Fall 2015 Trend Report: Wide-Legged Pants

Images courtesy of Ernest Green, wwd.com, and style.com

Images courtesy of Ernest Green, wwd.com, and style.com

The 70s are back. Though the spring 2015 collections brought the decade of the “Me Generation” back with its emphasis on bohemian chic and wild prints, for fall 205 designers delved a bit deeper into the many style trends that populated the 1970s. From hippy dippy granny dresses to Studio 54 glam to au natural looks evidenced in Carole King’s 1971 “Tapestry” album to high Victorian collars that started on Carnaby Street in the late 1960s but ended up in American ready-to-wear collection in the early 70s, fall 2015 was all about re-imagining the 70s in ways that were new and innovative.

One of the biggest trends from the fall 2015 collections was the wide-legged pants trend. In the early and mid-70s, wide-legged pants were evolution of the hippy dippy denim craze and morphed into looks that women combined with sharp suit jackets as they entered more into the corporate world.  However for fall 2015, the wide-legged pant aesthetic is about more than corporate office attire or casual denim projections.

A few designers found ways to incorporate the wide-legged pant trend in ways that elevated their collections. Below you will find Fashion Reverie’s choices:

Images courtesy of Ernest Green and style.com

Images courtesy of Ernest Green and style.com

Vivienne Tam

Known for her astute skill at combining East meets West silhouettes, this season Tam looked to 1970s as focal point of her collection funneled through the prism of chinoiserie. There was an ornate quality in this collection that has been missing from some of Tam’s recent collections.

Tam’s incorporation of the wide-legged pant aesthetic was demonstrated in wide-legged pants layered with sheer black overlays and dresses. Tam also combined a variety of fabrics in this collection evidenced in wide-legged pants of tweed and silk chiffon and tulle. And Tam’s thick, wide cuffs of her pants set her apart from other designers.

Images courtesy of Ernest Green/fashionreverie.com

Images courtesy of Ernest Green/fashionreverie.com

Sally LaPointe

Sally LaPointe looked to modern dance and mixed media artist Pina Bausch for inspiration for her fall 2015 collection. Her infusion of the wide-legged pant trend was a natural extension of the whole collection. As a separate, LaPointe’s wide-legged pants work well with a variety of tops and can mixed match for daywear or a night out on the town.

Images courtesy of wwd.com

Images courtesy of wwd.com


Where many designers 70s inspiration was paired with looks from the 1920s and 1960s, Georgine synthesized the 70s with the 1930’s Weimar Republic for looks that were slightly campy but possessed that sizzle and pop that would appeal to looks of consumers. Creative director Georgine Ratelband wide-legged pants were made more for a late night rendezvous than an office job. Still, the frivolity of these garments demonstrated that whimsy and flash should still have a place in a women’s wardrobe.

Images courtesy of style.com

Images courtesy of style.com


European designers also carried over this trend from spring 2015. Dior’s take on wide-legged pants was more conservative and subdued, but still chic and sophisticated. And by constructed his pant cuffed and mid-calf, Raf Simons helped the fashion cognoscenti envision the wide-legged pant with in new and interesting ways.

Images courtesy of style.com

Images courtesy of style.com

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli substituted the wide-legged, flared pant for his signature short full dresses. Combined and layerd with the graphic motif in this outing, Valli’s flared pant was definitely for the more daring fashionista.

—William S. Gooch

Trend Report: Big Florals for Fall 2015

Dolce & Gabbana images courtesy of style.com

Dolce & Gabbana fall 2015 images courtesy of style.com

Remember in “The Devil Wears Prada,” when Miranda Priestly sarcastically said that, “florals for spring [was] groundbreaking.” Maybe, she would have thought differently after attending fall 2015 runway shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. Not only were big floral and foliage embellishments “groundbreaking” in the fall 2015 collections, it was one of the biggest of the many trends seen this season.

Delpozo and Elie Saab fall 2015 images courtesy of style.com

Delpozo and Elie Saab fall 2015 images courtesy of style.com

Whether florals are presented as big roses on a black background as seen in the collections of Erin Fetherton, Dolce & Gabbana, and/or Elie Saab; night flowers popping up in the collections of Sonia Rykiel, Escada, Preen, Vivienne Tam, and Lela Rose, or the big flowers and foliage cutouts, appliquès, and embellishments of Christian Siriano, Theia, Tracy Reese, Peter Pilotti, and Monique Lhuillier, florals in all its many incarnations seems to be a trend that is making a bold statement for fall 2015.

For several fashion seasons designers, merchandisers, and retailers have been coming up with interesting ways to respond to a growing segment of shoppers that are consistently looking for garments that are trans-seasonal. The days of solely shopping seasonally appropriate clothes are rapidly fading. With tighter spending budgets, less recreation shopping time, and schizophrenic weather temmperatures, consumers shop for clothes that transcend seasons. Designer Anita Dongre contends in a dnaindia.com article, “Fashion is becoming trans-seasonal catering to the wants of a global consumer who wants fashion outside of the typical seasonal stuff, they seek year round styles since the seasons have become erratic.”

Vivienne Tam fall 2015 images courtesy of Ernest Green/fashionreverie.com

Vivienne Tam fall 2015 images courtesy of Ernest Green/fashionreverie.com

Four seasons ago designers began incorporating diaphanous fabrics—organza, tulle, chiffon, and lace into fall/winter collections. Some fashion cognoscenti considered diaphanous fabrics for winter an insane concept. Still, consumers liked the trend and it was not unusual to see organza blouses in the workplace during cold months or a beautiful tulle and silk chiffon gown or cocktail dress on the red carpet or a gala under a fur coat.

In response to ever-changing tastes and cultural trends, for fall 2015 designers have taken flowers and sylvan foliage out of just spring collections and planted, so to speak, this aesthetic into fall/winter collections. And by transplanting big flowers and wood foliage on to dark fabric backgrounds the stretch from spring to fall is not that dramatic. The big question is will consumers take the bait?


Christian Siriano fall 2015 images courtesy of style.com

Although big dark florals for fall is a road less traveled, like any new fashion trend, the fashionistas will immediately pick it up and in a short matter of time, the South, the Midwest, and the Dust Bowl will follow suit. Well, just maybe!!

—William S. Gooch

Style Alert: Glam up you Easter Eggs

Image courtesy of fiffunfab.com

Image courtesy of fiffunfab.com

OK, Egg Day is a few days away; that is Easter Egg Day!! If you die your eggs and paint interesting characters and artwork on you eggs, dyeing eggs can a time consuming and messy ordeal. Are you looking for an easier way to decorate your eggs? Metallic tattoos to the rescue!!

Huh, that’s right you heard it hear at Fashion Reverie, metallic tattoos. In just three minutes you can put elaborate metallic tattoos on your boiled eggs, saving lots of time, money and there is very little cleanup involved.  All you need is some hard-boiled eggs, washcloth, scissors, a washcloth and a bowl of water.


Image courtesy of fiffunfab.com

Oops, I forgot to tell you where to get these decorative metallic tattoos. These metallic tattoos are in theFabFitFun box (FFF). For $49.99 VIP members quarterly receive a box full of lifestyle, fashion and beauty goodies; everything from great holistic snacks, to homeopathic remedies, to non-animal tested beauty products, and a lot more.  These premium full-size products are not samples but great products from some of your favorite brands and from brand that you will be pleased to learn about!!

To learn more about how theFabFitFun box and how to decorate your eggs with metallic tattoos, go to fabfitfun.com.


Fall Style Alert: The 90s Are Back!!


Images  Altuzarra, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Burberry, respectively. Images courtesy of style.com

Fashion this winter will once again take us back to push us forward.

This fall 2014 season reminded us women always need options and with so many trends available in the market, variety is overwhelming. This winter designers expressed nostalgia for the 90’s by incorporating very norm-core day looks with rave-inspired colors and prints.

We know threading your closet every season for appropriately stylish looks is always mandatory; however, your winter essentials may already be in the crevices of your closet. That said; Fashion Reverie surveyed the runways of top designer brands for that minimal 90’s cool we love so much.


Shearling images of Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, and Tommy Hilfiger courtesy of style.com

Major themes and top trends on designer runways included the option to blend cool minimalism with the new millennium’s more audacious ideas. Bold colors brought life to the woman’s power suit and over-textured fabrics paired with plaid button-downs or ponchos really set the tone for the continuation of Luxe Grunge.

Go 90’s Hip-Hop, get a backpack, holographic sneakers and pull out the fur (fake or real). Shearling is preferred and make sure it’s all oversized! Crazy digital prints on dresses, color-blocked jackets and just one earring are meant to express a techno vision of the future with a small ode to the past.


Images courtesy of Altuzarra, Yohji Yamamoto, and the Row courtesy of style.com

90’s in the New Millennium Revival Must-Haves

  1. Shearling Coat
  2. Small Backpack
  3. Plaid button-down
  4. Oversized Jacket or Sweater
  5. Hunting boots
  6. Black Pinstripe Power suit
  7. Poncho
  8. Techno Sneakers
  9. Fur (fake or real)
  10. One fabulous earring
Images courtesy of Celine

Images of Celine and Oscar de la Renta courtesy of style.com

90s Designers Revivalists:

Oscar de la Renta


Yohji Yamamoto

The Row

Tommy Hilfiger




—Kelly Mills

Summer Trend Alert: Waist High Splits

Image courtesy of fashionstylemag.com

Image courtesy of fashionstylemag.com

One of the hottest trends for summer 2014 is dresses and skirts with thigh to waist high splits. After spotting this trend on the runways of New York, Milan, London and Paris last fall, dresses and skirts with waist high splits were front and center at the Much Music Awards that took place recently in Toronto.

Kendall Jenner at 2014 Much Music Video Awards in Fausti Pugli. Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Kendall Jenner at 2014 Much Music Video Awards in Fausti Puglisi. Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Kendall Jenner wowed on the red carpet with waist high split in Fausti Puglisi. She made us all do a double look at this daring, leg baring, double split all the way to your pelvis, gown. With the newly, coined phrase “pevage” combining pelvis and cleavage, lets see what we have to look forward to.

Leave it to the Italians to lead the charge on what’s sexy, fashionable and cool. Fausti Puglisi debuted this trend in his s/s 14 collection. While American designer, Donna Karan also showing this trend in her s/s 14 collection with splits just a little less revealing, Donna Karan also incorporated diaphanous sheer fabrics with this trend.

Donna Karan spring/summer 2014 images courtesy of style.com

Donna Karan spring/summer 2014 images courtesy of style.com

So how should shoppers wear waist high splits? For those fearless fashionistas who are brave enough to include this trend in their summer wardrobe consider wearing this trend either go completely commando (no underwear) or with a barley there On Gossamer g-string.

If you love this trend but the waist high splits are too risqué, try Donna Karan’s version with splits a little more demure. With this version you can wear something a little more substantial underneath without the fear of being totally exposed.

However you decide to rock your splits make sure you are doing leg lifts, squats, sprints and other leg-toning exercises. You are going to need it!!

—Renessta Olds

Trend Report: Show a Little Skin with Crop Tops

Image courtesy of en.paper.blog.com

Image courtesy of en.paper.blog.com

With the summer heat finally blazing and the mercury soaring after a long, cold winter, it is time to show some skin. Why not follow the temperatures lead and raise your shirt up a bit, but not too high. Try a crop top.

One of the hottest trends that made it from the runway to the retail racks is the crop tops trend. Tommy Hilfiger, Tracy Reese, and Diane von Furstenberg all showed this trend on their runways for spring/summer 2014.

This trend is not for shrinking violets or timid types. Remember, this is a trend for those ladies that know what an inside of a gym looks like. There is no way to camouflage that extra body flab around your waist with crop tops.

Still, there are ways to wear this trend, even if you not in super tip top shape. Have no fear there are levels to this trend and Fashion Reverie is primed to show you all he variations on crop tops.

Vera Wang and Diane von Furstenberg images courtesy of style.com, respectively

Vera Wang and Diane von Furstenberg images courtesy of style.com, respectively

1) Diane von Furstenberg and Vera Wang presented a completely abs baring – paired short bra tops with hip-high floaty skirts leaving the midriff completely free. So if you weren’t in the house all winter long and doing your cardio tapes in between blizzards, this may not be your best option.

Tracy Reese spring 2014 images courtesy of style.com, Joie spring 2014 images courtesy of Joie

Tracy Reese spring 2014 images courtesy of style.com, Joie spring 2014 images courtesy of Joie

2) Tracy Reese and Joie presented a top that was a little bit longer with a higher waisted skirt that speaks to a more mature, cosmopolitan woman in fabulous shape! There is not as much midriff exposed and for a woman who’s not as confident or just wants an extra boost of self assurance, pairing this look with a flesh tone one-piece Lycra undergarment will pull you in that much more and look like second skin.

Images courtesy of style.com

Images courtesy of style.com

3) Balenciaga paired his belly button grazing midriff tops with short shorts. Keeping in line with a sportier, weekend look for a more casual approach to this trend. Balenciaga also showed a sportier version of this trend in lilac and purple on the runway.

From chic, sophisticated looks to sportier, casual combinations, there are lots of options for wearing crop tops this summer. Go ahead take the plunge!!

—Renessta Olds

Trend Alert: Rose Gold

Collages297One of the hottest fall 2014 trends being flaunted by downtown fashionistas and uptown style mavens is rose gold. It is everywhere!!!! That gold color overlaid with a touch of pink is showing up in accessories from jewelry, and shoes to belts and handbags, even rose gold hair. Rose Gold has also been prevalent  in the runway collections of Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Son Jung Wan, and a hosts of others.

Though most trend only last one or two seasons, rose gold is one of the hottest trends carrying over from spring 2013 and fall 2014. Celebrities from Kerry Washington and Mischa Barton to Jennifer Anniston and Victoria Beckham are being spotted on red carpets and high-profile events looking fabulous in rose gold accents.

KerryWashingtonPairing it with prints like Kerry Washington did at the Independent Spirit Awards by incorporating both the floral trend and rose gold trend kept her looks fresh, modern, and sophisticated. Washington’s rose/gold watch, bangle and purse shout “all eyes on me.”

By mixing different shades of green floral with lavenders and white, the voltage is amped up on this killer dress.  Adding a border at her natural waist elongates her frame and turns this look from trendy to classic!

One of Fashion Reverie’s favorite looks for summer is a beautiful white sheath dress. White looks good on all skin tones—from creamy ivory to deep ebony—and with rose gold accessories adds that special summery glow, bringing out the summer shimmer rosy glow of your complexion.

Clockwise images are represented by Sugar Scout rose gold cuff, Brian Atwood rose gold shoe, Lariucci rose gold ring, and Fallon rose gold evening purse

Clockwise images are represented by Lauicci rose gold cuff, Brian Atwood rose gold shoe, Laruicci rose gold ring, and Nina Fallon rose gold bag.

Fashion Reverie dares you to experiment with the rose gold trend. It’s the perfect way to glam up all black, edge out your mundane work clothes and/or take your look from day-to-night. Find a silhouette that works with your body type and add your favorite accessories in rose gold. From retailers with lower price points—H&M and Forever 21 to more pricey brands like Michael Kors and Jeffrey Campbell on board with this trend, there is something for everyone.

—Renessta Olds


Trend Alert: Chic Running Sneaks

Image courtesy of puma.com

Image courtesy of puma.com

Are you looking for a facelift, of sorts, to your running sneakers? Well, look no further. As of late, running sneaks with an edge seem to be the go-to shoe for anyone looking to add a little bit of flair to their daily look.  From neons, prints/patterns, and different textures and fabrications, running sneakers have gotten the fashion-forward makeover it’s been waiting for! Perfect for men and women, running sneakers are hitting their stride this season with no signs of slowing down.

Ruffian Spring 2013

Ruffian Spring 2013

The mixing of sport elements into everyday wear began a few seasons ago, ending up in the wardrobe of sneaker aficionados. This trend has now caught traction on a commercial scale. The concept began with designers pulling inspiration from clothes that would be traditionally worn to the gym or reserved for outdoor activities. Caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, and sport pants have gotten modified to appeal to a more fashion-focused consumer. With the introduction of Isabel Marant’s wedged sneakers to the runways a few seasons ago, as well as looks from Ruffian’s spring 2013 collection, it has become trendy for fashionistas to add a more casual but rugged edge to their usually glammed up look.

Style-It girl of the moment, Solange Knowles was recently tapped to bring her brand of funk, flair, and fun to Puma as she was named art director and creative consultant for the shoe brand. With Solange Knowles solidly in step with this re-invention of the running sneak, this trend will amp up into overdrive! Now take a look at some of Fashion Reverie’s favorite styles of running shoes:


Topman leopard-print sneakers retail for $100. Image courtesy of top man.com

Hype Leopard Print Sneakers Via TOPMAN

TopMan features these cool, leopard-printed running sneakers in their stores and online. From the orange laces to the vibrant in-your-face leopard print, these sneakers will bring out your inner hipster, giving you style with ease.


Nike Flyknit Trainer+ retails for $150. Image courtesy of nike.com

Nike Flyknit Trainer+

These multi-colored Flyknit trainers by Nike are the perfect blend of style mixed with sport! Doubling as a top of the line running shoe, they can be worked easily into any stylish young woman’s wardrobe! From the gym to a day of shopping with your friends, this shoe is the best of both worlds.

Nike Air Max 2014 iD retails for $220.00. Image courtesy of nike.com

Nike Air Max 2014 iD retails for $220.00. Image courtesy of nike.com

Nike Air Max 2014 iD

What makes the Nike Air Max a cool sneaker choice? Not only does Nike have them in awesome, glow-in-the-dark neon colors, but consumers can color customize their choices online! The personalization of this sneaker makes it an obvious winner for anyone looking to bring their own style to the streets.

Adidas by Stella McCartney retails for $220.00. Image courtesy of adidas.com

Adidas by Stella McCartney retails for
$220.00. Image courtesy of adidas.com

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Featuring a textbook-print style, these running sneaks from Stella McCartney are a chic step in the right direction. Comfortable, stylish, and durable, what more could a girl ask for?

Valentiono Garavani Sneaker Hers:$ retails for 795.00. Image courtesy of store.valentino.com

Valentiono Garavani Sneaker
Hers:$ retails for 795.00. Image courtesy of store.valentino.com

Valentino Garavani Sneaker

In step with this trend, Valentino Garavani have created his and hers camouflaged-inspired sneakers. While the woman’s sneaker features traces of on-trend, neon-colored leathers; the men’s sneaks goes for a subtle, yet colorful approach. By purchasing these sneaks, consumers will feel like they are stepping in style!

Image courtesy of puma.com

Image courtesy of puma.com

PUMA x Solange Knowles

When it was announced that Solange Knowles had been tapped to be the new art director and creative consultant at Puma, the blogosphere lit up like the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Everyone wanted to know what the shoes would look like and when they would arrive in stores.  Well, the much-anticipated arrival is February 2014 and surprisingly for Puma, the product of his collaborative effort is relatively affordable.

The collection, “Girls of Blaze,” is inspired by Brazil.  Solange worked with three different design teams to get just the right look for her Puma debut. These are a must-have for any young fashionista wanting to bring a little bit of South American spice to their shoe collection.

—John Woody

Trend Alert: Hardware Accessories

Collages178If you are anything like a lot of fashion-conscious consumers, you are in the know and on the pulse of all things fashion, (so at least you think), you probably have been noticing a lot of metal-adorning coats, belts, shoes and purses. Drumroll please … Welcome to the Hardware Trend!


From Diane Von Furstenberg to Emilio Pucci to Ruthie Davis to Tom Ford, designers have incorporated this trend into their latest collections. The Hardware Trend for the edgy, chic girl has everyone taking notice. Guess what? It’s not just for the rock n’ roll or punk chic girl anymore. Paired with a sweetheart ensemble this trend is burning up the runway and sidewalks. You ask how can you incorporate this trend into you classic wardrobe without investing a whole lot of dollars. Why dig into deep pockets when a trend that is here today and gone tomorrow? (I highly doubt that the hardware trend is going away soon!!).  If you don’t have deep pockets, your solution is Accessories, Accessories, and more Accessories!!

Downloads89Here are a few creative ideas on how to get what you want right now. First, scour your favorite local stores for purses, shoes and jewelry that have metal buckles, zippers, and studs. Secondly, have a themed clothing exchange with your favorite fashionistas in the know specifically asking for them to bring these types of items. Last, if all else fails, save your money for the one hardware-trend piece that you can’t live without. Even if this trend goes out of style, so what, you love it! Just hold on to it for when it comes back around.

—Renessta Olds

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