The Evolution of the Male Model

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How does one define masculinity? Or more so to Fashion Reverie’s interest, what currently defines the look a top male model. In previous decades, particularly the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, male models looked like very handsome actors. Think of those tall, handsome, Hollywood types—Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Tab Hunter, John Gavin, Ted Danson, and Tom Selleck. (Ted Danson and Tom Selleck actually started out as male models.) The really good-looking actor standard for American male models held for quite a few decades until iconic fashion photographer Bruce Weber came along.

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Though Weber is controversial, he is still a revolutionary figure in the fashion industry. It was Weber who introduced the all-American Ivy League–like male model to the America consumer, and later to the international fashion community. The quintessential man for Weber was the all-American handsome young man with the Disney Prince Charming-like features and athletic jock body. “Bruce kind of pioneered that all-American aesthetic, marrying striking good looks with athleticism. Scouts would [comb] Ivy League campuses and find tall, fit guys who were on the rowing teams, lacrosse, and fencing teams. In the 80s [the US] put males models on the map,” said former model and New York Times bestselling author Brad Gooch in a interview.

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During the 1980s male models began to have wider shoulders, V-shapes, and gym-toned bodies. However, in the early 2000s, a dramatic shift happened and a new kind of male model emerged. Male models began to look younger—in some cases they looked like high school students—more svelte—extremely slim with teenage bodies and taller frames. (In previous decades male models ranged in height from 5`10 to 6`1.) The new male model was rarely shorter than 6`0 and could be as tall as 6`4.Though fashion designer Hedi Slimane is credited for popularizing the slight-framed, teenaged male model, that aesthetic started before Slimane. According to, “by the early 90s hypermasculinity was out and the everyman was in.” And in fashion that meant sayonara muscled male models, hello skinny grunge boys. (Though Versace continued to use muscular male models for another decade.)

Slimane , who is currently making headlines again for being the next creative director of Céline, served as ready-to-wear director of menswear collections for Yves Saint Laurent from 1996 to 2001. His last show for the brand was for fall/winter 2000, and it was considered the debut of “skinny.” The slim cut silhouette (and the ultra slim male model) foreshadowed how Slimane would promote the change in menswear and the face of male models.

 Images Marcus Schenkenberg, Tyson Beckford, and Alex Lundquist courtesy of,, and, respectively

Slimane would move on to the position of creative director for menswear at Christian Dior, and his designs were so acclaimed that Slimane became the first menswear designer to receive the CFDA Award for International Designer. During Slimane’s tenure at Dior, the face of the male models continued to change. The standard of the muscle boys of the 90s like Tyson Beckford, Marcus Schenkenberg, and Alex Lundqvist was passé.The heroin chic look became the order of the day in the new millennium. (If you google heroin chic on Pinterest, you’ll find several Saint Laurent images from the Hedi Slimane era.) It was as if menswear brands had begun putting out calls for male models that said, “Give me your tired, your starved, your single digit body fat men.”

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Even top male models of the ‘00s who started off more muscular like Chad White and Sebastian Sauve had to slim down and leaned up as industry standards for male models changed. In addition to the more svelte look of male models, another trend of gender fluid models began to emerge in the fashion industry.

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Male models like David Chiang, Marcel Castenmiller, and gender ambiguous models like Rain Dove and Andrej Pejic began strutting runways in New York, Milan, and Paris for brands Jean-Paul Gaultier, Richard Chai, Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, Kenzo, and PLAYOUT. Other gender ambiguous models like Kris Gottschalk (who identifies as female) and Ruby Rose (who is gender non-conforming) became niche faces of what it meant to be a “male” model. (Andrej Pejic in 2013 transitioned to a female; however, before the transition Andrej was known as the first completely androgynous supermodel.)By the end of the 21st Century’s first decade, the standard men of the runway began to change again. Hedi Slimane was out of Saint Laurent, having left the brand in 2016. The heroin chic look was beginning to fade, and the red carpet was rolled out for the boys with classic good looks—Sean O’Pry, Eian Scully, Garrett Neff, Pierre Woods, Henry Watkins, Cory Baptiste, and Pietro Boselli.With their chiseled bodies, knockout good looks, and charm, this new breed of male men began to dominate the industry from runways to top ad campaigns. It was “the return of the male supermodel,” as Soul Artist Management founder Jason Kander so he put it and popularized as a hashtag on Instagram.

However, on the horizon is the return of Hedi Slimane as he’s been named the artistic creative and image director of Céline. As he has planned to introduce menswear to Celine, the ultra slim model could make a comeback. Also, with luxury brands adapting luxury street wear as a design aesthetic, a slimmer male silhouette may experience a resurgence. Only time will tell, let the evolution of the male model continue.

—Kristopher Fraser

Fashion Reverie’s Fall/Winter 2017 Men’s Grooming Guide

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Autumn. Otoño. L’automne. The time of year when we set our clocks back and we start to let ourselves go—less gym time and more comfort food. The onset of shorter days and cooler nights affects us mentally and physically, and seems to give us license to relax from our regular routines. We eat less healthily, slack off on the gym, and dress in more somber colors and tones. And as the temperature continues to drop, we experience more fatigue, our skin can become drier, and our hair can become more brittle.But just because temperatures are cooler doesn’t mean we have to look and feel as somber as the forecast. We don’t have to walk around with ashy skin and scraggly beards. This fall, fight back; combat fall fatigue and winter wear-down. Let’s continue looking as good as when we had our summer glow. To help you weather the seasonal changeover, Fashion Reverie has assembled a list of products that will have you feeling springtime fresh, even in the bleakest of climates.

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One of the biggest cold weather issues is dry skin. Brutal winds are bad enough, but multiple layers of clothing rubbing on your skin can accelerate the skin dryness. Enter SEACRET.SEACRET is a wide range of skincare and spa products stacked with minerals from the Dead Sea. One of their most popular products is the salt and oil scrub. The concoction of Dead Sea salt, grape seed oil, and honey not only gently exfoliates your skin, but also stimulates cell renewal. It is especially effective for nourishing your hands and feet. After your first use, your skin will begin to feel healthy and hydrated, and ready to take on whatever ‘Old Man Winter’ throws your way.

                                  Images courtesy of Mountaineer Brand

More and more men are growing out their beards, and it has become a case of the haves and have nots—some have it together, and some don’t. But as with all successes in life, there are levels to this. On the basic level, some guys are using regular shampoo and conditioner to care for the beard. However, men in the know use products specifically developed to tend to their facial follicles. But fellas who know best, use Mountaineer Brand (MB).Mountaineer Brand is an all-natural brand from West Virginia and offers a full gamut of products to keep your whiskers tamed. They have everything from beard wash and shampoo to waxes, balms, and oils to shave kits, combs and brushes. Of particular interest is their beard oil. Not only does it absorb quickly and give your beard a healthy shine, it also conditions your skin and promotes hair growth. And their products don’t smell like honeysuckle or eucalyptus (even though there’s nothing wrong with that.)

MB’s products have scents of timber, coal, pine tar, citrus and spice, or lime and fir needles. Mountaineer Brand may be made with the rugged outdoorsman in mind, but it works perfectly fine for the city slicker, too.

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Looking and feeling good on the outside doesn’t mean much if you don’t look and feel good on the inside. The main portal of entry into your body is your mouth, so it is imperative that you take good care of it. One of the best ways to care for your mouth is with mouthwash and tooth powder from Garner’s Garden.First, there is Garner’s Garden’s mouthwash. It is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, fluoride free, and comes in regular strength or reduced strength for those with sensitive mouths. Also, Garner’s Garden has re-mineralizing tooth powder that you use in combination with the mouthwash. It removes stains and toxins, whitens and polishes teeth, helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, reduces inflammation and soothes gums.

This product line, which is handmade and 100% all natural, is a slight deviation from typical oral care, but it is certainly worth it. You combine the two products in your mouth, then brush and gargle as normal. For those who include oil pulling as part of your oral care regimen, Garner’s Garden offers an alternative—Oxy Pulling. Rather than swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, you can swish their Oxy Pulling oral rinse for 30 seconds and get up to 10 times the effectiveness. Using all three products will result in drastically improved oral health. If you dread visits to the dentist as much as most people, these products can make your next dental visit a bit more pleasurable.

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Sometimes the forgotten soldiers of our winter woes are our feet. During good weather, they often don’t get enough rest, but it’s even worse in the cold weather months. We stuff them in boots for hours on end and they trudge us through the snow, and when we get home, they might get a cursory massage. All that hard work can take a toll, and we need to alleviate as much stress as possible. One way to treat your feet better is with foot masks by Starskin.Starskin are healing socks for your feet. Inside each sock is an array of skin softening, callous removing, dead-skin sloughing ingredients. You slip them on for an hour (you can put a regular pair of socks on over them), and let them do their magic. The lactic acid and other ingredients perform a deep exfoliation on your feet, and over the next week, you will notice the dead skin cells falling off, and a new, smooth layer of skin now at the surface. Some people have even reported a layer of skin coming off like the shedding of a snake. Cool? Gross? Whatever! The ancient Chinese believed that reflexology points in the feet lead to better health. If these socks can help rejuvenate my feet, and thereby restore the equilibrium of the yin and yang, Fashion Reverie is all here for it.

—Carl Ayers

Fall 2017 Men’s Fragrances

For most, autumn is a time for staying close to home and hearth. In days past, we would harvest crops, make repairs to the home, and prepare to hunker down for the winter. These days, with increased disposable income and newfound wanderlust, autumn has become the nouveau season of jet setting for those with wanderlust and very deep pockets. The constant flood of Instagram posts from exotic lands tempts us to pack a bag and head off on a new excursion.

Discount airlines and inexpensive lodging options have made it much easier to pick up and take off. And if you’re like 54% of Americans, you haven’t used your vacation days, so you’re due for a break. So we say go on! Take a chance! Shut down your work computer and take one last jaunt before deep winter hits.

Unfortunately, an end of the year trip is not feasible for some of us. But we can dream, can’t we? We can use all kinds of ways to trick our minds into feeling like we’re abroad. We listen to foreign DJs; we join Facebook travel groups, and we eat at the international restaurants around town. But have you tried tricking your nose? Don’t turn your nose up at the idea (pun intended), but fragrances can help transport you to those distant and exotic locales you’ve been dreaming of.

Let Fashion Reverie be your olfactory tour guide. We’ve compiled a list of colognes/fragrances that will make you feel like you’ve added a few more stamps to your passport.Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme: Oia hillside in Santorini, Greece

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme is like having a late breakfast in the Mediterranean. Everything about this cologne says ‘Santorini’ —from the light blue color of the cologne mimicking the sea, to the frosted glass bottle and blue cap that resemble buildings along the Oia hillside. From the first spray, you immediately notice the refreshing scent of citrus that gives way to an underlying crisp saltiness. As the fragrance evolves on your skin, you realize the underlying amber wood and musk notes that round out this light and aquatic scent. Light Blue Eau Intense will make feel you were born for a life sailing the Aegean.

 Head notes: mandarin and frozen grapefruit

Heart notes: juniper

Base notes: amber wood, muskIssey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Eau de toilette Fraîche: Cabaret in Paris, France

L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Eau de toilette Fraîche seductively invites you to a private Parisian cabaret. Things that don’t exist in reality become possible in the world of Issey Miyake, and in the French cabaret. The cabaret can enchant, intoxicate, and transform you all in one night—and this eau de toilette comes along for the ride. You begin your night innocent and energetic, exemplified by the grapefruit and cardamom top notes. The middle notes of sage and lavender unfold while your sensuality ramps up as the burlesque dancers enthrall with their risqué routines throughout the evening. As the sultry night reaches its climax and turns to day, the bottom notes of white patchouli and vetiver reveal themselves as they bring you down from your high and mask the indiscretions of the night before. Now you have an idea why so many Parisians smoke cigarettes.

 Head notes: ruby grapefruit, cardamom

Heart notes: sage, lavender

Base notes: white patchouli, vetiver UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo Casual Life: Island hopping across Venice

Wearing UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo Casual Life is like an excursion through Venice. To fully enjoy the Floating City, start early in the morning and head to the San Polo district. Here, you will find the centuries old Rialto Market where local Venetians do their daily shopping. The smell of fresh produce and spices will link you to the colognes top notes of lemon and cardamom. After your morning shopping, take the vaporetto (waterbus) to Burano, a group of islands internationally known for their lace work and brightly colored homes. You can tour the local shops and stop for an espresso at an outdoor café (which harkens the coffee and geranium heart notes of this scent). As the day turns to evening, you can take another vaporetto to Lido Island, home of the Venice Film Festival. There, you can walk along the world famous beach, and then have dinner along Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta. The island residents are warm and friendly, but the musk and woody bottom notes of the cologne can only help attract them to you even more.

 Head notes: violet leaves, lemon, cardamom

Heart notes: coffee, geranium, ambrox

Base notes: cashmere wood, white cedarwood, white musk

                                                             All images courtesy Shiseido

for him bleu noir by Narciso Rodriguez: An overnight safari in Kenyafor him bleu noir is an aromatic and alluring scent stylized to evoke the range of shades of black that capture the depth of the sky. This fragrance, in all of its dark power, is as wondrous as a clear Kenyan night. The aromatic top notes of cardamom and nutmeg awaken you and heighten your senses like the roar of a nearby lion in the twilight. The musc heart note continues to draw out your midnight animalistic instinct, like the moonlight reflecting in the eyes of a hyena lurking in the bushes. However, the woody base notes ground you and help you further commune with nature, like in the peaceful quietude before sunrise. This cologne is the essence of the manliness needed to survive and conquer the African wild—it is masculine, confident, and sensual.

 Head notes: cardamom, nutmeg

Heart notes: musc

Base notes: blue Atlas cedar, black ebony wood

—Carl Ayers

Father’s Day Pick: La Difference

La_DifferenceWho says that men don’t want to look their best? Ask any aesthetician or rejuvenation specialist and they will tell you that male consumers of skincare products and skin rejuvenation techniques has more than doubled in the last ten years. And with the summer season only a few weeks away, men are concerned more than ever about the condition of their skin.

Plastic surgery and injectable products like Botox®, Juverderm®, and Restylane® can work wonders. However, these products can be pricy, may have adverse side effects and don’t last. What’s a guy to do, particularly if you don’t have deep pockets?

Collages1303La Difference to the rescue as an option for great skincare!! From its LDC INTENSE Hyaluronic Miracle Cream, that contains a powerful blend of moisturizing and antioxidant  ingredients  to  ensure  that  the  skin  remains  hydrated  and  balanced  to prevent  signs  of  aging; to its LDC  INTENSE  Cucumber  Eye  &  Lip  Cream that uses  a  blend  of  cucumber  extract,  peptides, vitamin  E  and  retinyl  palmitate  to  provide  generous  skin  nourishment  and hydrating qualities that help alleviate dark circles, stimulate collagen growth, reduce wrinkles and fine lines; to the brand’s LDC INTENSE Anti-Aging Night Repair Cream, which is the added boost you’ll need to counter that aging process and restore your skin back to its youthful shimmer.

And the results are long lasting!! Fashion Reverie’s team of editors can testify to that. Developed over a two-year period, La Difference all new Intense Skin Therapy, which includes eight products, was designed to provide dramatic results including lifting and firming skin, providing instant results, tightening and strengthening skin that contain antioxidants to fight free-radical damage.

Images courtesy of Simply the Best PR

Images courtesy of Simply the Best PR

Created in a FDA-approved, scientifically-advanced laboratory, Intense Skin Therapy uses plant stem cells as well as clinically proven ingredients that work on a cellular level to provide instant rejuvenation and hydration of the skin, while powerful tightening actives work to reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles. Founded by three women who saw a void in the marketplace of effective and natural anti-aging skincare that actually works. The idea was conceived to have a line so versatile, it would easily adapt to any beauty and maintenance regime for women and men.

And speaking of men, La Difference’s Intense Skin Therapy is the perfect gift for the man or men in your life. Remember, Father’s Day is just a week away!! Products range in price from $45 to $150 and can be purchased at

—Ano Okera




PORTS 1961 Men’s Spring Campaign

SS17Military-inspired looks and hashtags were the order of the day for PORTS 1961 men’s spring 2017 collection. Combine those reference points with collaborating with athletic wear brand Everlast and you have a collection that covers a lot of bases. “I wanted to give a message of less hate and more love,” explained creative director Milan Vukmirovic.

Images courtesy of PORTS 1961

Images courtesy of PORTS 1961

And in these distressed times a lot more love is what we all need. Vukmirovic expresses this desire for more love with love messages on tee shirts, hoodies, and capes accompanied by hashtag symbols. This menswear campaign photographed by Vukmirovic features Matthew Noszka.

—Ano Okera

PORTS 1961’s Fall 2016 Menswear Campaign

PORTS 1961 fall 2016 show courtesy of

PORTS 1961 fall 2016 show courtesy of

Is it possible for a brand to appeal to an age demographic that ranges from 18 to late 50s? Some women’s wear brands have some successfully pulled this off, particularly when 50 is the new 35. Coach, Tadashi Shoji, Club Monaco, and even Kate Spade come to mind. Still, with menswear it is a bit harder.

For the fall 2016 menswear campaign, PORTS 1961 has accomplished almost the impossible, combining a wide age demographic in its campaign.  And it works. PORTS 1961’s selection of guys to front its fall 2016 menswear campaign which comes from the ranks of fashion includes a male supermodel, a fashion consultant and buyer, and two stylists. Photographed by their creative director Milan Vukmirovic with styling from Scarlett Viquel.

Ports1961_fall_2016_campaign_Bosso_white_ coat

Image courtesy of C&M Media

Adonis Bosso is very familiar to almost everyone who follows fashion is familiar with Adonis Bosso. He walks in over 50 shows every year, and has had campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Exchange, and H&M.

Image courtesy of C&M Media

Image courtesy of C&M Media

Nick Wooster is a regular presence at New York Fashion Week and for a couple of decades has been a well-known name in the industry as a buyer and fashion consultant. He has previously had strong ties to PORTS 1961 by walking in their shows in Milan.

Image courtesy of C&M Media

Image courtesy of C&M Media

George Cortina is a freelance stylist whose work has appeared in PORTER, the Wall Street Journal, and GQ Germany. He has also styled campaigns for Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli.

Image courtesy of C&M Media

Image courtesy of C&M Media

Fashion Stylist Miguel Arnau also fronts PORTS 1961’s fall 2016 menswear campaign. Arnau has styled for At Large MagazineGQ SpainHercules Magazine and VOGUE Japan.



Men’s Hair Trend Alert: Get your Hair Ready for NYFW: Men’s Spring 2017


A new hairstyle is an easy way to really change up your look.  To stay ahead of the trends, we asked 2015 “Educator of the Year” and PRORITUALS’ new Creative Director and Director of Education, Douglas Martucci what we can expect to see on the runway at New York Fashion Week: Men’s spring 2017 collections  and how you can get ready and look your best.

So what will be the biggest trend in men’s hair?  “Expect to see texture, this past year we have seen a tremendous growth in the texture categories.  We will for sure see shine and structure as well as a soft matte looser and more casual feel,” Martucci predicts.  “We are definitely seeing shorter sides with a disconnected and heavily textured top.  Arched, skin, and tight fades are definitely at the forefront this year.”  Martucci recommends playing with different products to really see how they work with your hair.  “It’s all about versatility in men’s hair right now, some structure and some softness. With men I think we are more likely to see these trends hang out a bit longer, who doesn’t like a well groomed man?”

To get on-trend hair, start with the basics.  “Good shampoo and conditioner is always the first step to creating any look.  Be on the lookout for shampoo and conditioner that’s a pH of 4.5-5.5.  It’s the same pH as your skin so it’s less likely to dry your scalp leading to dandruff.” Martucci explains.

Mens_hairtrends_spring_2017_pompadour_02Martucci also recommends when going for a new cut, try getting a style which has multiple options, “…talk to your stylist or barber about how to style your hair differently, you can have the beach texture but also a smooth pompadour with a change in product and some time practicing with your new look.”

Then right before Fashion Week or any big event make sure to “groom your brows and clean up your side burns,” Martucci advises.   “Keeping your brows neat frames the rest of your face and can show off those baby blues.  Sideburns are a big one, the bigger and burlier they are, the wider they make your face appear.  Keep them trimmed and close to create a leaner face shape.”

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

With a little precision grooming and a versatile style you’re sure to get noticed by the street style paparazzi!

—Janine Silver

Fashion Reverie’s Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Are you scratching your head because the man or men in your life have everything? With Father’s Day just around the corner, the ‘man who has everything’ conundrum is a common challenge for most consumers.

Put your fretting aside, Fashion Reverie has come with some unique last-minute gifts for the man who has everything. And the good news, these gifts won’t break your bank!! Men are easier to please then you think.

Thirty-five is not only the new 50 for women, the modern man also doesn’t look his actual age. The days of dads looking like Ozzie Nelson and Vincent Van Patten from “Eight Is Enough” is not the standard look of the modern father. Men are paying a lot more attention to their physicality and looks then they did twenty years ago.

Image courtesy of Chic Styles PR

Image courtesy of Chic Styles Exec PR

That said; who says dads don’t want nice skin too? Ecco Bella‘s Skin Care Line is perfect for sensitive skin, especially for dad’s who shave their face! It’s one of the only products on the market enriched with VitaminCells. It’s an organic skin care line that has anti-aging benefits!

Speaking of shaving, most dads go through the daily ritual of keeping their faces squeaky clean and smooth, especially if they happen to work in an office. Razor burn and dry skin is a big challenge for shavers every day. And who wants to kiss a face that is not smooth and scratchy.


Image courtesy of Pacific Shaving Company

Pacific Shaving Company, a leading manufacturer of innovative shaving essentials that use safe, natural, and eco-friendly ingredients, offers a breakthrough product—the first line of Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave. Women have been using caffeinated skin products for sometime in everything from eye creams, cleansers and anti-aging product. Well, the guys have finally caught up with Pacific Shaving Company’s Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave.

“When topically applied, the benefits of caffeine can take effect quickly. With 50 milligrams of naturally-derived caffeine (an espresso contains approximately 60 milligrams), Pacific Shaving Company’s new products may not replace your morning coffee routine, but they will help get you going in the morning—while providing an exceptional shaving experience,” explains Stan Ades, founder of Pacific Shaving Company. The products retail for $7.99 each or $15.99 for the set and are available at nationwide retailers including Target and Rite Aid.

Image courtesy of PR

Image courtesy of Lacoste

We know that men like their outerwear to look good, but they also like the under garments to have a certain about of style and panache as well. Look no further, Lacoste has a great underwear designs that are perfect for you guy for Father’s Day.

The well-known sportswear brand has a two-pack of briefs in bold green, red, and blue in solids or latticed that will look great on your guy. And an extra bonus, Lacoste is having a 50% off in-store and online sale. Hurry before supplies run out!!

Image courtesy of Chic Style Exec PR

Image courtesy of Chic Style Exec PR

Looking for the perfect accessory for dad to take along to the beach this summer? Look no further! The CoolBag LLC was founded in 2013 out of a need for a secure recreational bag, with the support from an array of professionals. Fabulous for those on the go, CoolBag is like no other with its heavy-duty locking system and sleek look. CoolBag allows the fun to happen so customers can relax and “Stay Cool in Life”™.

The patented CoolBag keeps valuables safe with its heavy-duty locking handle and combination zipper. The 100% cotton canvas with PVC backing allows users to lock up their valuables—even to lounge chairs to keep them secure if you decide to step away for a dip in the pool!

Image courtesy of PR

Image courtesy of PR

Though your guy probably has a great timepiece, he probably would love a great watch that matches his lifestyle, especially he is active and always on the go. Durability and boldness combined with style are the main components that he is looking for. If that is the case, G-Shock has a variety of watch styles for your guy!! And if you live in the New York metropolitan area, G-Shock has a store in Soho!!

For Father’s Day, Fashion Reverie has selected the G-Shock’s Metallic Dial Color Add Series, a three-piece analog/digital watch collection that offers a bold look in variations of black accented with silver, gold and rose gold. The super-tough G-SHOCK series comes with a large rotary crown switch for intuitive operation. All three timepieces are designed to create a stylish, resilient fashion accessory. The black GA400GB-1A has silver accents, the GA400GB-1A9 is accented in gold, and the GA400GB-1A4 features rose gold accents. The accents offer a splash of jewel tones to the case, band, and face, for a traditional design in a non-traditional watch.

—William S. Gooch














Menswear Spring 2017 Style Prediction: Prince for Spring 2017


Prince_Spring_2017_Menswear_predictionAs we look back at the fashion and music of Prince Rogers Nelson, like David Bowie who transitioned in late 2015, many fashion designers will draw inspiration or reference Prince in their spring 2017 collections. Prince’s fashion choices reflected his penchant toward silhouettes, fabrications and color spectrums that expanded the definitions of masculinity and femininity. At times his style bordered on the extravagant, even sometimes cartoonish. Still, it was all Prince Rogers Nelson in his undisputed glory, marching to the beat of his own fashion drum.

Fashion Reverie projected which fashion brands could successfully conjure up images of Prince in their spring 2017 collection while staying true to their brand DNA.

Image courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency/REX/

Image courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency/REX/

The obvious choice of designers/brands that will inject Prince’s fashion sensibility into their spring 2017 collection is Versace. It is well known that Donatella Versace was a very good friend to the “Purple One.” Versace was one of the few fashion shows that Prince ever attended. Prince was even friends to Gianni Versace before his untimely death.

Images of Versace Mens spring 2013, 2015 and 2016 courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/

Images of Versace Mens spring 2013, 2015 and 2016 courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/

Prince was also noted for wearing Versace prints and accessories. He attended the Versace H&M party in 2011 with Donatella and later in the evening performed “Purple Rain” for the attendees. That said; Fashion Reverie looking back at some of the brand’s menswear collections and observed that conjuring up images of Prince’s personal style would be an easy fit for Versace.

Images of Moschino Fall 2016 and Jeremy Scott spring 2017 courtesy of Marcus Tondo/Yannis Vlamos/

Images of Moschino Fall 2016 and Jeremy Scott spring 2017 courtesy of Marcus Tondo/Yannis Vlamos/

Though Jeremy Scott/Moschino’s menswear leans, at times, to the comical with a cartoon quality, it does fit in line with Prince’s fashion eclecticism. (The Flintstones and racecar driving seen through the lens of Louis XIV have inspired Scott/Moschino menswear in the past.) For Moschino fall 2016, Scott collaborated with British agritprop artists Gilbert & George to create an outré collection that saturated with color, just down Prince’s alley. For spring 2016 Scott’s eponymous brand was screwy homage to 60’s sci-fi movies. Again, wacky and wonderful; Prince would have been pleased!!

Images of Dolce & Gabbano spring 2016 courtesy of Marcus Tondo/

Images of Dolce & Gabbano spring 2016 courtesy of Marcus Tondo/

Dolce & Gabbana is another brand that would be a great fit for a Prince-inspired spring 2017 collection. From the early 2000s to just before his untimely death, Prince opted for a more tailored look, moving away from the gender bending, over-the-top looks of the 80s and 90s.

For spring 2016, Dolce & Gabbana injected a lot of floral prints into their men’s collection. And when you marry D&G’s version of floral prints—peacocks and dragons frolicking through a bamboo forest—with tailored suits, you have the re-invented modern Prince.

John Varvatos spring 2016 images courtesy of Ernest Green/

John Varvatos spring 2016 images courtesy of Ernest Green/

John Varvatos is the undisputed menswear designer of rock n’ roll fashion. That said; John Varvatos is a natural fit for a Prince-inspired spring 2017 collection.

Prince’s musical repertoire expanded pop, fusion jazz, gospel, R&B, punk, hip hop, and rock n’ roll genres. And Varvatos’ spring 2016 Edwardian aesthetic paired with an early 70s rock n’ roll sentimentality correspond to the current design aesthetic that Prince had evolved into.

Philipp Plein spring 2016 images courtesy of

Philipp Plein spring 2016 images courtesy of

Philipp Plein’s fall 2016 menswear collection referenced “Mad Max” and 80’s punk, something that Prince toyed with almost three decades ago. (Remember the “Dirty Mind” and “Controversy” tour.) Though this is classic Prince from the early 80s, Philipp Plein is right at the top of the list of menswear designers that could easily conjure up Prince for spring 2017.

—William S. Gooch

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