Bridal Beauty Trends for the Modern Bride


On that very special day, the modern bride wants to make sure that every detail is in place. From the perfect wedding location, to the perfect gown, to the perfect wedding cake, every thing has to be just right, even the makeup. Remember, for some brides this perfect day will only come once in a lifetime, and this day has to be the day of all days!!

Fashion Reverie’s Beauty Editor Janine Silver has curated the current bridal beauty trends to make that special day absolutely memorable. And with the special assistance of Miss USA Erin Brady, Fashion Reverie is confident that this bridal beauty editorial will not only turn you into a ravishing bride, but also make that special day unforgettable!!

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Model Spotlight: Devyn

Downloads184Are fashion reality television shows still relevant? Some would argue that they have outlived their popularity and usefulness; others contend that as long as the ratings are still good, there must be some merit.

Though some fashion reality shows have come and gone, America’s Next Top Model is moving into its 21st cycle and Project Runway is its double-digit season. The real viability test of these reality shows outside of rating wars is if the contestants gain any traction in the ever-changing fashion industry from their appearances. Some fashion chroniclers would say no; other fashion insiders might beg to differ.

Fashion Reverie is on the positive side of the chorus. During the recent New York Fashion Week, Fashion Reverie observed several models from reality television walking in the shows of Josie Natori, Betsey Johnson, David Tlale, Sally LaPointe, Love by Diego Binetti, Sergio Davila, and Desigual. And Project Runway alumnae Christian Siriano, Leanne Marshall, Michael Costello and Dom Streater all showed fall collections.

Collages279Devyn is one of those models beating the odds against fashion reality show obscurity. Since her win on the first season of The Face, Devyn has walked in shows for David Tlale, Sukeina, Cesar Galindo, Laquan Smith, Joanna Mastroianni, and as well international fashion weeks around the world. And she is still going strong.

On the eve of the premiere of the second season of The Face, Devyn talked with Fashion Reverie’s celebrity style editor Tijana Ibrahimovic about her appearance on The Face, balancing modeling and motherhood, and her continued upward mobility in the fashion industry.

Model Watch: New Model Faces for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Downloads116OK, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week fall 2014 is here. And the buzz this season is centering on all the new changes and policies that have been put in place around media registration and the redesign of  “The Tents” at Lincoln Center.

With all the hoopla about the unofficial rebranding of MBFW, very few fashion pundits are paying attention to the new model faces for fall 2014. True to form, Fashion Reverie always has its finger on the pulse of all things fashion. Remember, we take you from the front lines of fashion to the front row.  Here are just a few of our favorite picks of those tall, statuesque glamazons and sons of Apollo that through their ability to flaunt a garment, seduces us to purchase whatever they are wearing. Oh, if only we could be them!!

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of

Nadja Giramata

Nadja Giramata has walked in shows for Tom Ford, Carolina Herrara, Lela Rose, Band of Outsiders, Moncler Rouge Gamme, Tadashi Shoji, Suno, Temperley London, and Richard Chai Love. She has landed campaigns with Topshop and Philipp Plein and has had editorials in Vogue Italia, Husk, and Garage magazines and the Financial Times. Nadja Giramata is signed with Trump Models and Elite London.

Downloads115Holly Rose Emery

This 17-year-old beauty from Auckland, New Zealand in just the last six months is taking the fashion world by storm. She has already walked in the couture shows Valentino, Armani Prive, and Elie Saab, as well as the ready-to-wear shows of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, Tory Burch, DVF, Theysens, Mulberry, Ports 1961, DSquared2, Trussardi, and Moschino. She has had editorials in Vogue Russia, British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Australia and MFF Magazine.  And she has landed an advertising campaign with RMK Cosmetics. Holly Rose Emery is signed with Next Models NY, Paris, and London.


Images courtesy of fashion model directory

Georgia Taylor

If being bright-eyed and bushy tailed is the order of the day in the world of modeling, then 16-year-old Georgia Taylor fits right in. For spring 2014 this gamine beauty walked in shows for Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen, Celine, Dior, Dries Von Noten, and Acne. She has had editorials in Grit Magazine, Dazed & Confused, and Voodoo Child. She is currently signed with IMG New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Images courtesy of Boss Models

Images courtesy of Boss Models

Aly Ndiaye

Senegalese model Aly Ndiaye is one of the fresh faces that the fashion industry is taking notice of. He has had editorials in Superior, Elegant, and Fantastics magazines. Aly has already walked in shows for V-Files, Orley, and Vantan Tokyo. Aly Ndiaye is signed with Boss Models in NYC and Major Model Management in Milan.

—William S. Gooch





Model Spotlight: Oraine Barrett

Oraine_Barret_03With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week less than a month away, Fashion Reverie takes a look at a very familiar face that has graced the runways of MBFW for several seasons. From several high-profile campaigns for Ralph Lauren to campaigns with Nautica, Nick + Campbell, Devon Scott, Phat Farm, to being a featured face in Rihanna’s “Man Down” video to editorials in Vogue Homme Japan, Interview, the Urban Gentleman, and DSection magazines, Jamaican supermodel Oraine Barrett is still going strong.


Oraine Barrett for Ralph Lauren 2010 Winter Olympics

Oraine Barrett for Ralph Lauren 2010 Winter Olympics

Currently, few male models have high-profile careers that span several seasons. You can count them on two hands—Tyson Beckford, Sean O’Pry, David Gandy, Ryan Burns, Arthur Kulkov, Simon Nussman, Sebastian Suave, Andre Pejic, and a few others. The turnover is so fast. But, since 2008 Oraine Barrett has kept himself right in the mix by understanding that less is more. Instead of attempting to acquire work from designers and brands that go against his fashion DNA, this gentle giant has strategically planned a career that has given him longevity.

Oraine Barret in DSection Magazine

Oraine Barret in DSection Magazine

Fashion Reverie was given the unique opportunity to interview Oraine Barrett as he prepares himself for the upcoming fall/winter 2014 season. Our Celebrity Style Editor Tijana Ibrahimovic talks to Oraine about fashion, relationships, and how he keeps his physique in tiptop condition. There are also a few surprises in this exclusive interview. Enjoy!!!


Conversations with Coco

coco-Mitchell_07With the beginning of a New Year and with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on the horizon, our Creative Liaison Coco Mitchell gives timely advice on core-strength training, beauty and a healthy lifestyle. As always, Coco Mitchell has her pulse on current trends and industry standards.  With great care and intelligence, Coco Mitchell generously imparts her pearls of wisdom to all who are open to her unique understanding of the fashion industry.

I had a great season this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. However, I had to cancel Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week because I had such  pain in my lower back.   What to do?

—Can’t Walk

Coco Mitchell: Jenel Stevens, Founder and President of Prowess Private Trainer Inc., suggest you do plenty of core strengthening exercises.  Perhaps, your back troubles stem from a weak core. Instead of doing stomach crunches, Jenel Stevens suggest you perform planks. The plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position for extended periods of time. The most common plank is the front plank that is held in a push-up position with the body’s weight maintained on forearms, elbows, and toes. The plank strengthens the abdominals, back, and shoulders. With high planks the push-up position is maintained on your forearms and the low planks position is maintained on your elbows. (Your elbows should be directly under your shoulders.) Either way, make sure you squeeze your butt muscles and tighten your abs.      

I have recently signed with IMG Models. I’m married and I have a two-year old baby. If I tell my agency, do you think they will treat me differently because I’m married with a young child?  What do you think?

—Married Lady

 Coco Mitchell: In the beginning of my career, if you were married or had a boyfriend, the “bookers” would pass you over for girls they felt needed more help financially. Thank God times have changed!  Gisele Bundchen, Liya Kebede, Natalia Vodianova, Doutzen Kroes, and Jordan Dunn are just a few examples of top models that have children and/or a married life.

Use the wonderful things that you are experiencing with your husband and child to inspire you and feed your creativity.  Remember, a successful model learns to fuel her creativity with the beauty around her. Your husband and child are a blessing!!  Enter the New Year with gratitude, celebrating your blessings!!

I know that eating complex carbohydrates like bread, rice, potatoes and pasta can cause weight gain. Are there any other adverse affects complex carbs might have on my body?

—Carb Overload 

Coco Mitchell:  You are correct, complex carbs can cause weight gain but they can also have a deleterious effect on your teeth. Dr. Debra Glassman D.D.S says, “that when we eat these foods our saliva enzymes breaks [complex carbs] down into sugars that enhance acids that form around our teeth. These acids cause cavities and erode our enamel. When eating these foods, a great remedy to eliminate acids from around our teeth is to swish our mouths vigorously with water and swallow (if you’re not near a sink). This removes lingering food particles from between teeth.”

Remember, it is important to maintain your weight, but you will not get any beauty campaigns if you have bad or discolored teeth. 

Galitzine: Classically Superior

Galitzine_Web (1 of 6)title_NO CREDITSFashion is all about  now and the next. Still, iconic classic brands tend to outlive trends and the mercurial tastebuds of consumers. Galitzine is one of those brands luxury that has stood the test of time. Founded by Princess Irene Galitzine in Rome in 1946, the brand set itself a part from outer Italian luxury brands by establishing itself as a company that created  clothing for women who wanted chic, sophisticate clothes that allowed them to have ease of movement, and that they could wear at every jointure of their day.

Now under the direction of Sergio Zambon, Galitzine continues to explore the needs of contemporary women, adapting their perspective on luxury clothes as it relates to the modern woman.  Fashion Reverie was given the unique opportunity of being one of the few online publications to photograph the Galitzine 2014 fall/winter collection.

To see the editorial in full screen, click the bubble icon on the right, below the thumbnail slideshow.

Conversations with Coco

Coco_Mitchell_15With Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris completed, and Couture Week and the fall 2014 ready-to-wear fashion weeks just on the horizon, Coco Mitchell gives a nuanced and a layered perspective on what’s currently required for working models. With great care and intelligence, Coco Mitchell generously imparts her pearls of wisdom.

In this installation, Coco gives advice on diet, runway walks, and what makes a Supermodel.

I have been on several go-sees and I realize most of the girls are a lot thinner than I am, I eat healthy but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. What to do?

—Not thin enough

Coco Mitchell: Cut out all products that contain flour (cakes, cookies, pancake cakes, bread and pasta). Next, cut out rice, potatoes and corn (including popcorn) and cut down your salt intake by not eating any kind of chips.  By eliminating these products you should drop some pounds.

My agency loves my walk but they think I look too sweet. How do I bring out my “inner fierce”?

—Fierce deficiency

Coco Mitchell:  When you are on the runway, you have to be more commanding. I suggest you focus be directed total toward the photographers or the wall in front of you, walking with purpose in every step making every move definite.  I achieve a focus fierce walk by taking deep breaths through my nose (without raising m chest) and slowly exhaling (through a slightly open mouth), always mentally giving thanks for the incredible opportunities afforded you.

Hi Coco, I am a black model and I walked in 10 shows during New York

Fashion Week. I want to walk in more shows, not just in NYC, but globally. Any advice?

—Striving for more

Coco Mitchell:  I saw you in a couple of shows and you definitely stood out. I suggest not to rests on your recent success. Keep striving to be better. Continue to ask yourself is this good enough? What do I need to do to arrive at Supermodel status? With careful reflection and study I am sure you will conquer not only New York, but also have success in other fashion capitals.

What makes a model a Supermodel?

—Supermodel aspirations

Coco Mitchell: I believe having interests outside of modeling gives a model depth and perspective. Through dance lessons, acting lessons, old movies, museum visits and art and multi-media art installations, a model gets to experience the world and other cultures, even if she/he hasn’t traveled to those places. Remember, designers get inspiration from a wide range of influences, and in order to be able to facilitate their vision, it is important for a model to be aware of those influences. A Supermodel is more than a great beauty. A Supermodel evokes mood, and above all sells product.

Coco Mitchell Chats with Fitness Guru Oscar Smith

Coco_5781On the eve of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, industry professionals scramble to get in those last few show requests before the big day on September 5. While you are frantically getting in requests and attempting to match the right ensemble with the right accessories, don’t forget everything looks better on a fit body. And though MBFW is just a day away, you can still maximize your time, look slimmer and get more fit with the right workout.

Supermodel Coco Mitchell sat down and exercised with fitness guru Oscar Smith. Oscar Smith has trained everyone from Selita Ebanks to Karolina Kurkova to a slew of Victoria Secret’s Models. In between getting his celebrity clients and supermodels in shape, Oscar gave a few workout tips to our creative liaison Coco Mitchell at his gym, O-Diesel.

Go to the video section on the home page and listen to Coco Mitchell’s brilliant and thought provoking interview with Oscar Smith.


Conversations with Coco

coco-mitchell-5Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is less than a month away, and as Fashion Reverie prepares to give it readers exciting and comprehensive coverage, Coco Mitchell gives much needed advice and encouragement to models who are prepping for all the castings and hustle and bustle that accompanies Fashion Week.

Always aware of what the industry currently requires, Coco Mitchell with great care and intelligence generously imparts her pearls of wisdom. In this installation, Coco gives advice on runway walks, model prep, and personal style.

Coco, I know you are a supermodel from the 80’s and 90’s, when models ruled the world. Nowadays, most of the fashion magazines are filled with celebrities. Where do I find inspiration for acceptable, fashionable, personal style?


Coco Mitchell: There is an amazing site called that can give you a sense of what is fashionable and assist you in developing your own personal style as a model. Check out the 50 top models’ link. Keep an open mind. Be color blind when you look at the models; after all you’re looking for style. A model’s style is usually paired down—no earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, a least not all at the same time. A model must inspire as well as be a blank canvas.

Coco, I want to come to New York City and get signed with a modeling agency. What is the first thing you suggest I do prior to coming to New York York City?


Coco Mitchell: I am a firm believer in preparation. You need pictures. The biggest mistake that most aspiring models make is using a photographer whose work is not current or up to par. Remember, modeling agencies will not blame the photographer for the bad images, they will hold you accountable as a model who is not prepared to work in a major fashion market.

Do your homework and carefully study magazines that use only models. Do not imitate or emulate celebrities that are on the covers or in the pages of these fashion publications. Celebrities are not models and not expected to perform as such.

Secondly, study the “feeling or attitude” you get from each shotsexy, sultry, piercing, questioning, etc. Ask yourself what you have to do to achieve that look. What is the model thinking about when they emote. Emotion is not just in the face. Look at the total feeling from head to toe, from shoulders to fingertips; even examine the position of the hands and feet.

All this reflection and examination takes time. Have a friend help you practice until your modeling is more organic and natural, like dancing. Once you are confident that you can deliver, find the right photographer. Ask to see the photographer’s work. You know what to do. So, don’t settle!!
Miss Coco, I do a lot of shows. Everyone says I have a fierce walk, but how do I know if I have what it takes to do the shows in New York, Milan, and Paris?

Fierce Walker

Coco MitchellIt has been my experience when training a model that already has some experience that sometimes modifying or tweaking the walk can be a challenge because some models believe their walk is appropriate for every runway show or designer.  Be aware the runway walks should evolve or be adjusted depending on the show or designer.

If you are serious, and you sound like you are, go and look at the shows on from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week fall/winter 2013, Milan Fashion Week fall/winter 2013, and Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 2013. Ask yourself “do I fit into the lineup of these shows, and is my walk current and reflects the walk in these shows”? Nowadays, casting agents are not looking for “signature walks.” They want a very cohesive show.

If you  feel you need to tweak your runway walk, use the runway videos on as your sounding board, so to speak, and Practice, Practice, Practice !!!




Conversations with Coco

Coco_Mitchell_15With New York Fashion Week just on the horizon, modeling agencies are busy signing new models and preparing comp cards and look books and for their new recruits, as well as keeping their stable of established models portfolio’s fresh and current. With all the hustle and bustle that happens in preparation for New York Fashion Week, Coco Mitchell gives much needed advice and encouragement to young models who always seek her wizened counsel.

Always aware of what the industry currently requires for new models, Coco Mitchell with great care and intelligence generously imparts her pearls of wisdom. In this installation, Coco gives advice on dressing for go-sees, casting protocol, and pushing your career to the next level.

Hi, Miss Coco, I’m 14 years old and when I go on castings the other girls are always asking me questions. Should I answer?

Young and Questioning

 Coco: I think you should respond if the other models are asking you which modeling management agency you are signed with. Respond honestly and candidly if they ask you questions about who shot the looks in your portfolio or about the fashion business in general.

Being honest and positive is a great way to make friends. Plus, some models are not happy with their agency and are looking to change management. I would stay away from anything too personal.

However, remember castings are all about you booking the job and not a social get-together. Keep conversation and chatter to a minimum!!


When going on go-sees do I have to dress in the designer’s style?

—Style Revamp

Coco: When going on go-sees I believe you should be acquainted with the designer’s style; however, no one will expect a new model to wear the designer’s clothing or brand at the go-see. (That comes after you start making money.)  Consider that a lot of these brands are expensive, and you are not rolling in cash, yet.

I suggest that you be well groomed—pedicure/manicure, bikini, under arms, and legs hairless. Be confident and do some research on that designer/brand before the go-see. Remember, knowledge is power!!


Coco, my agent said she was going to send me to work in Paris, but she hasn’t brought it up again. Do you think she changed her mind?


Coco: Do not be afraid of your agent. Remember, she works for you!! After all, the agency does take 20% of your earned income.

That said; be as bubbly and as charming as you can be and say “I can’t wait to go to Paris!! Is there something I should be doing to get ready?” Agencies appreciate models that are proactive and ambitious. Though you are signed and have a agent, this is your career. If working in Paris is your goal, put the wheels in motion!!

You can submit your questions and comments to Coco Mitchell at


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