning Man is certainly the time to do just that!

Image courtesy of Carly Fisher

A Few Last Tips

“Make sure you take the proper gear with you to be able to maximize your experience,” Amri suggests. “Sunglasses and a refillable water source are two very important items that will make your trip much more enjoyable. I also take a foldable fan to most shows I attend. Don’t forget your flag or totem to be able to find your friends and fam. “

For more beauty inspiration be sure to check out Amri on Instagram @Amrihearts and Carly Fisher at carlyfishermakeupartist.simplesite.com.

—Janine Silver

Glitz, Glam and Summer Sparkles

Spring beauty conjures up images of soft pastel nails and eyeshadows in shades of lilac, baby blue, and quartz, but summer has an entirely different feel.  While you can’t go wrong with the ever-popular bright shades and neon, this season throw it back to the 90s with a touch of glitter!

Unlike your days of glitter roll-ons, applied rather generously everywhere, a few strategic sparkles feel modern and special; ideal for all your summer daytime fêtes, BBQs and steamy, romantic nights.

To get that stand-out, fully committed to glitter look, use a coarse glitter like NYX Professional Metallic Glitter or MAC’s Glitter and color block it across the lids.  At Tadashi Shoji, the models wore a fierce glittery color-blocked eye that begged to be noticed.  Looking for something a touch simpler? A glitter wing in a bright shade begs to be noticed.  Take a cue from Bollywood actress, Aishwarya who rocked some purple glitter on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet last year.  The touch of sparkle gave her a little something extra and tied in perfectly with her gown.  However, you don’t need to be headed to a film festival to rock this look, this style could easily add some color and va-va-voom to a simple LBD or even a basic tee shirt and jeans.

Or take your lids in another direction with a finer glitter and an old-world Hollywood feel like Selena Gomez did at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.  Makeup artist Hung Vanngo complemented Gomez’s cherry pout with Marc Jacob’s See-quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow in “Flashlight” and a heavy-handed winged eyeliner.  This more delicate look is a great way to get that shine if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle.

Full glitter isn’t easy to wear, but if you don’t plan to eat, drink, kiss anyone, move or really do anything else … it looks amazing, another option along those same lines is a metallic foil for an over-the-top dramatic effect; just check out the stunning lips at Jeremy Scott!

To take your pout over the top, dab some loose glitter across your lips.  Now you can use a gloss with glitter for a touch of shine (we recommend checking out NYX Professional’s Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick), but if you’re looking for a stronger, full glitter effect, nothing beats a little glitter glue and some very coarse glitter.  Makeup influencer and YouTuber, Julia Salvia always wears a strong glitter glue and finishes with a setting spray to avoid ending up with glitter all over her teeth.  In need of a great glitter adhesive? Check out NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer or Urban Decay’s Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive.

Looking to really take it up a notch?  Glitter tresses will certainly turn a few heads; just ask “Game of Thrones” star, Sophie Turner who rocked a silver glitter do on the Met Gala red carpet earlier this month.  That was a few weeks ago and her silvery strands still have us talking!  To create the slicked-back look, hairstylist Christian Wood combed back Turner’s hair to form a clean wave and sprayed the top of her head with Wella Stay Firm Workable Finishing Hairspray.  Wood then mixed Wella Sculpt Force with silver and clear glitter, creating a paste that he painted onto the starlet’s hair with a small makeup brush.  To make sure it lasted throughout the night, he then set the glitter, again using Wella Stay Firm Workable Finishing Hairspray.

With so much inspiration, it’s time to get your glitter on.  After all, a little sparkle is the best accessory for that new golden tan!

-Janine Silver

Get Your Skin Bright and Vibrant for Spring 2019

Image courtesy of temptalia.com

OK, spring is finally here.  However, if you live on the East Coast it doesn’t exactly feel like it.That a side; your skin needs attention. Remember, your skin is the biggest organ on your body and whether it is briskly cold or hot and humid, the first thing that most folks see is your skin. 

As temperatures begin to warm up, you won’t have the luxury of covering up. And as the heat and humidity increases your skin will need some special attention. Fashion Reverie has assembled some great products to keep your skin bright, fresh and shimmering like sunshine!!

Image courtesy of amazon.com

Keeping your skin vibrant and fresh is a must goal for this spring. However, with all the products on the market, it’s hard to know which products work. Bee Waxed Cosmetics has a host of products that are proport to keep skin hydrated, vibrant, fresh and youthful, but they also deliver on their claims.With 32 years in beauty industry, Bee Waxed Cosmetics choses the most luxurious natural, raw ingredients of the highest quality. Bee Waxed Cosmetics offers skincare products that are organic, paraben free, cruelty free, silicone free, toxin free, certified vegan, and derived from all-natural botanical ingredients.  The Bee Waxed laboratory is an inclusive boutique-style manufacturer that produces our cosmetics on an as-needed basis, preserving our high standards for natural, organic skin care.

Fashion Reverie recommends the Bee Sugared Scrub which enhances circulation and restores smooth-looking skin with a natural sugar-based ingredient. This product feels great on the skin, helps remove dead skin and is a bargain at $52.50.

Image courtesy of Self Kaire

One of most unusual products that Fashion Reverie introduces this season is Self Kaire’s kairetool. Self Kaire’s kairetool is an ergonomic steel-based massage tool that can used to stimulate cell rejuvenation and blood stimulation based on Eastern medicine massaged techniques.This is the perfect tool to use during your entire day. And perfect while you on that three-day weekend of quick getaway.

The kairetool promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and use acupressure to target your body tissues. The kairetool can be used to detoxify and stimulate the entire body, resulting in more youthful skin, particularly on the neck and face. For best practices go to selfkaire.com.


Don’ leave the exotic and tropical locales to vacation and getaway spots.  You can make the exotic personal now by applying it to your daily skincare ritual. Gypsy Secrets brings you all the exotic ingredients of the Middle East, and ancient cultures and makes them available to your daily skincare regimen. Ancient cultures around the globe have enjoyed centuries-old health and beauty secrets rooted in the nutrient-rich fruits and herbs unique to their lands. These local secrets have been passed down from generation to generation, recognized for their potent effects on vitality, through culinary, medicinal and aesthetic traditions.The ingredients chosen to have been proven effective by ancient cultures over thousands of years of trial and error and backed with recent research. Their formulas address most skin concerns and offer a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties and more. To further enhance the potency of their products, we use ultraviolet glass containers for optimal protection against the adverse effects of light on natural ingredients. Using glass is also part of our Plastic-Free Promise for both environmental and safety reasons.

Fashion Reveries pick is Gypsy Secrets’ Persian Renew Eye Cream. Gypsy Secret’s ultra-luxurious renewing eye cream boasts exotic & effective anti-aging Persian botanicals that have been shown to help treat dark circles and puffiness, while plumping and firming the delicate skin around the eyes. Highly absorbable hyaluronic acid and marine collagen peptides were added to this 85% organic formula to further address elasticity and the appearance of fine lines.  

Image courtesy of MASS EDEN

Not all beauty products work for everyone, particularly if you have sensitive skin. MASS EDEN to the rescue. Founded by TL Robinson as a result of her challenges with sensitive skin, MASS EDEN’s green body care line is crafted from natural and organic ingredients, powered by active botanicals and herbs known for their benefits to skin health. We avoid artificial ingredients since they’re known to trigger negative skin reactions, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Their ethos of employing safer body care for everyday use by people from all walks of life birthed the MASS EDEN tag line “Inclusive green body care.™” MASS EDEN’s natural and organic products are effective yet gentle enough for everyday use.

Fashion Reverie’s favorite is MASS EDEN’s Facial Steam. This at home, spa-like treatment allows for a deeper clean. This organic and botanical tea helps prepare skin to accept moisture. The Facial Steam contains rosemary, ginger, lavender, and calendula. It retails at a very affordable $16.

Did you know that having great skin has a lot to do with balancing the healthy bacteria on your skin?  That means balancing the probiotics and prebiotics of your natural skin culture. Probiotics are the good bacteria and prebiotics are the good natural foods that good bacteria need to flourish.

Image courtesy of Gallinee

Skincare brand Gallinée has created some great beauty products that use probiotics and prebiotics to help you get great skincare for spring 2019. With Gallinée, your skin will get all the love and care it needs. Gallinée are the first brand to help you care for your skin and its own bacterial ecosystem. Our skincare line focuses on probiotics and skincare for sensitive skin, giving you gentle yet powerful nourishment. From face creams and foam cleansers to cleansing bars and hand creams, Gallinée is the perfect skincare brand for your skin.Fashion Reverie’s pick from this exciting brand is Gallinée’s Body Set. Discover this revolutionary range of body products, scientifically formulated to soothe, soften and nourish your skin. Suitable for all types of skin, even the driest ones and those atopic-prone ones. Find a glowing skin from head to toe. And this kit is a steal at $40.

William S. Gooch




Last-Minute Holiday Beauty Gifts They’ll Love

Image courtesy of tweedandlace.com

So, you’re up against the clock looking for the perfect gift? Fear not, Fashion Reverie has rounded up the best gifts that are sure to wow anyone on your list! From glittery shadows to intoxicating scents, we have the gifts you and your loved ones will be wearing all year long!

All about the Glitz

For the glamorous ladies (or gents) on your list, it’s all about the dazzle. Give them their chance to shine with glitter, metallic shades, and hypnotic lingering scents.

Stilas Enchanted Eyes Liquid Eye Shadow Set

This six-piece set of highly pigmented, travel-sized shadows are prefect for a New Year’s Eve look; however, a true diva can rock these shimmery and glittery shades all year long. They’re easy to apply and unlike many other shadows, really stay put without bleeding or creasing. Just a quick swipe across the lid can take any look from boring to fabulous!

Available at Ulta, currently on sale for $31.50

Marilyn Monroe inspires Morgan Taylor’s Glam Mini 4 Pack, from the brand’s Marilyn Monroe Forever Fabulous Collection. This four-pack of nail polishes is seriously upping the glam factor! With sparkly shades and deep reds like “Wish Upon A Starlet,” “Some Like it Red,” “Ice or No Dice,” and “Diamonds Are My BFF,” how could you go wrong?   Applied alone for a gorgeous mani, or together to create stand out nails, this nail pack is sure to impress. Need some tips? Check out morgantaylor.com to see their Marilyn-inspired nail art manicures.

Available at Ulta, $14.95

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Limited Edition Perfume

Tiffany & Co captures the scent of diamonds and bottles it up. Not only is the bottle gorgeous, representing the iconic Tiffany blue, exquisite diamond cuts and New York City roots, but with a bold sparkling floral musk scent based around the iris flower, with top notes of mandarin, this eau de parfum is sure to make an impression!

Available at bloomingdales.com, $130 (75ml)

Gucci Bloom Deluxe Edition Perfume channels vintage perfume bottles. This holiday edition of Gucci Bloom sits inside a powder glass bottle with a retro-inspired black bulb and tassel atomizer spray. The rich white scent includes ingredients such as natural tuberose harvested from India interlaced with jasmine and for the first time ever, and the rangoon creeper, a flower discovered in South India that changes colors from white to pink and finally red as it blooms. It’s an opulent scent that will transport you to back to the days of old school Hollywood glamour.

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, $140 (100ml)

Pretty Simple

Bright, fresh and natural, when it comes to beauty, simple is anything but boring! For those girls who just glow and love makeup without all the fuss, these products are sure to make their mornings easier!            

Bobbi Brown’s Pret-A-Party Mini Eye and Lip Palette

Bobbi Brown has always been about enhancing natural beauty and with this eye and lip palette anyone can easily do just that. Filled with neutral shades and just a touch of shimmer to take your look from day to night! We love the easy to carry palette and the lip gloss in Bellini looks good on just about every skin tone!

Available at bobbibrown.com, $29.00                                      

Cricket’s 25 Black Hair Ties Tin

Need a fun stocking stuffer or cute gift for a teenager? Cricket’s tin has a message that anyone with long hair can relate to. Cricket doesn’t use any metal fascinators, which means no pulling out your hair! Plus, after inevitably losing at least half (if not more) of the hair elastics, the tin doubles as a great place to stow other accessories like clips, bobby pins and even lip gloss—making it a great vehicle to store your belongings and then stash into a locker, gym bag or toiletry kit.

Available at CVS, $4.99

Burberry Her Perfume

Staying true to their “ambery musky accord” and “London attitude,” this fresh vibrant scent is welcomingly fresh, with just a touch of edge. Opening with “bursts of red and dark berries- blackcurrant, blueberry and raspberry,” featuring notes of violet and jasmine and a base of dry amber and musk, this fruity scent is sure to be a new favorite! Additionally, the bottle can be personalized with initials for a gift that’s bound to get her attention.

Available at macys.com, $70 (30ml)

Everlasting Elegance

She’s classic and the very definition of style. For a gift that’s all that and more, try something tasteful and mesmerizing.

Guerlian Meteorites

There’s a reason these multi-colored “light reveling pearls” are so popular.   Not only do they have a delicate violet fragrance, they also transform light into a gorgeous subtle glow to illuminate the face. For ethereal skin that seems to light up from within, Meteorites never disappoints.

Available at Sephora, $63.00

All images courtesy of respective brands

Miu Miu Fleur D’Argent PerfumeWith a top note of tuberose, this delicate scent packs a delicious punch, followed by musk accord and undertones of akigalawood for a well-rounded scent that’s not too floral or sweet. The stunning bottle is made up of clear glass matelassé with a silver painted interior and vintage pastel pink disk that would look gorgeous on any vanity table.

Available at Sephora, $99 (50ml)

—Janine Silver

Beauty Editor’s Pick: Fall 2018 Beauty Favorites That You’re Going to Be Obsessed With!

Fall doesn’t need to just be about shades of orange and rust! Let Fashion Reverie help break you out of your autumnal rut with our favorite new products to soothe, pamper, and turn heads, all season long!

Algenist Alive Prebiotic Balancing Mask

If you live in a busy and grimy city like New York City, everyday your skin is exposed to hundreds of pollutants and bacteria. Enter Algenist’s new color-changing Alive Prebiotic Balancing Mask, your new best friend in the fight for better skin. Formulated with probiotic and prebiotics derived from algae, this wonder mask targets surface skin bacteria to restore your natural epidermal ecosystem. Additionally, their patented Alguronic Acid helps keep your skin ultra-hydrated. Oh, and did we mention it’s vegan and sustainably produced too?

It’s also an Instagrammer’s new best friend (seriously—the mask changes from a stunning seafoam to a gorgeous shade of millennial pink) and it leaves your skin with the most amazing glow! I mean it, after one application your skin feels tighter and more radiant, we’re talking a real ethereal glow from within.

Available at Algenist.com and at Ulta Stores Nationwide $38.00

Stila’s Heaven’s Dew All Over Glimmer in Silverlake

While you may still be in “pumpkin spiced everything” mode, the holidays are just around the corner. This silver “lightweight, bouncy-to-the-touch illuminator” has a translucent base and the most stunning glossy sheen. Utilizing Stila’s extended-wear technology and their gossamer-light hybrid cream/powder base, it feels like air on your skin and doesn’t crease or smudge.

The micro-fine glitter and reflective pearls evoke images of snow-topped trees, sleigh bells and sugar plum fairies as it melts into your skin. It really is the perfect finishing accent to your holiday and New Year’s Eve looks.

Can’t wait till December to try it out? Neither could Fashion Reverie, but no worries, you don’t have to! A light dusting on your cheeks is the perfect complement to your fall looks. Or add a touch on your eyelids for a modern sparkly, wet eye look, as seen on the runways at New York Fashion Week: The Shows.

Available at Sephora stores and stilacosmetics.com — $25.00

Natura Brasil Whipped Body Mousse in Maracujá and Foot Cream in Castanha

Treat yourself with these luxurious creams from Natura Brasil. The light-weight Whipped Body Mouse melts into your skin, leaving it feeling ridiculously smooth and hydrated. Maracujá, also known as passion fruit, is well known as a skin super food; full of fatty acids, antioxidants like vitamin E and carotenoids. Plus, it’s known to lock in moisture in the skin, calm inflammation, and slow signs of aging. The light heavenly scent adds to the spa-like experience.

Their foot cream, which is made with nourishing Castanha oil and Cupuacu butter is indulgent and luxurious. Unlike most foot creams that are too thick and take a while to work, Natura Brasil’s cream almost immediately soaks into your feet and gets to work on repairing rough, dry and cracked heals. It’s truly a next-level pampering product.

Natura Brasil’s Whipped Body Mousse $24.00 and Foot Cream $19.50 are available in store and online at naturabrasil.com.

OZNaturals’s Eye Cremes and Gels

Though temperatures are getting cooler, many of us still suffer from seasonal allergies. Falling leaves and changing climates can contribute to allergies and that means puffy, baggy eyes and dry skin around the eyes. OZNaturals to the rescue!!

OZNaturals has two eye crèmes and gels that not only leave your eyes less puffy, but can also reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. OZNaturals’ Super Youth Eye Gel addresses fine lines, under eye circles, loss of tone and crow’s feet. It also provides a perfect base for makeup application while providing outstanding hydration.

OZNatural’s Matrix 6 Mega Bright Eye Gel addresses dark circles, puffiness, dryness, and fine lines. This product is made with patented peptide Matrixyl synthe’6 to help stimulate collagen.

The OZNatural’s collection is available online at OZNaturals.com and on amazon.com for $15.49 and 19.99, respectively.

All photos courtesy of respective brands

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye LinerGive your black eyeliner a rest and play up a little color this fall with Stila’s new smudge-proof eyeliner markers. We love the gorgeous intense vibrant shades of Amethyst, Sapphire, Jade, Smokey Quartz, and Labradorite to quickly and easily give your beauty game a boost!

Effortlessly create smoldering eyes with its precision tip, ideal for both thin delicate strokes or dramatic wings, and rest easy knowing your look will last all night long. For anyone who’s excused themselves to check their makeup and found their eyeliner bleeding all over, it’s worth repeating, this liner stays put!

Available at Sephora, Ulta and Stila.com $22.00

—Janine Silver

How to Wear Beauty Looks from the Spring 2019 season

You may need to wait to try on spring 2019’s hottest trends, but backstage during New York Fashion Week: The Shows spring 2019 Fashion Reverie found some beauty looks that are so good, you can wear them right away. From nails to hair, Fashion Reverie has got you covered!

Images courtesy of Janine Silver

Glitter Party NailsJin Soon Choi, founder of JinSoon, developed the perfect glittery nails for Badgley Mischka. Playing off of the collection, which was inspired by the “whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland,” Choi incorporated the same pops of vibrant colors and metallic accents to the nails.

Choi created two looks for the show, but our favorite, one she calls “confetti,” which is made up of two coats of JINsoon Fab, a glittery multicolored polish perfect for a trip to Wonderland. The manicure’s nickname is very appropriate for a celebration and as this was Badgley Mischka’s 30th Anniversary Collection, they had real confetti falling from the sky mirroring the model’s nails.

“I’ve done sheer for many seasons, but you need to have some fun [with your nails],” explains Choi and Fashion Reverie couldn’t agree more.

Prabal Gurung images courtesy of Janine Silver

Messy Yet Chic Pulled Back Hair“The look is super textured. Think of it as if someone went into the ocean, got their hair wet and then dried in the sun, and it got a little crusty and really textured. She then does her own little twist into a bun,”co-lead stylist, Claudio Lazo for Wella explains, backstage at Prabal Gurung. To get the look, Lazo and his co-lead Anthony Turner used Wella’s EIMI Sugar Lift, as well as, Wella’s EIMI Ocean Spritz, which is a salt product, but it also has sugar in it to give a little more volume.

They also created a second look with braided, slicked back cornrows, leaving the rest messy and textured on the bottom.

Images courtesy of Janine Silver

Glossy CheeksBackstage at Badgley Mischka, Lead Artist for Stila, Carly Giglio created the glowy whimsical “Alice in Wonderland” makeup look which she described as “a dream” to create. The key was fresh, youthful, but with a lot of texture. Then she added Stila’s in Peony on the apples of the cheeks. “The placement for this was key,” Giglio explains, “not super round, but more triangular. So, the color was really placed in the front. Think of fresh pinched cheeks.”

To add that glossy look, Giglio then added a new product that will be coming out next spring, Stila’s Shade Mystère Face Gloss which is three colors in one; russet, pink and bronzy. It’s a clear gloss and the light hits it for an amazing finish. Applied just on the high cheekbone it picks up the models’ natural highlights. While you can’t use the exact product now, sadly, as it’s amazing with a soft velvety feel (we can’t wait till spring!) you can get the look with other gloss products such as MILK Makeup’s Face Gloss. While it won’t give you the exact look, it’ll do while we wait for Mystère’s big debut! 

TIBI spring 2019 backstage image courtesy of Janine Silver

“Fashionably” Chipped Nails Backstage at Tibi, we caught up with Choi again to learn about the chipped polish and accent nail manicures. A rather unorthodox choice, to create a manicure that looks as if it’s on its last legs, Choi’s nails presented more like pieces of modern art.

Back in 2010, Tibi’s collection first featured a chipped manicure and as Choi explains, “People really didn’t get it. Why would she want chipped nails? But then people started to get it and she got a lot of attention for it.” So, to bring back the now infamous manicure, Choi created multiple colors of these nails based on what the model was wearing.

To get these artistic digits, Choi and her team dabbed paint in the center of the nail working outwards in various strokes to create uneven shapes. Choi explains how it’s important to leave some of the natural nail peeking through. Another technique she used is simply filing away at the top of the nail to create a natural wear and then putting the top coat on to seal it. The manicures were then paired with an equally chipped glitter accent nail to add the chic party look to this unusual professional polish.

Shimmering Brows

To match the incredible nails at Tibi, Cassandra Garcia, Lead Artist for Bobbi Brown created a unique shimmering brow. Rather than adding glitter in the inner corner, a very common technique, Garcia applied a little Silver Moon Sparkle Shadow to “soft, defined brushed through brows from the middle to the end for added interest.” Garcia explains that the color has a clear base that “goes through the brow without adding color but you can see the glitter where the light shines.”

TIBI spring 2019 image courtesy of Janine Silver

Bright LipsShades of cherry and coral were all over the catwalk this season. At Pamella Roland, Rick DiCecca for Artistry Studio used Artistry Studio’s City Coral Lip Balm, which features a unique core to create a soft lip stain, perfect for Roland’s Bali-centric collection.

Garcia had the models purse their lips at Tibi, swiping on Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Matte Lip Color in Burnt Cherry and putting it right through the center for a little texture. The idea was to have something that complements the looks, “Something pretty, but something interesting as well.”

—Janine Silver

Beauty Tips from Backstage at New York Fashion Week: The Shows Spring 2019

Image courtesy of vogue.com

Fashion Reverie spoke with the top stylists and makeup artists backstage at New York Fashion Week: The Show’s hottest shows to find the best new trends, top beauty tips, and the styles that the professionals are “so over.”

Images courtesy of nailmag.com

Warm Shades of PolishWe spoke with Jin Soon Choi of JINsoon to find the shades you’ll be gravitating to. “I see a lot of unusual colors, burnt orange, vintage … also dark red is great [for a modern mani].” As for nail shapes, Choi thinks there’s not a trending shape and suggests you wear what makes you feel the best!

Image courtesy of sitedamulher.com

Step Away From the Contour Palette“The biggest trends I’m seeing for spring are a return to soft luminosity. Soft, almost muted color … it’s almost a halo effect. We’re getting away from heavy contouring and the heavy foundations. We’re getting back to people’s personalities, what works best for you,” shares Rick DiCecca, Global Makeup Artist for Artistry Brand cosmetics. “I always joke that many of my clients want to be contoured and then I give them the ‘I told you so dance’ when they have to blow their nose and they wipe it off. It’s not ok for real life, it doesn’t make sense.”

While it’s clear DiCecca is sick of contouring, he is a big fan of draping. “I love seeing blush draped on the neck and around the face. It adds a lifting effect, a glow. That to me is much more modern than contouring.”

While not completely over contouring, Carly Giglio, Lead Artist at Stila, likes a softer approach too. “I’m a big non-tour girl, someone called it sculpting once and that resonated with me. So the hard contour can maybe move away, but sometimes it works for people. Done in a way to shape your face the way you want it’s beautiful.”  Giglio explains, “Beauty is just so individual that I don’t want to hate on it because there are no rules and so many different things you can do. Contouring works for some people, but for me it doesn’t,” she explains.

Take Care of Your Skin

“My biggest makeup artist tip is making sure your skin is in good shape before you do anything. Anything you use on your face has to be done after good skincare. If you don’t have great skincare, it’s not going to look good,” DiCecca confides. “I teach my team about how to take care of your skin and how to prep the skin properly. I teach them about ultimate skin prep, Artistry makes this product called Intensive Renewing Peel that I use backstage and onset all the time.”

Overly Lined 90s Eyes

“I think everyone is coming back to the 90s.” Cassandra Garcia, Lead Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown shares backstage at Tibi. “The 90s [makeup looks] are definitely coming back, but we’re also evolving them, making it more modern for today.” Which is why we added a nice natural stain on the lip at Tibi to pair with the heavy black lined eyes—rather than a full on 90s brown lipstick,” Garcia explains.

Pretty Pastels and Warm Hues

Garcia sees “…a lot of pastels of course this coming season too. Amy [of Tibi] always does it really well keeping the look interesting and not letting it go overly pretty.”

Showing off a gorgeous new collection, Giglio also notices the upcoming trending colors are “… pastels, those warmer tones, plays on purples, pinks, russets are classic and staying there.”

Images from Pamella Roland, Badgley Mischka, and TIBI courtesy of Janine Silver

Textured Makeup“I definitely think trend wise it’s a lot of plays on the textures and different finishes,” Giglio exclaims. “I think glitter’s not really going anywhere, but also working in that shimmer as well. I think it’s a lot of different textures … Certainly glimmer, glitter, glossy, texture is not going anywhere for a while.”

Pro Tips

Garcia shares some of her favorite tricks of the trade. “… in a pinch you could always paint your eyelashes with a little eyeliner if you need …” and don’t have mascara on hand. “Then using a lip stain you could apply it on the cheek for a nice blush in a pinch.”

“Biggest tips, well the [Weleda] Skin Food is a great trick and the BeautyBlender, which is like a magic trick in a little pink sponge” Giglio shares in reference to a technique she and her team used at Badgley Mischka, applying the product with a damp BeautyBlender on the high points of the face for an all around glow. “I use that all the time,” Giglio shares.  “I’ve also been doing a lot of underpainting and illuminating underneath. Sometimes I’ll do a liquid illuminator under my concealer or right on my cheekbones and do my concealer over. It really gives that lit from within look.”

The Products Makeup Artists Can’t Live Without

The one think Garcia could not live without would have to be “concealer … you can put it on your eyelids, on face, then just pinch your cheeks and go.”

“To choose one that I can’t live without is hard,” explains Giglio. “… but I definitely think mascara would be it, especially [Stila’s] HUGE mascara, I can’t leave home without this. A formula like this is voluminous, but also it lifts your lashes and it curls them. Mascara in general opens your eyes so you can be looking real drab and just throw on a little moisturizer and run out the door.”

Tibi spring 2019 barrette images courtesy of Janine Silver

Tame Hair with Barrettes“This season we’re seeing a lot of hair accessories,” Allen Ruiz Global Artistic Director for Aveda exclaims. “I think for spring/summer it just makes sense throwing your hair up in a clip… There’s a lot of ways to do so for the do-it-yourself look, random clips and bobby pins placed in the hair in a different non-traditional way.”

Images from Prabal Gurung spring 2019 courtesy of Janine SIlver

Add Texture to Your Tresses for Interest“Use the Aveda’s Texture Tonic, it’s something that adds texture to your hair. If you have straight hair, you just put it in your hair and scrunch it and it gives your hair a bit of bend, a little bit of a kink and that’s what you’re seeing here [at Tibi].” And on rainy days, Ruiz suggests not fighting with your hair, but putting it into a low ponytail, “a nice sleek low ponytail.”  

—Janine Silver

Get Summer Vacation Ready with Dr. Fazylova’s 360 Degree Approach

                                                        Dr. Natalya Fazylova

If it feels like every other day you are pitched a new “miracle” product or treatment to help you look and feel your best, then you’re not alone. It’s well established that most of us want to look and feel confident, particularly when it comes to swimsuit season, but we’re constantly being bombarded with a myriad of fad diets, cellulite reducing scrubs, fat freezing treatments, saline injections, glowing treatments, wrinkle fighting gels, slimming teas, healthful vitamin packed smoothies, juice cleanses … The list goes on and on.To learn how to really look and feel our best we turned to Dr. Natalya Fazylova, DNP, ANP-BC, BCIM. Considered a wellness and lifestyle architect, Fazylova develops personalized treatments focused on a whole-body approach. Focusing on what’s going on inside the body, as much as appearance.

Her Rebalance 360 program, designed with her partner, Dr. Arkandy Lipnitsky, focuses on the 5 R’s to a healthier you; Remove, Rebalance, Regenerate, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate. This customized wellness package focuses on everything from hormonal imbalance stabilization and disease prevention to laser hair removal and wrinkle reduction. Placing emphasis just as much on cosmetic procedures as well as more in-depth health issues.

                                             Image courtesy of spice4life.com

Fashion Reverie: Tell us more about how this 360 degree approach works.Dr. Fazylova: [We offer] multiple services … for hormonal imbalances, exercise training, nutritional counseling and aesthetics. My partner also does all the rehab and joints. So, when a person comes [into our offices, we first run tests] then based on the results, we offer a plan of care … detoxing the body, helping people lose weight (if needed), helping guide them to proper nutrition, changes in lifestyle and their exercise regime, checking their joints and muscles, and even making sure it’s the right exercise so that they won’t hurt themselves. Then we also offer aesthetic treatments as well as IV drips, so it’s basically taking care of the person from head to toe.

FR: Where did this idea to treat the whole body come about?

Dr. Fazylova: I came up with this idea after working in conventional medicine for many years and after having my baby (now 12 years ago). It got to the point where I was experiencing a lot of symptoms and no one could figure out what was wrong with me.  The regular doctors did the usual testing, but the results were not inclusive enough. Those results made me think that maybe there’s something more. Maybe there is a piece of the puzzle missing.

The conventional medical system is fragmented. When you have problems, you see separately the endocrinologist, you see separately the heart doctor, a neurologist and everybody focuses their attention on what their specialty field is and things get missed. And that is exactly what was happening to me. I’d visit the endocrinologist, gynecologist, and many other doctors and nobody could figure out what was wrong. So, I start looking for myself on Dr. Google to find the information and that’s how I got into the holistic field. Once I put my symptoms together, I figured out what was wrong and healed myself.  But it made me realize how many other patients of mine [may also have things overlooked.]

FR: So it was based off of your own symptoms and struggles that you developed this program then.

Dr. Fazylova: [Yes, I’d noticed the same] narrow approach and a lot of patients could not figure out what was wrong with them because we were not looking at the whole picture. So, I went back to school and got the certification in interpretive medicine and got board certified. I’m actually a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

You would be surprised how many patients come in and after I do the testing and I find the problem, say to me nobody has told me that before. It kind of makes sense because our hearts, brains, lungs, and kidneys, they don’t work separately.  So, it is foolish I think to treat a person only focusing on one body part and ignoring the rest.

FR: Can you give some examples of what types of symptoms a client might come in with, or treatments they might be looking for.

Dr. Fazylova: One thing would be hair restoration … Yes, it’s an aesthetic, but many times hair loss is actually caused by something going on inside. I [would do] blood work and a saliva test and whatever [else is needed.] We try to figure out why they’re, losing their hair while we do the therapy treatment.  They come in with one issue, [but we find an underlying problem.]. So [in that regard, many times] my aesthetic clients have become my wellness clients.

When ladies especially have a lot of hair, there is usually a hormonal component involved in it as well. It is kind of interesting how it is all integrated.   Someone comes in for aesthetics and I treat them for wellness … or they come in for wellness and I’ll treat some aesthetic problems.

[Clients love this one stop shopping approach too.] A client may come in for IV drips infusions (for different reasons) and while they are dripping for 2-3 hours, they get their facials at the same time! They are getting different things done and everything is being addressed. That is what makes us unique, offering two things at the same time.

FR: What treatments would you recommend for an upcoming vacation?

Dr. Fazylova: We do offer one-month and two-month detox program that help to remove all the chemicals or toxins in the body. A detox program helps to [facilitate weight loss].   In one month someone could lose 5 to 10 pounds by just doing that detox program.   Plus we offer different types of weight loss programs … with detox, without detox, a shorter 20 day program, and a 2 months program.   Depending on what people need, but before we do any weight loss programs, we check all the hormones to see what is causing the weight gain. Since a lot of times it is hormone related and if we don’t fix someone’s hormones, they may lose weight temporarily, and then they will gain it back … We need to find the reason and then treat the reason.

We also offer injections for excessive sweating. One treatment lasts for about 9-12 months and substantially decreases sweating. That’s also very popular for upcoming trips [especially honeymoons].

                  Image courtesy of premierimagemedicalspa.com

FR: You also offer laser hair removal, facials and IV drips at your offices. While the benefits of laser hair removal and facials are fairly well known, can you talk a bit more about the reason someone would come in for an IV drip?Dr. Fazylova: A lot of women who come in want to have a glowing complexion, less wrinkles. We actually offer an IV drip that lightens up pigmentation and makes skin glow. It cleans out the toxins and plumps the skin.  Since it’s a drip, it’s not directly applied to the skin, but it goes through the body to make the skin look better

Someone who is rapidly getting wrinkles could be experiencing that because [that person] is dehydrated. Or a person who is eating improperly has bad skin. They need to be [consuming a diet] high in Vitamin E, Vitamin A and fish oil or seafood to improve their complexion. Essential fatty acids like avocados and nuts (for example, cashews). So there is definitely a component of what you eat and its effects on the outside.

FR: Are you offering any special treatments for summer?

Dr. Fazylova: Yes, we have a vampire facial for the month of July

FR: The vampire facial is a big red carpet favorite right now. Can you speak out its benefits?

Dr. Fazylova: A vampire facial is when you use the patient’s own blood.  We collect the specimen and prepare it [properly], separating the plasma with stem cells in it (aka growth factors).   It will lessen the wrinkles because it helps to build up collagen. Since it’s from the patient’s own body, there is generally no [negative] reaction.  [Most people see] great results, they may [experience] redness for 24 hours, but most have [no side effects.] It closes the pores (making them smaller) and helps to change the tone of the skin pigmentation, lighten it up with regular treatments.  Our patients love it—you do need to do about 3 to 4 treatments to follow the cell cycle.   Over the month-long cell cycle, you’ll [notice] an improvement of skin texture.    

Plus, there’s no limitation on skin color, blood type [or anything else.] We just ask that patients stay well hydrated—not just the day of, but also the day before.   Most patients find their skin is glowing a few days after a treatment.  It lessens under eye circles as well. To see the full benefits, you need to do several treatments though.  

FR: Since you do mention multiple treatments, how early before a summer trip should someone come in if they’re interested in getting a vampire facial?

Dr. Fazylova: If you’re looking for the full effect [no less than] 3 months.  However, if the event is [quickly approaching] I would say a week beforehand.  Even though it won’t [completely heal] all of your skin’s problems, it will still even out the skin tone and give a nice glow.

                                        Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

FR: One last question, do you have any other tips or tricks for getting on the right path to general wellness to look and feel amazing?Dr. Fazylova: Start by making changes to the diet and increasing fluid intake.  Depending on the diet you’re currently following, [you most likely need to] eliminate all the sugars and unhealthy fats.  Lots of sugar and bad fats can damage the cells. Also, it makes the body age faster.

For an improved skincare regimen, you should come in for a complimentary consultation. We can provide you with products specifically designed for your skin type.  Many of our clients have found out that their using inappropriate products for their skin type; they may be good quality and expensive, but not the right ones for them.  

—Janine Silver

Fashion Reverie’s Top Beauty Looks from NY Bridal Week for the On-Trend Bride

                                   Image courtesy of harpersbazaar.co

While we love soft pink lips and ballet slipper–hued nails, the spring 2019 bridal season was full of untraditional styles, hair accessories, and touches of metallic! Fashion Reverie has rounded up favorite trends to say, “I do” to!

                                   Images courtesy of Alon Livine, Viktor and Rolf

Center PartsOne of the easiest trends to pull of this season was hair parted right down the center. Whether hair was styled up or down, during New York Bridal Week simple styles with middle parts were seen everywhere!

Alon Livne showcased an effortless looking glossy, wet hairstyle with the oh-so-chic part. Hair was pinned back behind the ears to really showcase the model’s face.

Viktor and Rolf also went for a simple beauty look to complement their magnificent gowns with a short and sweet straight style with … you guessed it a center part!

                                                      Images courtesy of Lela Rose

Metallic EyesLela Rose had a metallic rose moment at their downtown fashion week presentation. Lead artist Kelli J. Bartlett for Glamsquad created this stunning bridal beauty look by prepping the eye with MAC Paints in Bamboom. She then stamped the shimmery rose shade from Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in mauve right into the lash line.

“This shadow is super, super soft, so you are going to see eyeshadow fall off, it’s just going to happen,” Bartlett warns. To make sure you don’t have specs of metallic shadow all over your face, she recommends using Erno Laszlo’s Multi Task Eye Serum Masks as a shadow shield. When you remove the mask, you have a nice clean under eye Bartlett explains. Not to mention the added benefits of your eye being lifted and even the reduction of blueness under the eye as well!

“Maybe this isn’t your day of look, maybe it’s your rehearsal dinner look where you try and play up some color. You try something a bit different,” Bartlett gushes regarding how wearable this style is for all brides. She even suggests it for a bridal shower to change it up a little. “It’s not often you wear all white, blush or ivory, so don’t be afraid to be a modern bride … do something a little unexpected.”

                                               Images courtesy of Naeem Khan

Faux MohawksWhile Fashion Reverie realizes that not every bride is going to embrace this look, Moroccanoil’s Artistic Director Kevin Hughes designed this for one very particular rockstar bride in mind. “A new, modern girl who is brilliant, active in society, an artist. She desires a couture feeling with a fresh twist.”

If that describes your style to a T, try it out yourself. Start by clipping up a horseshoe shaped section of hair on the top of your head. Then take the remaining hair and create a classic French twist, securing with bobby pins. Now to make the standout mohawk! Release the top section and begin to create multiple knots and pin them into the base. This shortens the hair and gives the foundation for that stand-up style! Once all the hair is pinned into a line down the center of your head, spray the hair with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray and Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong at the root and tease it with a small comb to get the hair to stand on end. Finish the look with a healthy spray of your favorite hairspray (Hughes used the Extra Strong Hairspray again) and your wedding ready!

                            Images courtesy of thefashionspot.com

Blurred LipsWhile it’s true we usually try to avoid our makeup looking as if it’s been wiped off, Vivienne Westwood’s show used these blurred red pouts to add some interest and dimension to her collection.

To recreate the look at home we could give you a step-by-step instruction, but this isn’t the kind of look you want to be quite so precise with. So go try on your favorite shade of lipstick, that color that complements your complexion like no other can, and give it a little smear. Ta-da your runway ready, just like that!

                                                Images courtesy of Lela Rose

Ponytails For Days“I’ve been talking about ponytails for 20 years now, they’re always on trend,” shares Giovanni Vaccaro for Glamsquad backstage at Lela Rose’s Bridal presentation. “There’s always a version of a ponytail [trending],” he explains.

For Lela Rose, he created a long low pony right on the back of the neck. The hair is soft with great texture and finished off with a velvet bow tied around the hair and the neck. But, this isn’t the only ponytail Vaccaro created for Bridal Week; he also created a power pony for Hayley Paige.

Vaccaro explains more about why ponytails are perfect not just for brides, but for every occasion. “It’s based on how the women’s feeling, her silhouette her facial shape. So if you want an instant sort of Botox or facelift you can do something really high and really tight and sleek and gelled and secure. If you want something that’s really feminine and soft you can do something lower, leave pieces hanging out around the face. It’s so customizable and that’s what makes it fun,” he explains.   “That’s why ponytails will always be in style. No one is every going to say the pony is gone, it’s not gonna happen!”

                                                    Images courtesy of elle.com

AccessoriesDesigners didn’t want the gowns to be the only show stoppers this season, topping their looks off with crowns, flowers, hats, ribbons, and more.

If you’re craving a little extra opulence on your big day, look no further than THEIA’s spring 2019 royal wedding–inspired collection. Creative Director Don O’Neill encompassed all the majesty of the monarchy with a modern twist, pairing his designs with delicate feminine bridal makeup. In true British royal fashion, each of his brides wore a crown to complete the wedding ensemble. Even if you’re not Meghan Markle, every woman should feel like a princess on her wedding day.

Reem Acra, inspired by Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet,” showcased stunning ethereal silhouettes and dry, undone, romantic waves with large floral crowns. Celebrity Stylist Brian Buenaventura created “S” waves sprayed with René Furterer Vegetal Texture Spray for effortlessly cool hair. The look also featured hidden skinny cornrow braids working as an anchor for the large floral crowns, which half the hair fell over the crown to complete the royalty meets free spirit vibe of the show.

However, accessories were so much more than crowns! Alon Livne presented a gorgeous large lace hat for the woman channeling old school glamor and Viktor and Rolf used headbands for extra interest and of course let’s not forget those stunning velvet bows around the ponytails and necks of models at Lela Rose.

—Janine Silver





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