Men’s Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Trend Report: In Praise of the Man Skirt

Images of Hood by Air fall 2014 and N. Hoolywood fall 2014 courtesy of

Images of Hood by Air fall 2014 and N. Hoolywood fall 2014 courtesy of

Do real men wear skirts? Well, apparently so if you are a trendsetter and aligned with what was flaunted at the men’s shows for fall 2014 and spring 2015. From Y-3 and Rick Owns to General Idea and Skingraft to Comme des Garcons and Alexander McQueen, the man skirt/apron trend has re-emerged in a more masculine incarnation. So, the question of real men wearing skits should be rethought and re-examined to if consumers are confident enough in their masculinity to wear this trend?

If the male consumer is to follow Hollywood’s lead when it comes to fashion then the man skirt should be par for the course. In 2014 alone, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Jerod Leto, Omar Epps, Justin Bieber, and James McAvoy put aside trousers and donned a man skirt on stage or for a red-carpet appearance. Sean Combs flaunted a man skirt on stage in 2012, fashion designer extraordinaire Marc Jacobs has been spotted wearing Prada pencil man skirts as far back as 2011. And action adventure celeb Vin Diesel was slaughtered in the press for wearing a man skirt in 2003.

Images clockwise: James McAvoy, Vin Diesel, Kanye West, Sean Combes, James McAvoy

Images clockwise: Marc Jacobs, Vin Diesel, Kanye West, Sean Combs, James McAvoy

Still, this re-emergence of man skirts/aprons is quite different than its trending kilt counterpart of several years back. For fall 2014 and spring/summer 2015 the man skirt/apron goes beyond its kilting predecessor. This recent incarnation is not for shock value or middle-finger rebellion. With men’s fashion gathering momentum globally, many menswear designers now have the support and latitude to stretch the boundaries of design which includes incorporating a wider range of cultural influences and embracing a wider variety of silhouettes that were once considered taboo.

New elements and trends in menswear take a while to catch on for the average male consumers. For decades men have become accustomed to silhouettes that are more tailored and streamlined. However, the past couple of decades have produced more relaxed silhouettes, evidenced in baggy pants, oversized shirts and extended crouch pants; younger male consumers are accustomed to a more expansive choice in design aesthetics.

Kayne West wore a man skirt in 2012, and though he was met with support and detractors in March of 2014 West announced that he would include a man’s skirt line as a part of his burgeoning fashion empire. “Men wearing skirts goes back hundreds of years, but never caught on in America. We have been brainwashed into thinking this is some sort of feminine act. One of the most masculine things you can do is put on a skirt. I believe this will soon be the norm … I am the trend. You watch how quickly this spreads and remember who started it,” detailed Kanye West.

Australian menswear designer Brent Wilson begs to differ in a recent Sydney Morning Herald article. “I’m an advocate for people embracing their own sense of style, but I’m also quite old-fashioned … unless it’s part of your heritage or religion, leave this one to the ladies. [It’s] another fad that has come and gone and been on the runways and celebrities many times before.”

Images of Skingraft courtesy of Ken Jones, Genera Idea images courtesy of Ernest Green

Images of Skingraft fall 2014 courtesy of Ken Jones, Genera Idea fall 2014 images courtesy of Presley Slack

For fall 2014 LA–based Skingraft, Duckie Brown, Hood by Air, and Korean menswear brand General Idea included man skirts/aprons in their collections. Unlike previous incarnations of the man skirt, Skingraft, Duckie Brown, and General Idea ingeniously paired skirts with long pants—Skingraft’s oeuvre was incorporating short pants sewn into the skirt/apron. (No more crossing of the legs or keeping your knees together in sake of modesty.)

Skingraft and General Idea’s skateboarder meets urban road warrior motif with skirts in quilted and textured leather added a masculine patina to this re-emerging trend. While, Duckie Brown and Hood by Air’s foray plays more with re-thinking masculine silhouettes, Brown, in particular, has played with skirts and aprons as a form of layering and introducing different fabrications in one ensemble.

Rick Owen spring 2015 images courtesy of

Rick Owen spring 2015 images courtesy of

For his menswear spring 2015 collection, Rick Owens was inspired by Nijinsky in the ballet L’Apres Midi D’un Faune. The androgyny of the faune in the ballet is one of the centerpieces of the work, and Owens encapsulated that androgyny, as well as the mix of masculine and feminine in garments that paired oversized trench and double-breasted coats and graphic shirts over knee-length man skirts.

Comme des Garcon and Alexander McQueen fall 2014 images courtesy of

Comme des Garcon and Alexander McQueen fall 2014 images courtesy of

Comme des Garcon married graphic tees with culottes and man skirts. While Alexander McQueen’s more masculine pairing of graphic shirts with leather man skirts is a bit more commercially viable for the trending fashionisto, Comme des Garcon’s man skirt combinations are forward thinking and ideal for that male consumer who has a penchant for shock and awe.

Just a warning, when wearing a man skirt  knobby knees just want do. Knobby knees and underdeveloped legs just don’t cut the mustard if you dare to wear a man skirt/apron. Man skirts work best on men that have a great pair of calves and defined thighs.

Physical attributes aside, are you man enough to wear a man skirt? Of course, you are!!

—William S. Gooch

Fashion Reverie’s Five Men’s Summer Essentials


whitemainGuys, it’s summer, so it’s time to live and love life. No time to be stuck in the house and office; it’s time to be out and about. But while you’re out having fun, make sure you leave a good impression.

Sephora "Leading Man" sampler image courtesy of

Sephora “Leading Man” sampler image courtesy of

To do so, the first thing you need is a good summer scent. This is the perfect time to incorporate a new cologne into your regimen. Fashion Reverie suggests you head over to Sephora (or and purchase the “Leading Man Fragrance Sampler.” This box set comes with four samples of Sephora’s most sought-after modern men’s fragrances (Gucci Guilty Intense, Gucci Made to Measure, Hugo Boss Boss Bottled, and Lacoste Eau De Lacoste) plus The Art of Shaving’s Sandlewood Essential Oil Shaving Cream. What truly makes this set so great is that it includes a certificate redeemable at any Sephora store for a full size bottle of any of the four fragrances at no extra cost. Did I mention this is all for $55? Yes, a real deal.

Men's summer shades images clockwise Prada Linea Rossa Aviator, Fossil Jordan Polarized Aviator, Michael Kors Gold Colton Aviator, and Tom Ford Black Brow Bar Aviator

Men’s summer shades images clockwise Prada Linea Rossa Aviator, Fossil Jordan Polarized Aviator, Michael Kors Gold Colton Aviator, and Tom Ford Black Brow Bar Aviator

Secondly, you need a good pair of sunglasses. Block out the suns rays with style. I suggest a nice pair of aviator frames, either gold frames with amber/brown lenses or gunmetal frames with dark black lenses. I’d stay away from reflective lenses, unless you want to look like a highway trooper.

Men's watches clockwise

Men’s watches clockwise Kenneth Cole Men’s Rose Gold, Nixon Men’s Spur Rose Gold, Chanel J12 Matte Black Superleggera, and Emporio Armani Men’s AR1400 Black Chronograph

Next, make sure you have a good, metal watch. Some people may suggest a leather strap watch, but your sweat and body oils can wreak havoc on a leather strap during the summer. A nice sized, well-fitting, rose-gold or black ceramic watch looks great in the summer sun, and gives you a sense of style that subtly sets you apart from guys wearing more traditional timepieces.

Downloads332Earlier this year, a good number of people started hitting the gym in anticipation of the beach body season. Some hit the gym HARD, and some of us … not so much. Physical fitness should be a year-round endeavor, and there’s no time like the present to begin your journey. You don’t have time to hit the gym? Do you think gyms can be intimidating? I hear you, but that’s no excuse. A simple solution is to buy pushup bars and a resistance band. You can have them at the office or at home, and workout in private at your own pace and convenience. You won’t get the full results of being in a gym, but with all of the exercises and tips you can find on the internet, you can get pretty close, and you’ll be on the road to a better body. (On a side note; when traveling to stay in shape always pack a resistance ban. It’s a great way to get a quick workout in our hotel room.)

hendricks_ginLastly, what is summer without thirst-quenching libations? Happy hours, rooftop lounges, pool parties … You are bound to be asked the question “what are you drinking?” What’s going to be your response? Vodka and cran? Gin and tonic? Come on man! A man’s choice of drink is a part of his sense of his style, just as his choice of music and art. So this summer, Fashion Reverie suggest you elevate your liquor selection and align yourself with a drink that signifies you are a cut above the average. I’m not saying go as far as always ordering a cocktail with elderflower liqueur, but instead of asking for just rum, request 10 Cane Rum, one of the purest rums on the market, or instead of asking for just gin, ask for Hendrick’s gin, one of the most flavorful gins available. (Bonus points: if you travel to the Caribbean, stop in the Duty Free Shop before returning to the U.S. and secure yourself a few bottles of Hennessey Pure White. It’s smooth, light, and not sold stateside.)

Now that you have your summer fun starter kit, go out and hit the town. Be sure to come back and let Fashion Reverie know how well you’ve worked these items into your life and style.

—Carl Ayers

Menswear Style Report: Flower Power

Ovadia&Sons SS14, Paul Smith SS14, Comme des Garcon SS14, and Comme des Garcon SS14. Images courtesy of and Ovadia&Son

Ovadia&Sons SS14, Paul Smith SS14, Comme des Garcon SS14, and Comme des Garcons SS14. Images courtesy of and Ovadia&Sons

In seasons past, floral prints were generally reserved for women’s wear. Luckily, designers have begun to broaden their sartorial minds and expand floral prints to menswear. For some men, wearing flowers is a fearful leap. Not to worry; Fashion Reverie will guide you through the fashion field of flowers and ferns.


Images clockwise: Rodd & Gunn-Glendowie Shirt-$145, MarcByMarcJacobs-Bellflower Print Shirt-$178, Steven Alan-reverse print floral shirt-$124, Saint Laurent Requin Collar Surfer Shirt in Red Palm Printed Silk CRÊPE-$890, and Monitaly-M15352 WEBBING SHORTS 80s Floral

First, know your comfort level. Do you like colors that are loud and bright or subdued and muted?  When it comes to scale, do you like floral prints big and bold or small and subtle? Intensity and proportion are key elements when wearing floral prints. Do you want to standout and grab obvious attention? Or do you prefer you be laid back and let only those close by see how stylish and trendy you are?

Dries van Noten SS14 images courtesy of

Dries van Noten SS14 images courtesy of

Secondly, what kind of visual effect do you prefer, literal or abstract; all-over print or strategically placed? The visual effect of your garments may affect how people perceive you. Wearing lifelike prints may offer the image of sophistication and seriousness, while more cartoonish versions may suggest you’re more playful and aloof.


Gucci SS14, Prada SS14, Tom Ford SS14, and DSquared2 SS14. Images courtesy of

Thirdly, dress for the occasion. Are you lounging at the beach, going about your daily routine, or hitting the town for the evening? Florals are being used on almost every type of material and garment. From mesh tank tops to jacquard blazers, you’re sure to find a way to incorporate floral prints into wardrobe, day or night.

Leroy Jenkins, Topman, Obey, Prada

Images clockwise: Leroy Jenkins Floral black Palms Snapback, Tom Ford Chesterfield Floral Embroidered Silk and Cotton Tassel Jacquard Evening Slipper $3770, Prada-Red Ibiscus Motif Briefcase-$2670, Duchamp GRANDI FLORAL SOCK $17, Topman Black Floral Print Rucksack $40, and Tretorn-Otto featuring Florence Broadhurst-$80

Fourth, don’t forget about your accessories. Some men may still shy away from fully embracing floral patterns on their clothing. If that’s you, try something small. Skip the shirts, pants, and jackets and try hats, socks, belts, bags, and shoes.

Remember, for spring/summer 2014 it is all about flower power!!

—Carl Ayers

Fashion Reverie’s 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide

fathers-day-giftFather’s Day is this Sunday, and Dads are sullen with the idea getting the same humdrum gifts year after year. This is the one time when men are really celebrated for all they do with and for their children. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a nice tie, cologne or slippers; all we’re suggesting is that you put some serious thought into the gift. To help you out, Fashion Reverie has compiled a small selection of gift ideas that are sure to stand out from the rest.

The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

Korin Tabletop Charcoal BBQ Grill2_redone

For the man that loves to show off his cooking skills, give him a Korin tabletop barbeque grill. This Japanese-style grill is ideal for patio and backyard get-togethers. Fueled by binchotan (Japanese charcoal that burns cleaner and hotter than traditional briquettes) and measuring only 18″W x 13.5″D x 7″H, it’s the perfect tabletop barbeque to let the grill master show off his skills up close and personal.

Veuve Clicquot Suit Me 5For the dapper gentleman, give him a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in their special edition “Suit Me” cover. Inspired by luxury luggage, the reusable “Suit Me” bag is a clever play on a garment bag built for your champagne. It includes an umbrella-style handle that doubles as a bottle stopper and an isothermic cover, keeping the bottle at an ideal temperature for up to two hours.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Basket - $82dot95If you’re at a total loss of what to get him, consider heading to Design It Yourself gift baskets. They specialize in creating and shipping gift baskets of all types and sizes. For Father’s Day, they offer an amazing selection of pre-packaged baskets with manly themes of sports, cooking, snacking, and alcohol. If you prefer to send a more customized basket, you can choose your own theme and budget, then pick out the products you want to include.

Living The Life

Roku 3 $100_redoneWant a gift that will keep him entertained for hours on end? Give him the Roku 3. It’s the best streaming-video box out there, with a superfast processor and a remote that has a headphone jack, so he can privately listen to anything he streams. Roku’s platform supports over 1,500 apps, including Netflix, Amazon Instant, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora, MLB.TV, Spotify, Vudu, and Showtime Anytime, and cross-platform search makes it easy to find what he’s looking for no matter what services it’s on.

Pioneer SE-DIR800C

The Pioneer SE-DIR800C wireless surround sound headphones are great for the man who wants to tune out the world. These are not your typical wireless headphones; they come stocked with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround! Dolby Headphone technology produces up to five virtual loudspeakers in your head resulting in a listening sensation that is much more natural with sounds appearing to be outside of your head; just like a conventional 5.1 speaker system would sound. As a bonus, the charging station also works with corded headphones.

Downloads288For the guy who likes traditional games, take it up a notch with the Ted Baker dominoes set and playing cards. The set of 28 black double-six dominos features beautifully contrasting gold dots and comes in a stunning box covered in the Ted Baker beetle design. The double set of playing cards has two sets of stunning casino-quality black & purple card decks, with a vintage beetle design on the reverse. Presented in a hinged box with the same beetle design on the exterior, the set has a chic contrasting purple felt lining with the words ‘No Ordinary Card Game’ inscribed in gold on the felt.

Keeping Up Appearances

House of Horology - Bedlam Dark Black_redone_$490 b

You can never go wrong with giving a man a good watch. Take a look at the Bedlam (pictured here in dark black) by House of Horology. Housed in a 43mm stainless steel case, the Bedlam has a scratch-resistant corundum sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and a Seiko 1/10th second quartz chronograph that controls 7 individual hands and the date indicator. If you order directly from their website through Sunday June 15, 2014, use the code “FATHERSDAY” at checkout to receive $100 off and free shipping.

M MOMENT Weekender Medium_redoneIs Dad a weekend road warrior? Maybe he’s just an occasional vacationer. Either way, he’ll be head over heels with the MCM “M Moment” weekender bag. Inspired by the iconographic M within MCM’s logo, the M Moment is an executive upgrade, featuring sheep tumble leather with satin suede lining and gunmetal hardware. Classic and timeless, this bag is perfect for any father, whether he’s jet-setting or carpooling.

SavileRowSociety3If you’re still unsure of what to get a stylish dad, get him something that every woman wants … his own personal shopper. Savile Row Society specializes is an exclusive men’s club, designed to enhance the wardrobe of professional men and transform their shopping experience through a personalized web-based retail shopping and styling service. They also offer made-to-measure suits. When signing him up, use access code 756 for VIP service.

—Carl Ayers

Men’s Style Alert: Stepping Out in Style with Classic Spring/Summer Shoes

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

As temperature rise, we yearn to be more comfortable in our daily wardrobe. We swap heavy fabrics for light-gauge garments, we replace drab colors with bright hues, and we trade cumbersome boots for lighter, more stylish shoes.

Men have taken a page from the women’s playbook, and have begun to understand that the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Men are more and more expanding their sartorial repertoire by experimenting with different colors, materials, and styles of footwear. Legendary fashion columnist George Frazier once said “Wanna know if a man is well dressed? Look down.” Whether you’re a purist or if you’re more avant garde, Fashion Reverie has compiled a small selection of shoes that can highlight your wardrobe and get your fancy feet the attention they deserve.

Images clockwise Harris Balmorals $645,

Images clockwise Harris Balmorals $645, Rothschild full brogue by Graziano and Girling $1055, and John Lobb’s Philip II Double Buckle $179

When it comes to dressing, some men like to err on the side of caution and stick with more traditional styles of footwear. Harris’ Balmorals cap-toe harks of a typical cap-toe, but offers a mixture of brown patinas to distinguish it from the rest of the brown lace-ups. The Rothschild full brogue (wingtip) by Gaziano and Girling is an excellent choice for the gentleman who is more serious-minded about fashion, yet wants his look to seem effortless. John Lobb’s Philip II Double Buckle (double monk strap) is well suited for the man who wants to be fashion forward, yet understated.


Images clockwise The Leo by Pelleline $289, Stefano Castelli $425, and Ducal $445

Some men like the aesthetic of classic shoes, but prefer a more contemporary approach. The Leo by Pelleline is a mixed material cap-toe of leather and suede that exudes the wearers’ willingness to take risks with his wardrobe. Stefano Castelli presents a red lace-up with a perforated toe that represents a man who knows how to make a statement without even saying a word. Doucal’s gives us a taupe captoe with stitching replacing the traditional brogue perforations, exhibiting a man who knows how to take an old style and make it his own.

Images clockwise

Images clockwise LuckNow Rio moccasins $130, Mr. Hare’s Sergio $447, and Paul Smith/John Lobb Willoughby $1325

In warmer months, a lot of men opt for casual, toned-down attire. LuckNow’s Rio moccasins will have your feet stand out in any situation. Mr. Hare’s Sergio driving shoe (shown here in their “Mimosa” colorway) is for the man who wants to be stylish and comfortable whether behind the wheel or walking down the street. Paul Smith collaborated with John Lobb on the cashmere suede Willoughby (shown here in regal purple) to create a derby that is sure to be a show-stopper on any occasion.

Images clockwise

Images clockwise Del Toro canvas slipper $295, John Varvatos Stanton slip-on $498, and Alberto Moretti loafer 880

As the warmer months afford us the opportunity to hang out more, some of us look for shoes that can work from the early evening to the wee hours of the morning. Whether you call them slippers, slip-ons, or loafers, they are the ultimate in casual comfort. Del Toro’s canvas slipper in cobalt blue will electrify any outfit, day or night. The Stanton slip-on by John Varvatos is made of grained, black leather, and is inconspicuous enough to wear to the office. The Alberto Moretti loafer has wide diagonal stripes of calf hair that let people know that this shoe is cool and comfy on the outside as well as the inside.

—Carl Ayers


Editor’s Pick: Men’s Spring 2014 Tote Bags

Trend Report Tote BagsNo longer the provence of female consumers, totes and handbags as a fashion accessory for men is seeing an increase in market sales. According to market research firm NPD, typical men’s carryalls like briefcases, laptop bags and duffels have seen a decline in overall sales while men’s handbags and totes have seen sales rise three percent to $957 million through midyear 2013. This seems to be a trend that will stick around for the long haul.

There are many variables as to why men’s totes have seen a surge in their mainstream presence. NPD’s chief industry analyst Marshal Cohen states “the prevalence of more and more gadgets like iPhones, iPads, and Kindles most likely contributes to men’s increased need for more storage space.” Cohen also thinks that the growing trend in skinny jeans among men also may be a factor, “Men’s clothing has gotten tighter again, so now where do men put those car keys or phone? With this change in fashion and lifestyle, men now do need to carry a bag.”

According to fashion stylist Raymond Gee, “Tote bags for men have become such a big deal based purely off of necessity and convenience. Totes have become more popular because the idea of what a man is has a gray area, that area is style and utility. Utility has always been important to men, it just caught up with style finally.” Gee also said, “Being able to have a bag that can be multi-purposed is perfect for the average man. Men still hold onto their firm beliefs of quality over quantity, opting for items that tend to last longer.”

With the tote bag providing more space, style options, and the ease of use, it’s not surprising that totes have become a staple accessory for the average male consumer. To help you stay on trend, Fashion Reverie has compiled a list of some great tote options for you!

Pier Tote $69.99, image courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

Pier Tote $69.99, image courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

Pier Tote

With camouflage print making its way back onto the runway for the past couple of seasons, this tote bag from Herschel Supply Co. would be the perfect choice for any stylish man who is looking to get their day to day use out of a great quality bag while staying effortlessly on trend.

Canvas Leather Week (ender) $395.00, image courtesy of Caputo & Co.

Canvas Leather Week (ender) $395.00, image courtesy of Caputo & Co.

Canvas Leather Week (ender)

The perfect bag to carry everyday in the city or away for the weekend, this carryall is a great bag for almost any occasion. The vegetable-tanned tote features adjustable leather straps and side post rivets that make the bag expandable. The tote also showcases hand-stitched strap details, giving way to that distinctive artisan look of Caputo & Co. accessories.

Sandqvist Leather Tote $418.00, image courtesy of Lividini

Sandqvist Leather Tote
$418.00, image courtesy of Lividini

Sandqvist Leather Tote

This cognac brown leather tote by Sandqvist provides the best in quality and price! If you’re looking for a tote bag that will fit an ample amount of your personal belongings while offering a simplistic but classic design, this is the perfect bag for you!

Outdoor Products $285.00, image courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Outdoor Products
$285.00, image courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Outdoor Products’ Double-Handed Large Tote

You can always count on Opening Ceremony to put a cool tongue and cheek spin on what they carry in their stores. Outdoor Products, which is one of the many brands they carry, mixes LA cool and Tokyo freshness. This is the perfect tote for any guy who wants to bring a pop of color to their look while being ironic in the choice of bag style.

Givenchy floral print tote $649.60, image courtesy of far

Givenchy floral print tote
$649.60, image courtesy of far

Givenchy Floral Print Tote

For the guy who doesn’t mind being a bit flashy yet wants a tote bag that is simplistic in design, this floral printed Givenchy tote is just what the doctor ordered. Able to handle the everyday task of holding all of your personal belongings and then some, Givenchy perfectly understands that when it comes to accessorizing, each piece adds to your individual “style story.

Medium Leather Tote $740.00, image courtesy of  Lividini

Medium Leather Tote
$740.00, image courtesy of Lividini

Lotuff Leather Tote

Designed as an everyday bag, the medium tote holds anything needed for the day, whether at work or out and about in the city. Coming in a number of different colors (like this awesome vegetable green), Lotuff flawlessly marries luxury and style.

$995. Image courtesy of Lividini

Ghurka Field Bag,$995. Image courtesy of Lividini

Ghurka Field Bag

This classic styled tote from Ghurka will stand the test of time. The finely polished black leather tote features adjustable shoulder straps and plenty of exterior and interior pockets to marginalize all that you need. The perfect tote to be styled with an array of looks, this bag will always be the perfect accessory.

Limited Edition Nelson Cow Hair Tote $1,000.00, image courtesy of Lividini

Limited Edition Nelson Cow Hair Tote $1,000.00, image courtesy of Lividini

Nelson Cow Hair Tote Bag (limited edition)

Robert Graham, who is known to provide his loyal customers the best in quality clothing or accessories, wants to polish off your sophisticated look with this stunning tote bag. Beautifully constructed in cow hair and genuine leather, this tote is definitely a conversation starter.

Margiela Leather tote $ 1,575.00, image courtesy of

Margiela Leather tote
$ 1,575.00, image courtesy of

Maison Martin Margiela Leather Tote Bag

This eye-catching leather tote bag by Margiela will have anyone style struck! With its sleek design and cobalt blue coloring, this tote provides the perfect way to incorporate color into your accessory lineup.

—John Woody


Men’s Style Alert: Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Star Black Sabbath Collection

Black-Sabbath-ConverseCONVERSE Inc. unveils their new spring 2014 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath sneaker collection, featuring new styles inspired by one of the most legendary rock bands in music history Black Sabbath! Known for making the term “heavy metal” enter popular culture, Black Sabbath adds a touch of edge to Converse’s All-American shoe. The collection features special detailing such as stitched Black Sabbath logos and graphic lining. This is the band’s second collaboration with Converse that will be available at select Journeys stores, independent stores, and as well as Converse retailers/online at, ranging from prices between $60–$70 dollars. Now, tap into the inner heavy metal lover in you,  and check out the collection below!

Black Sabbath.Converse.All Star Band.01-14

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath
These hi-top Converse features Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut album cover Black Sabbath. Perfect shoe for any diehard fan who wants to go back to where it first started and add some much needed rock nostalgia to their look!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Paranoid
The All Star Paranoid hi-top shoe features canvas uppers printed with cover art from Black Sabbaths album Paranoid. The shoe’s liner is inspired by the original music video played on TV and filmed live in Belgium in 1970!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Band
Featuring the stitched logo from Black Sabbath’s last studio album featuring its original line up, Never Say Die! This shoe gives the classic black-styled Converse a new spin

Image courtesy of HL Group

Image courtesy of HL Group

Converse CONS Chuck Taylor All Star Pro Skate Vol. 4
Available in both hi-top and Oxford designs, this shoe features an embroidered logo from Black Sabbath’s 4th studio album VOL. 4 on the tongue of the sneaker. The shoe is available exclusively at finer skate retailers.

—John Woody


Fashion Reverie’s Men’s Holiday Gift Guide


Christmas is swiftly approaching, making it the perfect time to pull out your Christmas gift list and dig into deep pockets, if you have them. The daunting task of deciding what to gift someone seems to more of a challenge each holiday season, particularly for men! Most men aren’t just looking for traditional gifts—socks, ties, cologne, electronic gadgets, etc.—; they are looking to stay current, and on trend with products that go beyond pedestrian fare. In a world that revolves around being digitally connected, there is no surprise that fashion and branding has become such an important part of any man’s zeitgeist. has compiled a list of some of our favorite things to gift HIM this year!

Retail priced at $19.99. Images courtesy of

Retail priced at $19.99. Images courtesy of

Making for a great stocking stuffer this  holiday season are these  awesome elastic laces by HICKIES that double as a more stylish alternative to the traditional shoe string. Cutting out the muss and fuss that you deal with day to day with shoe strings or if you’re just simply looking for a cleaner presentation, HICKIES provides just that! HICKIES come in an assortment of colors this will keep any stylish young man busy turning heads from super chic oxfords to sneakers HICKIES brings style to the feet in a cool way!

Image courtesy of

Retail priced at 199.00. Image courtesy of

Bowers and Wilkins offers a concert for one with their super chic P3 foldable headphones! Promising to bring you the best in sound quality and design, these headphones are a winner if you are searching for a quality headphone that will fit perfectly into your day to day. Sleek, stylish, and accessible; these headphones can go where you go without getting in the way.

Retail priced at $35.00. Image courtesy of

Retail priced at $35.00. Image courtesy of

The WAKA WAKA light is the perfect gift forth the man who has everything! This solar-powered lamp boast 16 hours of bright light when fully charged, perfect if you’re looking to conserve energy at home or just simply need a great reading light. The WAKA WAKA also doubles as a phone charger while on the go, packing a USB port perfect for those times when there are no available electrical outlets! But, what makes this one of the coolest gadgets for the holiday season is that the proceeds of a WAKA WAKA purchase goes towards the 1.3 billion people living in the world without electricity. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to help with this cause, visit!

Retail priced at $79.00. Images courtesy of

Retail priced at $74.00. Images courtesy of

The PRO LAB SERIES ALL-IN-ONE essentials kit is perfect for the guy who’s always on the go and looking to start an easy but great skincare regime. Lab Series skincare products are crafted specifically for a man’s skin! So keep your skin feeling fresh and looking brand new with a few easy steps!

Retail priced at $350.00. Image courtesy of

Retail priced at $350.00. Image courtesy of

D R HARRIS is looking to bring a touch of refinement to any man who is looking to make his next purchase on a quality shaving kit. Comprised of a razor that fits a Mach 3 blade, a badger hairbrush, and chrome stand and bowl. Remember, presentation is key!! Treat your face with the refined decadence it deserves!

Retail priced at $145.00. Image courtesy of

Retail priced at $145.00. Image courtesy of

This all black Nate chronograph stainless steel watch from Fossil picks up where the fall runways left off on the all-black trend. Watches are reclaiming their position this season as a status symbol. So, why not let your wrist do all the talking? This all black watch works perfectly, dressed up or dressed down. It never hurts to incorporate a piece of chic.

Retail priced at $250.00. Image courtesy of

Retail priced at $250.00. Image courtesy of

Wearing accessories in matching metals is the sign of a well-dressed man, and this LANVIN cufflinks and tie clip set, designed exclusively for MRPORTER.COM will convey your sense of style to the world. Flaunting the same architecture, the rose gold plated pieces collectively maintain a powerful presence.

Retail priced at $28.00. Image courtesy of

Retail priced at $28.00. Image courtesy of

Woven in a patchwork of vibrant hues these stylish, high quality socks from Robert Graham will bring the fun and splash of much-needed color to any mans wardrobe! Robert Graham, known for his vibrant color schemes, taps into to trend conscious men with his wide range of eye- popping socks that seem to be all the rave right now!

Retail priced at $254.00. Image courtesy of

Retail priced at $254.00. Image courtesy of

ASOS introduces their new capsule collection dubbed “Crafted In” which features this pair of awesome red derby shoes. The perfect balance of street and chic, these shoes from ASOS will have everyone asking “Who are your shoes by?”  Red is a standout color and these derby shoes are how you show individual style the right way!

Retail priced at $1698.00. Image courtesy of

Retail priced at $1698.00. Image courtesy of

John Varvatos is providing some major flair with his Hendrix Hook and Bar Coat. A signature piece from Varvatos’ exclusive Jimi Hendrix collection, this coat is tailored perfection, bringing classic vintage military styled coating to your closet! Who better to channel rock n’ roll chic than the late, great Jimi Hendrix? This piece is definitely a winner!

—John Woody

Fashion Reverie’s Men’s Fall/Winter Coat Line-up

Fashion_News_Alert_Nov18With the fall season already in full swing and temperatures dropping, now is the perfect time to pull out your favorite fall/winter gear with the most integral part of that gear being that topcoat! While most men tend to opt for coats that just keep them warm, wanted to also highlight coats that are stylish and on trend.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Though burgundy and blood red coats were the order of the day for fall 2012, they continued to fire up the runway for fall/winter 2013. And who better to continue this trend than Gucci.  Inspired by the military academies of Mitteleuropäische, creative director Frida Giannini’s burgundy short military jacket is stylish and on trend.


Image courtesy of Priced retail at $680

Almost every man should and needs to have a camel coat (also known as the polo coat) in their wardrobe. The camel coat name is derived from camelhair which was the first fabric used on this style of coat. Camel coats are now a combination of and camelhair and wool blends that provides higher durability. While the camel coat pretty much never goes out of style, the camel coat is a classic menswear staple that perfectly blends masculinity and chic elegance! Acne Studios offers elegance in a masculine silhouette with their Garret Camel coat from their men’s fall 2013 line, adding there signature knack for updating a classic garment and making it relevant for current consumers.

image courtesy of Priced retail at $798.

image courtesy of Priced retail at $798.

John Varvatos knows exactly how to keep you warm this season with his chunky sweater jacket that’s the perfect blend of wool and knit. A great jacket to wear solely on its own or layer it up with some of your best street-chic accessories! John Varvatos truly understands what’s essential for today’s man!


Image courtesy of Priced retail at 1,230.

Y-3 provides this really great print techtarft parka that corresponds to their seasonal camouflage print. Parkas originated with indigenous Caribou Inuit while facing the frigid Arctic weather. Y-3 now updates this coat that is not only stylish but features top of the line heat insulation and waterproof technologies, making this coat perfect for any man looking to take on the cold with durability and style at the forefront!

Image courtesy of far Priced retail at 1,433.

Image courtesy of Priced retail at 1,433.

Giuliano Fujiwara has created a really interesting coat with awesome zipper detailing and leather accents.  This black wool blend zip coat is the perfect marriage of chic meets futurism done right! With a detachable hem giving you the option to transform the look. With the ability to dress it up or dress it down, this coat is pretty much a winner if you’re a fan of detailing and versatility.


Image courtesy of far Priced retail at $1,770.

This dark dust belted funnel neck coat from Rick Owens is just what the doctor ordered for those looking to hit the town in the perfect Rick Owens coat for this season. As always, Owens brings his signature subdued color palette and mysterious design aesthetic for the man looking to subtly stand out.

Image courtesy of Priced retail at $2,080.

Image courtesy of Priced retail at $2,080.

Lot 78 puts a new spin on the classic biker jacket with amazingly soft sheep shearling lining!  This Italian-made style of jacket comes with all the bells and whistle of an awesome biker jacket such as zipped cuffs and adjustable side tabs, customized to the fit of your body. This is perfect when trying to go for the layered look this season!


Image courtesy of Priced retail at 2,595.

Honestly, you can’t feature great menswear coats without having Burberry making the list. This oversized Calvary Twill Duffle coat will most certainly be a great addition to any man’s wardrobe this season! The Duffle coat gives a nod to the British Royal Navy this season. This style of coat became popular during World War I and has in recent years become the go-to coat for any young fashionisto looking to stay warm this season.

Image courtesy of Priced retail at $8,7500.

Image courtesy of Priced retail at $8,7500.

For the man who doesn’t attempt to conceal his flare and love for fashion, this spotted animal, printed caban coat from Burberry is the ideal attention-grabbing coat! Unapologetically playing up the animal print trend from the runways this season, Burberry has unleashed their inner wild side and wants you to follow suit!

—John Woody

Men’s Style Alert: Resort Looks for the Casino

Casino_image_01Due to online gaming and televised poker tournaments, casino goers may feel that going to a casino is more of a casual affair than it was in the old days or that the Hollywood movies that portray glamorous settings in a casinos are from a bygone era. This is a shame really, because there are still lots of very upmarket casinos that have a clientele who really dress up, but all the regular casinos end up with a clientele that are a mixed bag of casual dressers. Las Vegas is an example where in a lot of the casinos, people don’t make much of an effort as they are all holidaymakers and so you will see people in shorts and tee shirts. On the other hand in some of the more upmarket casinos in the expensive hotels, you will see people dressed to the nines in glamorous eveningwear and even tuxedos. Some people are there on business and you can tell the holidaymakers from the serious gamblers too because of the way they are dressed.

Casino_05You need to dress accordingly depending on your reason for going. If you are intending to socialize with the high rollers or to meet women, there’s no doubt that you should go all out and wear your best suit. You need to look like you have money to be able to get into certain circles, and so a great suit can go a long way.

If you have deep pockets, and really want to make an impression, especially in certain casinos such as the Ritz Club in London, Casino Baden Baden in Germany, the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel casino in Macau, and without doubt the well known Casino de Monte Carlo, having the right tuxedo jacket or ensemble is a must. Think James Bond in Casino Royale.

Images clockwise Ascot Chang, Angelo Galasso. Images courtesy of ascotchangcom and

Images clockwise Ascot Chang, Angelo Galasso. Images courtesy of ascotchangcom and

So, let’s assume you are the jet-setting type, then a classic tuxedo from Ascot Chang might fit the bill. And if you really want to show your individual style and taste, Angelo Galasso has several tuxedo jackets that are attention grabbing. Now, these two brands individually will set you back $3,000 or more, but who didn’t say looking good doesn’t come with a high price.

Casino_9If you are there to have fun and enjoy entertainment, you could go for a more fashionable but stylish look. Even if you wear trousers with a crisp shit and a few buttons undone, you can still manage to look like someone worth talking to. Sometimes the secret is in the detail, for example some great shoes and a nice watch is a good way to look sophisticated but not too flashy.

Image courtesy of Ana Martin Communications

Tech CEO World Centennial Watch image courtesy of Ana Martin Communications

And if you are looking for a great watch to complement your look, look no further than TW Steel’s CEO Tech World Centennial Watch. The timepiece, which is valued at US $100,000 impressed guests with its 484 diamonds, totaling 7.08 carats. Hey, it may be pricey, but for you casino high rollers, this kind of luxury watch matches your persona and the jet setting lifestyle.

You could also play your favorite games online. Poker, blackjack or online slots are some of the most popular ones and can be played from your computer, tablet or even mobile phone.

casino-monte-carlo-roulette-monaco-1Whether you are playing live at a luxury casino or playing your favourite games online, it’s good to know what clothes and accessories fit the high-end casino lifestyle.



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