Galitzine: Classically Superior

Galitzine_Web (1 of 6)title_NO CREDITSFashion is all about  now and the next. Still, iconic classic brands tend to outlive trends and the mercurial tastebuds of consumers. Galitzine is one of those brands luxury that has stood the test of time. Founded by Princess Irene Galitzine in Rome in 1946, the brand set itself a part from outer Italian luxury brands by establishing itself as a company that created  clothing for women who wanted chic, sophisticate clothes that allowed them to have ease of movement, and that they could wear at every jointure of their day.

Now under the direction of Sergio Zambon, Galitzine continues to explore the needs of contemporary women, adapting their perspective on luxury clothes as it relates to the modern woman.  Fashion Reverie was given the unique opportunity of being one of the few online publications to photograph the Galitzine 2014 fall/winter collection.

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Award Season Recapture

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Holiday Season RecaptureHoliday Season Recapture

Art Direction: Coco Mitchell
Photographer: Frank Louis
Makeup/Hair Stylist: Yvonne Forbes
Styling Assistants: Joe Quezada, T. Bates
Models: Agency Model Management – Brianna Flores, Mika Furuya, Sara Longoria, Elizabeth Makhnachova, Tash Moore, Katherine Small

The Spicy Nights of Auld Lang Syne

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 Art Director: Nolé Marin
Photographer: Chris Knight
Hair and make-up: John Henry Edington
Style Assistant: Stephanie Green
Models courtesy of Aim Model Management: Josipa Harmicar, Jae Childs, Tim Rupp, Patrick Conboy, Desmond Daniel

Rock n’ Roll Rhapsody

Rock n’ Roll Rhapsody

 Photography – Bryan Goulart

Art Direction & Styling – Nole Marin

Models – Laura O’Neall & Mario Skaric, AIM Model Management

Rock n RollRock n Roll

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Five Shades of Summer Fun

Click the photo below to scroll through some of this summer’s shades of fun.

Five Shades of Summer FunFive Shades of Summer Fun

Model – Dana Sass
Art Direction – William Gooch
Style Editor – Lauren Matina
Makeup Artist – Anoli (AIM BEAUTY using MAC)
Fashion Assistant – Ilana Katz
Photo Assistants – Tamera Ross, Eric Arnold

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