Trendy, Quirky Bags for Summer 2018 Festival Season

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As the summer craze begins to take over, we find ourselves weaving in and out of festival foot traffic. Shine all summer, as you put to rest your overworked winter visage. Whether you’re going to your fave concert, attending a local carnival, or taking a much needed flashy trip to the Bahama, take time off with Fashion Reverie’s list of summer festival bags.This summer be more innovative and reinvent your stereotypical handbag. As the perfect vacation accessory, Fashion Reverie looks to changes and trends in summer handbags. Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Jeremy Scott ,and Fendi are just a few designers that are offering quirky insane looks for a more fresh outlook. The biggest trend thus far is retro logo tagging, found all over runways and branded clothing. “Mix casual and classic pieces … add a little bit of edge to a classic look”, said Tiffany Groh Cummins, Fashion, Film and Lifestyle publicist at TRC & Associates. No matter the trend, you shall be deemed most fashionable this season.

Images clockwise of Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Lanvin, Prada, Moschino and Emporio Armani bags courtesy of

Designers crave adoration from consumers. What better way to show them love than with a nostalgic logo bag.? Fendi, Dior, and Gucci are a few designers taking us back to a retro era with their interpretation of monogram logos. Designer tagging is definitely on trend. “If done tastefully [logo tagging] will be the primary way that your popularity grows. The younger generation [is] a little detached from luxury brands … it’s [these] minute splash accessories for street wear that says ‘I’m not trying too hard,” explains Cummins.

Images clockwise of Chanel, Chanel, Martin Margiela, Valentino, and Emporio Armani bags courtesy of

Expose your goodies, in this see-through clear PVC bag that has a fun sporty aesthetic. Take this on-the-go accessory as you head to the beach, weekend trip, or hanging out at a street vendor festival. Be sure to choose wisely as this see-me-not trend is more about what you carry than what you’re carrying. If you have a love for fun-printed pouches, try pairing this trend with colorful pastel wallets or dainty coin purses for a layering visual effect.

Images clockwise Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Jacquemus, Marc Jacobs, and Creatures of the Wind bags courtesy of

First came the classic fanny pack, called marsupial bags in Europe. But, now it’s all about the itty bitty belt bags. Update this classic trend as fanny pack silhouettes have taken a super micro approach. Deemed high fashion, these tiny totes are here for a bold statement. “[This] fashion statement and trend is easy to carry, and holds all the essentials,” said Cummins.

Images clockwise of TIBI, Louis Vuitton, Martin Margiela, Moschino, MSGM, and Fenty bags courtesy of

Backpacks are still in and are here to stay. This quick and easy accessory is perfect as you look for adventures at summer’s music and film festivals. Double the size, as this accessory goes from your scheduled routine to the perfect travel bag as you head cross country for a memorable music or film festival.

Images clockwise of Altazurra, Christian Dior, Fendi, Christian Dior, Roksanda, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana bags courtesy of

It’s all about the hoop handles, whether it’s for minimal function or an unconventional art-inspired way. Take your pick of this trend; as there are various blends, fabrications, and manipulations to have you stand out from the madding crowd.

—Courtney S. Wilkins

Summer 2018 Sneaker Trends

Ugly dad trainers sneaker images courtesy of topshop,,,, and, respectively

To be the coolest kid on the block, you have to own all the most fly kicks. Sneakerheads, whether male or female, tap into pop culture with a throwback to childhood. This playful approach to sneakers centers around street-approved sneakers which gives the wearer street cred or at the least maintaining a whimsical approach to style.Deemed both fashionable and functional, sneakers are any fast-paced cities guilty pleasure. Even the fashion conscious seek daily comfort; yet, looks to more innovative and glam shoes to stand out among the crowd and other sneaker enthusiast.

Retro style sneaker images courtesy of,, and, respectively

“In the United States 75% of sneakers are bought for aesthetics and lifestyle [rather] than performance”, says Elinor Block of Who What Wear. As a continuing spring/summer street style trend, Fashion Reverie explores the lifestyle aesthetic that brands sneakers as a staple to daily lives.Many designers have adapted street style due to the rise of fashion and sport- enthusiast consumers, who inspire this continuing street style trend. Brands such as Balenciaga, Chanel, and Gucci have revamped the `80s, ‘90s and ‘00s nostalgia, and have now become recognizable for their retro influence of logo tagging on sneakers.

              Vintage and logo-inspired sneaker images courtesy of the respective brands

“Individuals aren’t buying into luxury lifestyle anymore, especially [the younger generation]. [Our generation] doesn’t care about the fancy things, we want to wear things that look cool and speak to our personality”, said fashion journalist Dairia Harvin,.

Chunky sneakers images are courtesy of,, and, respectively

Sneakerheads fuel the fashion industry’s obsession with streetwear. Inspired by the classic sneaker style of modern looks and minimal detail, designers have recreated a luxury edge. In search of the latest kicks finally, Fashion Reverie has curated some fantastic summer sneakers that fits consumers ever-evolving palette for style and modern sensibility.

Futuristic sneaker images courtesy of,,,, and, respectively

Step into spring/summer in nostalgic add-ons of disco glitter, or knitted fabric elements within retro and classic trainer styles. Whatever your choice, these unisex stylings will not disappoint and are back by popular demand. As designers tap into 80s street style mixed with glam embellishments, retailers now offer affordable, limited editions for fashionable consumers. Which trend are you rocking this season?—Courtney Wilkins



Spring 2018 West Coast Bridal Trends

Images courtesy of Amsale/The Knot, Victoria Kyriakides/The Knot,  Ines di Santo, and Lakum/Kurt Wilberding, respectively

When you think West Coast bride, what comes to mind? Is it her flower child freedom, her minimalistic style, or non-traditional look? With continuous scrolls of wedding content, designers seek out the newest trends that are driving the market as seasons come and go. Fashion Reverie examines the standout trends for the West Coast, that cater to every aesthetic. A full-coverage on the spring 2019 bridal season, highlighting ‘it trends’ for our brides to be will is a mainstay of Fashion Reverie’s coverage. As the creative style on the West Coast is anything but traditional, bridal fashion-forward aesthetic is rapidly evolving. For the 2019 bridal season, Fashion Reverie looks to the West Coast to see which top trends will be taking over this season.

               Images courtesy of THEIA, Inbal Dror, and Lakum, respectively

Bridal designers are now catering to the individualistic, creative mind. A premiere source for bridal fashion inspiration, designers continue to cross boundaries redefining the classic bridal market. Dresses that have an effortless chic with accentuated necks and exposed backs for a particular minimalist approach. Trends are changing … style is changing and so is this billion dollar market. From pastels, shimmer, modern edge, capes, and floating statement sleeves the West Coast style enhances simplicity with confidence. Although many of the pieces aren’t traditional, the elongated length of the garments still resemble that “bridal look”. Fashion Reverie looks to Los Angeles boutiques who cater to every unique individual—from Jin Wang, Mon Amie, Marina Morrison, Vera Wang Bride, Panache Bridal, Allure Brides, and the only West Coast bridal fashion trade show, The Knot.These bridal boutiques are stocked full of bridal collections that can appeal to that West Coast bride with three standout trends. For shimmer and shine look to bridal brands Berta, Mira Zwillinger, Naeem Khan and Mark Zunino with Zunino and Berta having a strong West Coast presence.

Images courtesy of Alexandra Greco/Greg Finck, Inbal Dror/Maria Valentinio/MCV Photo, Christo Costarellos/Loho Bride, and Rime Arodsky/The Knot, respectively

For more a masculine design aesthetic look to such brands as Justin Alexander and newcomer Gracy Accad. And for that destination beach or resort nuptial no bridal brands serves that occasion better than Carol Hannah. All these brands that are non-traditional in their approach can be found in a variety of West Coast bridal boutiques.—Courtney S. Wilkins

West Coast Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

                         Images courtesy of Indigital/ 

There’s a prettier, softer mood in the air from power pastels to summer sequins. Is it too soon to say spring? Well, not quite, yet. As fashion industry leaders abandon winter dress-codes behind, some head to the West Coast for more temperate climates with East Coast temperatures still being chilly. Naturally, New York and Los Angeles have a lot in common, yet, there’s an ongoing rivalry between the two fashion capitals. California’s relaxed lifestyle enlists individuals to make LA style their own. The style is fresh, yet laid-back, with a slight play on sensuality contributing to a feminine edge. Fashion Reverie looks to the trending street styles in Los Angeles and this season is bound to be full of energy, optimism, and bold fashion moments.

                                        Images courtesy of Indigital/

Kanye West approved, the teeny-tiny sunglasses are a hit both on and off the runway. The perfect accessory, 90s–inspired tiny sunglasses are the most iconic trend straight off the catwalk. Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton this season have revived the micoframes for a comeback.

                                 Images courtesy of Indigital/

Why limit sequins for just special occasions? There’s plenty of glitter to go around for everyone. This glitzy statement shall be the focal point all season long. Go all out and outshine with this bold sequined trend. If this sparkly ensemble is too much, try the Cinderella shoe as an alternative.

                Images courtesy of Indigital/ and

“With the warm LA summers … There is something so timeless and classic about pastels; the color can be worn dressed up or down,” said Tandya Stewart, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger.Lavender has been deemed the most popular trend by spring 2018 runway shows, so own it. Breathing life into pastels and dusty tones, designers are committed to spring’s vibrant hues and rainbow brights.

                        Images courtesy of and

Plush Fur
A classic for its practicality, plush fur is a wardrobe staple for all LA natives. A new craze on the runway, designers ditch authenticity for faux fur of different proportions and funky prints.“Outerwear is huge in LA and I would say it is the number one trend. Especially lightweight trench coats; they are a necessity in [West Coast] weather. There’s a lot of blend of fabrications and materials [that designers] are being more experimental with”, said Samuel Taylor, creative director and founder of Silent Panda.

                                Images courtesy of Indigital/

Graphic Stripes
Eccentric graphic patterns are here to play. Whether they’re horizontal, vertical, thick or thin, these eye-catching stripes are having a moment. Dominate the graphic stripes trend with a full head-to-toe look, separates with strong lines or colorful silhouettes. “Exaggerated graphic stripes are everywhere,” said Samuel Taylor.

                                 Images courtesy of Indigital/

Matching Sets
“Canadian Tuxedos, denim jackets paired with denim jeans is currently and always trending in L.A”, said Tandya Stewart. If you love the Canadian Suit, try this fresh update on matching sets this spring. Opt for something more subtle rather than a perfectly tailored suit.—Courtney S. Wilkins

Trends from Fall 2018 European Men’s Shows: Rock It or Leave It

Welcome back to Rock It or Leave It! Fashion Reverie examines the recent trends seen during men’s Fashion shows recently held in Europe. Fashion Reverie gives an expert opinion on what need to be adored and what needs to the hit the trash with the wrapper? Let’s find out.

          Images of Kenzo, Y3, Alex Mullins fall 2018 courtesy of, respectively

YellowKenzo, Y3, Versace

A few seasons back yellow was huge at New York Fashion Week: The Shows and this season that color trend has popped up the men’s collection in Europe. Yellow is an easy way to add a pop of color and add interest to an everyday outfit. The key is to identify the right yellow for your complexion, determining if you’re a cool or warm tone. Yellow can be a stand out color so if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by it, pick an accessory like a watch or pocket square.

Rock It!!

Image of Versace fall 2018 courtesy of, image of Alexander McQueen fall 2018 courtesy of, and image of Bobby Adley fall 2018 courtesy of, respectively

Tartans and PlaidsAlexander McQueen, Versace, Bobby Abley

Scotland’s ears must be burning because tartans and plaids were the talk of the men’s shows this season. These classic prints add interest to any outfit while not pushing the proverbial fashion envelope too far. As long the color of the plaids and tartans enhance the rest of your look, the sky is the limit

Rock It!

Image of Versace fall 2018 courtesy of, Alex Mullins fall 2018 courtesy of, and Astrid Anderson fall 2018 courtesy of, respectively

Clashing PrintsAlexander McQueen, Versace, Alex Mullins

The runways were awash with outfits that consisted of several wildly different prints sometimes as many as four on one garment. Despite these collections employing excellent stylists and years of experience, many of these models and clashing print combinations were a bit much to take.

Alexander McQueen was able to make it work by combining a pinstripe suit with a tiny sliver of plaid, but it was precarious pairing, at best. If these masterful designers can’t seem to get it right what chance does the average consumer have?

Leave it.

Image of Christopher Raeburn fall 2018, image of Alexander McQueen fall 2018 courtesy of, and image of Y3 fall 2018 courtesy of

Puffy JacketsChristopher Raeburn, McQueen, Y3

The puffy jackets Tommy Hilfiger made so popular are back! The great thing about these jackets is not only are they fashionable, they’re also very practical. What better use is there for winter fashion than keeping you warm? The downside is they can add bulk to your silhouette, but it’s better than freezing.

Rock It!!

Image of Rottindean fall 2018 courtesy of and image of Prada fall 2018 courtesy of

Words and LogosPrada, Rottindean

As the political climates in Europe and America are heating up so is the political activism. Many designers are using their fashion as a platform to give weight to their political beliefs. These garments make a fun and interesting way to express yourself and can make your outfit a conversation piece. Just be careful to a translation of any foreign words before you don the outfit. Years ago, actress Cameron Diaz bought a purse with Chinese lettering on it. She was horrified to learn it was a quote by Communist Dictator Mao Zedong! Don’t let that happen to you.

Rock It!!

Image of Yohji Yamamota fall 2018, Amiri fall 2018 courtesy of, and image of Y3 courtesy of, respectively

Long hairAmiri, Y3, Yohji Yamamoto

Many of the models walking the runways were sporting hair much longer than traditional lengths. While great strides have been made in challenging gender dress codes, having long hair in a corporate environment might be a challenge. Plus men who have been wearing their hair short their entire lives are often surprised how much work goes into maintaining long tresses. You might want to consider leaving this one to the models.

Leave it.

—Cameron Grey Rose


Rock It or Leave It on the Runway: Trends from NYFW Spring 2018

Now that Paris Fashion Week spring 2018 season has ended, which marks the end of the prominent fashion weeks in international fashion capitals, Fashion Reverie glances back at some of the trends spotted during New York Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFWS) spring 2018. Our “Rock It, or Leave It” on the runway features have become very popular, and true to form for the NYFWS spring 2018 we leave no stones unturned!!

Images of Tom Ford spring 2018, Calvin Klein spring 2018, and Jason Wu spring 2018 courtesy of

Parachute SilhouetteWhile there are so many of the trends from fashion week that works well for the average consumer, parachute silhouettes are not one of them. The parachute silhouette while it looks great on the model body 5ft 8inch or taller size bodies, on anyone else it creates a large silhouette that adds volume and looks sloppy. Who wants to make themselves look heavier?  Leave It.

Images of Jason Wu spring 2018, Self Portrait spring 2018, and Carolina Herrera spring 2018 images courtesy of

Polka DotsIt’s so hard to add a touch of whimsy to clothes while still being chic and stylish. Polka dots are such fun, and as this seasons collection demonstrate, they can also be sophisticated and even sexy! Rock It!

Images of Alice + Olivia spring 2018, Tom Ford spring 2018, and Jason Wu spring 2018 courtesy of

RuchingOne of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to disguise a few extra pounds is to cover extra weight with loose clothing. This creates a larger silhouette and only makes a person look bigger. Ruching is a great way to camouflage less than perfect figures. The gathered fabric creates a slim silhouette while distracting from unsightly lumps. Rock It!

Images of Self Portrait spring 2018, Alice + Olivia spring 2018, and Tom Ford spring 2018 courtesy of

Suit Jackets and ShortsMany designers feel that a woman never looks sexier and well dressed than when she dons a well-fitted suit. Still, a suit is a very formal look. Wearing it to a nightclub or a party can make a person look out of place. Solution for spring 2018: Suit Jacket and shorts! It’s fun, flirty look that lets you show a lot of leg without looking too sexy. Rock It!

Images of Carolina Herrera spring 2018, Calvin Klein spring 2018, Jason Wu spring 2018, and Self Portrait spring 2018 courtesy of

Transparent FabricHaven’t we done this already? It began with the stars wearing sheer unlined gowns on the red carpet and now designers has upped the ante, sending models down the runway wearing see through fabric and no bras. Very few women would feel comfortable replicating this look and depending on where you live you might be breaking the law. This one remains a hard pass. And remember these very diaphanous looks on the runway usually get additional lining on retail racks that can alter the sexiness of the original garment. Fashion Reverie says Leave It!

Images of Rodarte spring 2018 and Carolina Herrera spring 2018 courtesy of

Square NecklinesSquare Necklines are huge this season. The best thing about square necklines is that they can be striking and flattering. When people with round faces wear round necklines it just emphasizes that and makes them look heavier. Square necklines can make you look thinner instantly. Just be sure to try on a square neckline before you buy it. Some are so wide they’ll display bra straps. Rock It!

Images of Calvin Klein spring 2018, Carolina Herrera spring 2018, Tom Ford spring 2018, and Alice + Olivia spring 2018 courtesy of

YellowOrange was the new black last season and while it’s still going strong, yellow is a strong second behind yellow! The trick to wearing yellow is finding the right shade for your complexion. If your complexion already has yellow undertones, you might want to avoid wearing it altogether. In that case, a purse or shoes in a bright sunshine yellow can make a great accessory. Rock It!

—Cameron Rose










For the Love of Fall 2017 Trends

Image courtesy of fashionisers

Image courtesy of fashionisers

“Stop expecting it to look like what you expect it to look like. It’s true of the fall lines, and it’s true of relationships,” Candice Bergen’s character, Cindy Chupack, famously uttered on HBO’s Sex and the City. Fall is a fun time for fashion though, even though those of us who sit at the front rows of Fashion Week have a minimal idea of what to expect before collections hits the catwalk. Fall 2017 promises to be bold, political, and statement making. So, what can we expect to see fashionistas and stylish consumers wearing next season?


Images courtesy of,, and, respectively

Statement Red

Red has long been the power color, and last season on the runways red appeared in the collections of top fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta and Dolce and Gabbana. Red has a history of being worn by powerful women from First Lady Nancy Reagan to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was known to sport red blazers on the campaign trail. If there’s a way for a woman to say I’m here and I will be heard, it’s to make a statement in a red ensemble. Never underestimate a lady in red.

Images courtesy of,, and, respectively

Images courtesy of,, and, respectively

Belted Outerwear

It’s all about belted outerwear this season, whether it be a trench coat or faux fur coat. This season, don’t be afraid to let female consumers accentuate their waist or hips. While the era of those exaggerated hip skirts made popular by Dior is long over (goodbye 1950s), the belt is back to help women accentuate their figures. We at Fashion Reverie are co-signing the big statement belts and are expecting to see plenty of these coats come November. We are talking about the kind of statement belts that look like WWE title belts in some cases, so remember, make sure you are wearing the belt and your belt isn’t wearing you.

Images courtesy of, and

Images courtesy of, and

Sparkly Boots

When Saint Laurent sent those glitter crystal boots down the runway—the price tag was $10,000 by the way, time for a second mortgage—the boots became the phenomenon of the fashion season. The glitter crystal boots were the boots that no one could stop talking about. And some time after, top bloggers Bryan Boy and Ezra William posted images on their Instagram accounts of themselves in the boots, keeping the conversation going. Sparkly boots also appeared on the runways of Chanel and Oscar de la Renta.

That said; be cautious with this trend. If you rock a glitter boot, keep the rest of your outfit understated, otherwise you will look like a cross between a disco ball and a drag show—unless that’s what you’re going for, which is fine!

Images courtesy of,

Images courtesy of,, and, respectively

Florals for Fall

No fashion industry professional has been able to forget Miranda Priestly’s famously snarky response from The Devil Wears Prada …” Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” What about florals for fall though? Florals appeared in the fall winter collections of designers including Delpozo, Coach, and Ralph Lauren. Some might be nervous about rocking florals in autumn temperatures; however, in a sea of neutral fall jackets, spice up your wardrobe with some prints and color. You will lauded and thanked for going beyond fall/winter urban warrior black.

Images courtesy of,, and, respectively

Images courtesy of,, and, respectively

Pretty in Plaid

It’s easy to be pretty in pink, but now it’s time to be pretty in plaid. Plaid ruled the runways last season in the collections of Bottega Veneta, Tory Burch, and Prada. Plaid was all the rage in the 90s, and with 90s nostalgia dominating fashion right now, it’s only fitting that plaid has made its return as a preferred pattern. Thanks to iconic pieces like the Chanel tweed jacket and anything with Burberry check, plaid has never gone out of style, but now it’s any and everywhere.

— Kristopher Fraser

End of Summer Fashion Trends: Rock It or Leave It!!

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

With only a little over a month left to the summer season, Fashion Reverie has compiled a collection of red carpet looks that worked or didn’t work so well on some of your favorite celebrities. One thing stands out for summer 2017, celebrities adorned themselves in a lot of 2017 spring/summer trends and some carryover looks from summer 2016. And Fashion Reverie was front and center detailing all the great fashion from summer red carpets

Images of Taraji Henson and Alison Brie courtesy of and, respectively

Images of Taraji Henson and Alison Brie courtesy of and, respectively

Low-Cut Necklines

Celebrities can get away with fashion looks your average consumer could never pull off. And this late summer red-carpet season had lots of looks that only worked for celebs. That said; there were lots of celebs flaunting low-cut neckline. And those low cut neckline screamed, “Hey everybody look at my chest!” Taraji P. Henson makes this look work well … because she’s Taraji P Henson and she really is a bad ass. But I doubt many women are willing to risk having themselves on full display or be willing to endure the yards of double back tape necessary to keep a nip slip from happening.

Leave It

Images of Gal Gadot and Andie MacDowell courtesy of

Images of Gal Gadot and Andie MacDowell courtesy of

Flat dress shoes

Okay Fashion Reverie is cheating a little bit since only two stars have done this, but every trend has to start somewhere! In recent years celebs have been leading the way to challenging unfair dress codes. Until now heels were mandatory at many functions. Who can forget an incident at Cannes in 2015 when two women were turned away from a red carpet screening because their shoes were flat?  Gal Gadot was repeatedly asked why she insisted on wearing flats during her Wonder Woman promotions to which she replied multiple times, “flats are more comfortable.”  Years of wearing high heels can injure your spine. Andie MacDowell has picked up the mantle of flat shoes and now it’s your turn.  Onward and upward!

Rock It!

Images of Kristen Chenoweth and Kristen Ritter courtesy of and, respectively

Images of Kristen Chenoweth and Kristen Ritter courtesy of and, respectively


Many things that look fantastic on the red carpet just don’t translate well to most consumers. When celebs appears on the red carpet, they wants all eyes on them and fully sequined gowns is a great way to grab attention. (It’s also why drag queens wear lots of sequins.)  You need to be okay with having all eyes on you. Additionally, sequined gowns are very expensive and fragile—the tiniest bit of friction can cause the shiny discs to fall off.  And those shiny discs can make the garment very heavy. Bottom line, sequined gowns are just wildly impractical.

Leave It

Images of Jourdan Dunn, Lucy Hale, and French Montana courtesy of sandfashionblog,, and eonline, respectively

Images of Jourdan Dunn, Lucy Hale, and French Montana courtesy of sandfashionblog,, and eonline, respectively


This trend began a couple of years ago but it’s still going strong and the best thing about this trend is you can do it yourself (DIY). Embroidery looks complicated but in truth if you can thread a needle you can embroider. It’s time consuming but you can do it while you clear out your out your closet of summer garments as the weather chills.  Denim is a perfect fabric for embroidery and very on trend now. You can find DIY tutorials online and the basic tools (thread, needles, and a embroidery hoop) are inexpensive. You can create anything you want!

Rock It!

—Cameron Grey Rose


NYFW: Men’s Spring 2018 Trend Report: Rock It or Leave on the Runway: 90s Hip-Hop Revival

In the 1990s, the relationship between fashion and hip-hop was a marriage of dissimilar bedfellows that found ways to reap huge financial benefits. Over the last two decades that rocky marriage has served where other fashion unions have dissipated. Between the increasing roster of hip-hop stars attending The Met Gala, to rappers like Lil Yachty becoming the creative director of Nautica, this seems to be a romance that will withstand the test of time. 90s hip-hop trends were apparent on this season’s runway at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, but every trend isn’t always a must. Fashion Reverie is here to let you know what consumers should be rocking, or what some consumers should leave on the runway

Images of Landlord and General Idea courtesy of its respective brands

Images of Landlord and General Idea courtesy of its respective brands

Dangling Belts

Landlord, which usually takes its inspiration from 90s hip-hop, accessorized numerous pieces in their collection with brightly colored belts. The look was utilitarian, but somehow impractical. What purpose could there be for wearing a belt so long, aside from it looking cool? Dangling belts can be an attention getter, but not the right kind of attention. Young hip-hop stars like Lil Uzi Vert can pull this off, but it’s not for everybody. Every season, there is always something urban designers have to do, whether it’s baggy pants, or shoulder pads and oversized sleeves, and this season it happened to belts, but it’s a miss with this time around.

Verdict: Leave it on the runway

Images of Luar, Kenneth Ning courtesy of its respective brands

Images of Luar, Woodhouse, Kenneth Ning courtesy of its respective brands

Reconstructed Shirts

If there is one easy way to make a shirt more interesting without getting too pattern crazy, deconstruct it and then reconstruct it and make it more avant-garde and edgy. Brands like Woodhouse added oversized pockets to simple navy tee shirts, and menswear designers like Luar took it to a whole other level completely destroying shirts to add details like layers of neckties where fabric would normally be. This is one of those trends that should be approached with caution.

Don’t go so overboard that your living situation is questionable, looking like a homeless person who owns a sewing machine. The Woodhouse effect is the best approach when adopting this trend.

Verdict: Rock it (but with subtlety)

Images of Kooples, Woodhouse and General Idea spring 2018 courtesy of the respective brands

Images of Kooples, Head of State, and General Idea spring 2018 courtesy of the respective brands

Today’s Hip-Hop Stars Are Wearing … Tracksuits

While 90s nostalgia was the big craze this season, designers were also thinking about what today’s hip-hop celebs are wearing. Track jackets are a staple piece once again, as seen with brands like Head of State. Denim, which for a few years seemed to be losing its luster, is bigger and bolder than ever. While hip-hop stars have been going flashier than ever on the red carpet, it’s those staple pieces that everyone will want to curate. Stars like A$AP Rocky and Pharrell are known to regularly rock a simple, yet tasteful track jacket. With hip-hop now the world’s most listened to music genre, who better to take fashion cues from.

Verdict: Rock it


Images of Carlos Campos, C2H4 Los Angeles, and Feng Chen Wang spring 2018 courtesy of the respective brands

Images of Carlos Campos, C2H4 Los Angeles, and Feng Chen Wang spring 2018 courtesy of the respective brands

Bold Colors

The brighter the better was the theme for many designers this season. While menswear has long been cautious when it comes to bold color palettes, this season designers went as crazy as the 96 crayon Crayola box. Monochromatic ensembles will be big for spring/summer 2018 as evidenced by brands like C2H4 Los Angeles, who presented neo-futuristic monochromatic orange and blue ensembles. Red will also be popular for spring 2018, and appeared in the runways and presentations of designers including Carlos Campos, Feng Chen Wang and swimwear brand Katama. Men need to stop shying away from color, somber dressing is out, and it’s great that fashion is pushing men to be more daring.

Verdict: Rock it

—Kristopher Fraser







Trend Report: The 80s Are Back!!


Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

First, there was the announcement of the reboot of the 1980’s series “Dynasty”. Then, Anthony Vaccarello headed back to the future with his second collection for St. Laurent that is like totally rad—meaning radical if you are not a child of the 80s. Dig out your mousse and find your Rubik’s Cube, The 80’s are back.

80’s fashion was known for its bold colors and sharp silhouettes. Fashion Reverie has tips how to look chic in 80s style trends without looking like you’re going to a costume party where 80’s is the theme.

Kerry Washington image courtesy of

Kerry Washington image courtesy of

Shoulder pads

Women started wearing jackets with heavy shoulder padding during the 1940s. Facing fabric shortages due to WW II rationing, women altered the suits left behind by enlisted men.  It’s an extremely flattering look on most women, provided you don’t naturally have large shoulders. The danger with shoulder pads is when they get popular, manufacturers start putting them in EVERYTHING! In the 1980’s people saw slips and camisoles that had shoulder pads sewn to ribbon straps.  2017 tip: Don’t double up on shoulder padding; folks will think you have a hunch back or are suffering from post-menopausal osteopororsis!!

denim-jacket-2 Good Housekeeping

Reese Witherspoon in denim jacket image courtesy of

Denim jackets

Denim Jeans were all over the places at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and had a starring role during New York Fashion Week: The Shows in Feb 2017. Denim jackets are making a comeback in a big way. It’s a fun easy look.

Still, there are only a few things to keep in mind.  Denim jackets are very casual look so they are strictly for day or very informal evening looks. They also tend to be pocket heavy; be careful of your silhouette. Stay away from acid wash to avoid people staring or throwing rocks at you.

Kendall Jenner with fanny pack image courtesy of

Kendall Jenner with fanny pack image courtesy of

Fanny Packs

It’s true. Fanny packs are back. But they aren’t called fanny packs, anymore. High-end designers are referring to them as ‘belt bags.’ To keep from looking like a soccer or suburban mom, pick a structured bag—the traditional floppy fanny packs look sloppy—in a nice leather—leather makes everything look more chic. A bold embellishment like a tassel or a large buckle will add a sophisticated touch.

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Wide belts

If you place a wide belt directly under your bust line, you’ll emphasize your chest. You’ll also make your curves stand out more and highlight your waist. Most wide belts are worn higher above the hip on your waist. This can help slim large midsections by breaking up your torso. Big belts are also a great way to break up a monochromatic look.

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Patent leather skirts

Matte is out; and for fall 2017, the glossier the better. Patent leather skirts will be everywhere this fall. You can balance the intensity of this look by pairing it with a cozy sweater or casual top.  A pair of medium heeled boots will keep you from going too sexy for day.

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Off-the-shoulder dresses or single shoulders dresses

When wearing off the shoulder looks don’t forget your SPF! Bare skin can equal sunburns. When trying on a single shoulder look make sure you move around circling your arms. If the armhole rides too high they can become extremely uncomfortable very quickly

Single shoulder looks are often accompanied by lavish embellishments on the covered shoulder but still leave you the space to rock a pair of funky earrings. Bare shoulders allow you to really let your jewelry and other accessories take center stage.


Oscar De Le Renta earrings courtesy of Neiman Marcus, and Stella McCartney earrings courtesy of Matches Fashion, respectively.

Ear Candy and Statement Earrings

With your bare shoulders, your giant colorful geometric earrings take center stage. Make sure the statement earrings are not to big so they are uncomfortably heavy or restrict movement. Make sure the colors are compatible with your outfit and skip the matching necklace.

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Image courtesy of Getty Images

Metallic Fabrics

Metallic fabrics, despite their obvious look-at-me factor, are great basics. They can play off of almost any color and they look as good with your sophisticated heels as they do adorning your coolest pair of sneakers.  Be careful wearing extremely reflective fabrics near the face as they create shadows and highlight flaws particularly if you don’t love your neck.  The shinier the fabric the simpler you won’t your overall outfit to be lest you drift into Ladies of the night territory.

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