Editors’ Picks: Your Summer Date Night Dresses

It’s still the summer of love, which means you need a great summer dress to impress the potential love of your life. Whether you are looking for a summer dress that has bold colors or a summer dress to show off the curves, don’t underestimate the power of a great dress to give you the results you want. Love lifts us up where we belong, and so does a great summer date dress.

Image courtesy of net-a-porter.com

Norma Kamali Slinky Ruched Stretch-Jersey Midi Dress

If you want to show off your curves, this slinky black dress from Norma Kamali is your magic ticket. It’s a perfect dress to pair with every accessory as well. Not only that, but it has stretch, which is every woman’s best friend.

Image courtesy of net-a-porter.com

Rotate Birger Christensen Zebra Print Twill Wrap Mini Dress

It’s a jungle out there in the dating world, and it’s time to get dressed for the safari. Rotate Birger Christen is here to wrap you up in a fiery orange zebra wrap dress that will set your date night ablaze. Go out and set the city’s night life and some hearts on fire.

Image courtesy of modaoperandi.com

Prada Cotton-Blend Lace Midi Dress

Prada has left very little to the imagination with this cotton-blend lace dress with gothic elements. Want to leave your date speechless? Here’s the answer.

Image courtesy of modaoperandi.com

THEIA Floral Applique Color-blocked Sheath Dress

Summer means a sexless, strappy gown. Leave your date’s heart racing in this gorgeous lurex pink dress. The draped waist also makes for a fashionable effect.

Image courtesy of saksfifthavenue.com

Shoshanna Tissa Metallic Floral Print Mini Dress

Get a little fun and flirty for date night. This short-sleeve mini dress is right for showing off your legs and loving the skin you’re in. We’re sure your date will love it, too.

Image courtesy of modaoperandi.com

Brock Collection Pierrette Bustier-Detailed Cotton-Lace Peplum Dress

Brock Collection has created an elevated way for you to have a bustier look, and wear white before Labor Day without looking like a bride. This romantic dress is very right for you to be wined and dined in. Time to call in that reservation for that Michelin Star restaurant.

Image courtesy of saksfifthavenue.com

Cinq á Sept Denise Silk Mock-neck Dress

Give them a little leg and razzle dazzle them. Cinq á Sept’s silk dress tempts your potential love interest with a high hemline, contrasted with an unconventional mock neck look. Done in pacific blue, it’s a gem of a dress.

Kristopher Fraser

Summer Fragrances that Evoke Memory

Image courtesy of thebeautyjunkie.com

Fashion Reverie has you covered when it comes to special fragrances that are unique and could speak to your personality. There are just way too many coincidences when it comes to our scent. There are claims that fragrances can attract a potential partner or trigger memories.

Fashion Reverie reached out to Shalini of Shalini Parfum and asked why it’s important to wear a special scent unique to you. “I always think of fragrance as what a person wears closest to the skin.  It enters the body through the pores and affects the soul in the subtlest way.  It creates a memory and each note is a reminder of a moment of life that has passed. I feel it is important to find a parfum that speaks to your heart and shifts your consciousness.  It defines your personal essence. Our sense of smell is the most primal of our senses.  It’s what we miss about a person we love—the longing for their smell.”

“Fragrance can affect our mood, sense of self, and shift the way we are perceived in the world. Our pure parfums composed of the purest naturals posses a healing quality and uplift your very being,” continues Shalini.

Here are few fragrances that Fashion Reverie believes could facilitate memories that will last a lifetime. 

Amorem Rose by Shalini — The parfum is a glorious composition of Bulgarian rose, Saffron flowers, Baltic amber and Mahogany wood. The Damask Rose which grows in the magical “Rose Valley” in Bulgaria is considered the most fragrant, exquisite and opulent of all roses. It is the “heart” of Amorem Rose.

Storie Veneziane Valmont Gaggia Medio — Cardamom bursts forth in a sparkling and zesty head note, cloaking Gaggia Medio I in its citrusy chords.  Sandalwood enriches the composition with its gentle, sweet and milky accents. Amber envelops the composition in a sensual, carnal base note for an ebullient and mysterious wake.

Diptyque Eau Mage

Inspired by ambroxan, this fragrance is neither masculine nor feminine. Eau Mage is an eau de peau slightly woody and musky, with a spicy hint, Ambroxan, Cumin, and Cashmeran. 

Tiziana Terenzi Black Ecstasy

Top notes include pine, spruce, and stone powder. Middle notes are comprised of incense, patchouli, rose, and violet. Base notes are sandalwood, amber, cistrose, tonka bean, forest land, and ancient wood.

All images courtesy of their respective brands

Frederick Malle Lys Mediterranee by Edouard Fléchier

This fragrance conjures up memories of the Mediterranean. Notes include salty spice of ginger, lilies, and orange blossom.

—Tijana Ibrahimovic

Editors’ Picks: Fashionable Rompers for Summer 2019

It’s romper season. Hmm, did culottes go out of style? At any rate, bright skies means it’s time to show off those tones legs. Whether you are getting ready for a day in the park or for an outdoor concert, Fashion Reverie has curated some awesome rompers for you to consider when summer shopping.

Image courtesy of lyst.com

Gucci Off-White Short Romper

This Gucci romper comes in a classic white and is done in a luxe silk blend. This can be paired with your most colorful boots and a statement bag for a summer party look. You can also go casual with some fun sandals and shades.

Image courtesy of farfetch.com

Missoni Mare Multicolored Zigzag Playsuit

It’s a kaleidoscope of colors in Missoni’s signature zigzag pattern for some summer fun in the sun. Be brighter than the summer flowers in this out-of-this world number. The fabric patterns also overlap to flatter your figure for that sexy summer body.

Image courtesy of farfetch.com

DVF Celeste Silk-Jersey Wrap Romper

You’ve heard of the wrap dress, but what about the wrap romper? This pink and white romper was cut with the brand’s signature silk jersey for a luxurious, but comfortable effect. It’ll go perfect with sandals or slides for a gorgeous summer day.

Image courtesy of farfetch.com

No Ka’ Oi Metallic Short Jumpsuit

Time to get futuristic in this metallic romper. It’s one-part year 3000 and one-part Jetsons-inspired fashion. Take a wild ride into the future this summer with this romper.

Image courtesy of farfetch.com

Staud Pomelo Crudités-Print Linen Playsuit

Linen is one of the lightest, most comfortable summer fabrics. This linen romper is adorned with a playful summer sky blue print . It’s bright and cheery like your summer should be.

Image courtesy of matchesfashion.com

Zimmermann Castile Embroidered Silk-Chiffon Playsuit

Zimmermann, as always, brings that effortless feminine chic for the summer. This cutout shoulder helps you show even a little extra skin on those hot summer days. It’s both sexy and stylish.

Image courtesy of matchesfashion.com

Self-Portrait Fil-Coupé Polka-Dot Bustier Playsuit

Step out in your bustier (jumpsuit) and your sex kitten heels for that night on the town look with this romper. This polka-dot romper from Self-Portrait balances  playful with sultry. This look will pair well with a sky-high stiletto for those nights of living your best life.

Image courtesy of matchesfashion.com

Mary Katranzou Fantasy Perfume-Print Duchess Satin Playsuit

We says reality is all its cracked up to be. How about some fantasy in this Mary Katranzou jumpsuit? This fantasy romper is straight out of a fairytale and looks fit for a princess. The slim fit and bodice can be cinched at waist for a form-fitting summer look.  

—Kristopher Fraser

Editors’ Pick: Lumene’s Nordic Hydra Collection

If you live on the East Coast; it has finally warmed up. And with warm weather comes the need to keep your skin hydrated.

Unfortunately, there are lots of products that claim to hydrate the skin, only leaving the skin greasy and shiny. Lumene’s Nordic Hydra collection does neither.

Lumene’s Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask features an innovative air water-gel formula that helps provide an instant surge of hydration, resulting in a comfortable, fully hydrated, soft and supple feeling on the skin. The product contains pure Artic spring water to promote a healthy-looking complexion, replenishing organic Nordic birch sap and Lumene’s hydra-technology designed to instantly boost the skin’s moisture level.  

This hydration recovery aerating gel mask will leave your skin looking vibrant, soft and smooth.  Delivering an instant moisture boost to dry, dehydrated skin.

Keeping your skin vibrant and youthful doesn’t start and end with Lumene’s Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask. Any good skincare regimen includes a good facial cleansing product.

All images courtesy of Lumene

Lumene’s Nordic C Pure Glow Cleansing Balm melts onto the skin to gently, yet efficiently remove even tenacious face and eye make-up. The sensorial formula rinses off easily without any greasy sensation, leaving the skin feeling comfortable and radiant.  Formulated with wild Arctic cloudberry seed oil, its silky texture also includes our unique radiance-enhancing Nordic-C complex with vitamin C for an instantly energized, smooth, and brighter-looking complexion.

This Nordic cleansing balm is also 100% vegan, gluten, and cruelty free. Both products retail for $14.99 and can be found at CVS, cvs.com, and target.com.


Editors’ Pick: Gorjue’s Food-inspired Lipsticks

Summer is the time to experiment with your personal style and how you present yourself to the world.  Off goes the hats, the big coats, scarves and mittens. And the outerwear is replaced by fashion that shows your body off, and hopefully tanned, fantastic looking skin.

Summer also conjures up the great bold colors and smells of warmer weather. Great floral scents, outdoor food festivals, the bold colors of carnivals and flora and fauna its peak!!

Why not match the vibrant, bold colors and aromatic smells of summer with your favorite summer lipstick. The brainchild of Maesa Koeber, Gorjue foodie-inspired lipsticks are cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks that make your lips nibble-worthy.  Did you notice that lovely color of tuna in your sushi roll last night?  Then Spicy Tuna Roll is your shade! Other colors include Salmon Nigiri, New York Hotdog, California Burger and Southern Fried Chicken.  All have a velvet feel, are opaque and moisturizing and are long wear.

The long-wearing lipsticks are also gluten-free, soy-free, glide on velvet smooth, is highly pigmented and opaque, and very moisturizing. And put your worries aside, you will not go around smelling like spicy tuna, hamburger, hotdogs, and fried chicken—some of foodie-inspired Gorjue lipsticks. All the lipsticks are infused with vanilla. So, you will smell and taste good.

Founded in 2017 in New York City, Gorjue represents the fusion of fashion, travel and food. And the Gorjue website features different fusions of makeup/fashion, food, and travel globally!

Images courtesy of Chic Execs

Gorjue’s food-inspired lipstick retail for $22 individually or as a bundle for $90 for the ‘Foodie Beauty Bundle’ or $120 for the Limited Edition ‘To Go’ set.

Food and fashion; it’s about time. Gorjue into beauty!!


Editors’ Pick: Disney Princess x Ruthie Davis

In case you haven’t noticed, there have been lots of fashion collaborations with Disney as of late. In 2019 alone, Disney has launched a princess bracelet with Alex and Ani, Chip n’Dale, Alladin, and Aulani charms from Pandora, Kipling X Disney backpacks featuring Minnie Mouse, Samsonite’s Dumbo collection, and Vera Bradley’s Disney Collection. Now, Ruthie Davis has jumped on the Disney train. After all, it is Disney’s 90th anniversary.

For over 12 years, Ruthie Davis has made a name for herself as a footwear designer that has unparalleled craftsmanship and quality. You can find Ruthie Davis footwear on A-listers like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Zendaya, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato, to top-tier supermodels and actresses like Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry, Kendall Jenner, Laverne Cox and Sofia Vergara, just to name a few. And if you are in the market for attention-grabbing footwear, then Ruthie Davis is the brand for you. These shoes are definitely not for shrinking violets and wallflowers!!

Following the acclaimed Snow White and Mulan capsule collections, this marks the third iteration of the Disney Princess x Ruthie Davis collaboration and will launch in conjunction with the highly anticipated live-action film, Disney’s Aladdin.” The Disney Princess x Ruthie Davis launches on April 22 for pre-order exclusively on ruthiedavis.com.

Blending the iconic legacy of Disney with the creative force of Ruthie Davis, this collection will continue to embody the empowerment of today’s Disney Princess, re-imagining the classic story with a modern twist. Comprised of nine styles, the capsule features Davis’s signature stilettos, metallic ankle boots and platform sneakers adorned with iconography inspired by the characters of Aladdin. 

“I am a woman who has built a brand from the ground up.  I design shoes for women to make them feel confident, beautiful and powerful.  I have worked hard to realize my dreams and goals. I don’t let setbacks derail me, and I never give up,” said Davis.

Photos courtesy of Michele Marie PR

The styles retail for $395–$79. All nine styles will be available to purchase June 1st at other fine retailers.—Staff

Editors’ Picks: Coachella 2019 Essentials

Image courtesy of desert.sun.com

Coachella starts in a week—April 12 through April21—and if you are not familiar with the double weekend music fest, then you are missing out of one of the biggest US musical festivals. Coachella unofficially launches the spring/summer festival season and has now become a premier music and art festival attended by music fans and celebrities alike.Founded in 1993 and located on the Inland peninsula, right outside of Palm Springs, CA, the festival features musical artists from many musical genres, as well as art installations and sculptures, Coachella Music and Art Festival draws crowds of up to over 250,000 and grosses over $120 million dollars. Musical headliners for 2019 include Ariana Grande, Janelle Monae, Jaden Smith, Idris Elba, Childish Gambino, Gucci Gang, Kacey Musgraves, Peter Tong, Wiz Khalifa, and Tame Impala.

And though the motivation behind Coachella is music and art, fashion has become a very important part of the music festival. Fashion Reverie has curated some great fashion and beauty products that not only make you look at Coachella but also promote comfort and can protect your skin from the harsh California sun.

Image courtesy of FRE Skincare

OK, you are going to be out in the sun and experience the elements a lot. Your skin could take a beating with all the sun exposure and sweating. No one wants to leave Coachella with leathery skin. FRÉ Skincare provides comprehensive solutions to combat the problems of active skin. Specifically designed for skin that sweats, FRÉ Skincare developed a breakthrough formula to address the problems when skin interacts with your skin. The unique Argania Active Complex© hydrates skin, reduces the signs of aging and improves skin’s elasticity.Fashion Reverie’s FRÉ Skincare selects GLOW ME and PROTECT ME are a great source of protection and moisturizing for Coachella. GLOW ME is a 3-in-1 cream that adds a light tint to your skin while adding SPF15 protection. PROTECT ME is that great moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated while providing SP15 protection. Both products contain Argania Active Complex©.

Image courtesy of The Pocket Palette

Now, we know you want to look good at Coachella. But, who has time to and who wants to carry around a lot of makeup? The Pocket Palette is a single-use, full face, travel makeup kit that allows you to carry your beauty basics in the palm of your hand!The palette includes mascara, lipstick/cheek tint and bb cream making it the perfect essential to include in your beach bag or purse! You can purchase a 3 pack or 10 pack and select your choice based off of your skin tone, with four options from light to dark. 

Image courtesy iGUANEYE

At Coachella, you could be doing a lot of walking and standing. Your feet need to be comfortable. Leveraging the latest technologies to recreate the feeling of walking barefoot, iGUANEYE has created the most comfortable and stylish flats and sandals ever! Ergonomically designed, the shape of iGUANEYE shoes are created to conform to the natural contour of your feet. The main part of the shoe consists of advanced elastomer, which is hypoallergenic, soft and very flexible. The removable and ventilated sole is made of 99% cork and 1% latex coated with leather hide. iGUANEYE shoes come in eleven fashionable colors and nine insert colors for a customizable look.The concept for iGUANEYE shoes was inspired by the ancient Amazonian tribes, who used to dip their feet in liquid rubber from trees, to create a protective film that allowed them to walk freely. Created with the intent of enabling modern urban tribes to experience that same level of comfort, iGUANEYE shoes offer the ultimate in comfort without compromising on great designs and on-trend styles.

Cynthia Rowley spring 2019 images courtesy of vogue.com

If you want to look fashionable at Coachella, after all there will be lots of celebs there, Cynthia Rowley has some great comfortable dresses and frocks that will demonstrate your  sense of style, without you looking like you are trying too hard. Inspired a young woman’s active lifestyle, these lively, fun dresses incorporate everything from bandana-type floral prints to baby doll silhouettes.

Image courtesy of priverevaux.com

What would Coachella be without some cool shades? Remember, the California sun is bright and intense. You need some shield for your eyes.  Prive Revaux to the rescue!!Whether it’s tinted sunnies or funky frames, this celebrity-approved eyewear brand carries a variety of styles that are great for putting the finishing touches on your festival look. Also, for $29.95 a piece, don’t sweat about breaking the bank!

Image courtesy of Chic Execs PR

We all know there is a lot of non-stop partying at Coachella. Recovering from one party day to the next is important. Recover the right way with the Santevia Recovery Stick! Simply activate the Recovery Stick by submerging it into bottle or glass. Shake or stir for 30 seconds, and within 3-5 minutes your water will reach optimal pH and chlorine reduction. This hydrogen-rich, antioxidant water speeds muscle, skin, bone, and brain recovery. A true lifesaver when it comes to all day music festivals.

Image courtesy of Chic Execs PR

Coachella is no fun if you have a bad headache. Long days and loud music is a recipe for migraines, good thing you’ll be prepared with Migrastil!  Your all-natural soothing support to get ahead of the pain! Just apply a small amount at your temples, forehead and back of the neck at the first sign of pain. The Migraine Stick contains peppermint, spearmint and lavender essential oils in a coconut oil base. Don’t let a migraine ruin your time when you can avoid it!Staff





Stomp it out with Spring 2019 Fantasy Shoes

Photos courtesy of glowsly.com

Spring’s here, although if you live on the East Coast, it doesn’t fell like it! That means it’s time to put away those clunky, old winter boots and dust off your cute spring fling shoes. As the sidewalks start to thaw off, it’s time to let your wardrobe get fiery hot again. April showers bring May flowers, and another excuse to go shopping. And this season don’t be afraid to let passions dictate how much fun it can be to throw passion to the wind and express your wildest fantasies in what you put on your feet!!

Photo courtesy of bloomingdales.com

Gucci Women’s Amber Square-Toe Metallic Leather Mid-Heel PumpsGet that silver sparkle in your wardrobe for spring with these Gucci metallic leather pumps. The G block heel is crystal-embellished for the ultimate in luxury footwear. Fringe is in this year, and those hanging crystals are like a chandelier for your ankles in the best way.

Photo courtesy of bloomingdales.com

Chloé Women’s Rylee Cutout Pointed-Toe BootsSpring is s a great time for a cutout boot. You can finally let your ankles breathe and have a great boot to go with a cropped pant. These snake embossed boots from Chloé give a nice exotic touch for a seasonal feel.

Photo courtesy of bloomingdales.com

Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel Coline Wing-Embellished High-HeelsThese are the golden goddess heels you need for spring worthy of an episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Fly through the room like an Amazonian goddess in these fantasy heels. Let these heels redefine the true meaning of a power shoe.

Photo courtesy of nordstrom.com

Maison Margiela Tabi Platform BootEver since “American Horror Story’s” Cody Fern dawned the ‘Tabi’ boot at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, these Maison Margiela boots have been in demand in both their men’s and women’s style. It has become the ‘It’ shoe of 2019, even selling out at some stockists.

Photo courtesy of nordstrom.com

Vetements Lurex Sock BootThe sock shoe became all the rage thanks to brands like Vetements and Balenciaga. Vetements now presents the sock boot. These sock boots are made for walking and strutting.

Photo courtesy of nordstrom.com

Christian Loubotuin Raynibo Cage SandalWho said rainbow stripes were just for NYC’s Gay Pride parade? Christian Lobuoutin told a rainbow of a tale in these bedazzled crystal stilettos. They are truly over the rainbow and over the moon.

Photo courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

Rene Caovilla Beaded Denim Block-Hell Thong Sandal with BowsYour shoes for your resort vacation have arrived, and they come with a bow detail. A good sandal is a spring must-have. If spring break is calling your name in Miami or other warm spring break spots, slip into these.

Photos courtesy of zappos.com

Alice + Olivia Danika Stace Face Mule EspadrillesFor those of you who can count on hot summer temperatures for the spring season—LA girls take notice—the espadrilles are ready to come out and play. These ones from Alice + Olivia are literally serving you face. Pair them with a pair of matching sunglasses.

Photo courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

Versace Chain Reaction Barocco-Print Chunky-Heel SneakersNow that there is no longer the imminent threat of icy sidewalks leading to a face plant, comfy sneakers should be on your bucket list. The chunky white sole is dominating sneaker silhouettes right now, and look no further than Versace for this new addition to your sneaker collection. Put a little gold reaction in your step.

—Kristopher Fraser

Editors’ Pick: Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya Spring 2019 Capsule Collection Campaign

Do you love retrospective or vintage-inspired garments? If you do, look no further than the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya spring 2019 capsule collection.

Inspired by the Battle of Versailles fashion show that took place in Paris in 1973, Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya incorporated some classic 70s silhouettes into their spring 2019  capsule collection. Hold on to your horses because there are lots of flared pants, psychedelic prints, and shiny satin materials. Can anyone say, “More, More, More”?

“Zendaya has become a global icon, using fashion to make bold statements while always staying true to herself. Our capsule collection fuses her eclectic style with the Americana spirit of our brand,” said Hilfiger about the capsule collection.

And there is nothing more Americana than a look back at vintage 70s fashion. This 70s capsule collection conjures up images of Battle of Versailles, which was a charity fundraiser runway show to restore Louis XIV’s colossal residence. The Battle of Versailles highlighted the brilliance of black models—Pat Cleveland, Alva Chinn, Norma Jean Darden, Billie Blair, Bethann Hardison, China Macado, and others—with those iconic models showing the mostly French audience how versatile and important the American sportswear aesthetic of Stephen Burrows, Halston, Oscar de la Renta, Anne Klein, and Bill Blass could be.

Images courtesy of lesfacons.com

The collection, which ranged from high-waisted, wide-leg denim and easy suiting to curve-hugging jumpsuits and flirty, glittery dresses for a night out dancing, will surely appeal to any customer enamored with ’70s style. Posing against a backdrop of wood paneling, Zendaya models wide-leg pants, tailored suiting and chic dresses with looks that are casual, yet elegant. 

The Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya spring 2019 collection is now available at usa.tommy.com.



New York Fashion Week Editors’ Essentials Fall 2019

This season since New York Fashion Week: Men’s and New York Fashion Week: The Shows follow right after each other with no break in between, Fashion Reverie has decided to combine our editors’ essentials for the fall 2019 fashion week season. Though many in the fashion industry contend that there is currently very little need for fashion editors—one very important fashion mover and shaker at a recent industry panel discussion projected that fashion editors’ usefulness had gone out of fashion because no one reads runway reviews anymore—editors’ expertise about all things fashion goes without question.

Below you will Fashion Reverie’s editors’ essentials roundup of things that will get you through this very busy two weeks. Remember, instead the traditional eight days of hustling and bustling, it now 11 days!!

Fashion Week can be very hard on your feet. As you shuffle from one fashion show to the next, your feet can take a real beating. Legendary Apothecary has developed a wonderful tincture ($35) that can leave the feet smooth, soft and hydrated. USDA–approved, 100 percent organic and clean, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Simple ingredients include vegetable glycerin, pure lavender oil and grain alcohol (which does not dry out the skin).

Inspired by a century-old family fable, Legendary Apothecary combines the desire to spread KINDness with a deep belief in the power of plant-based ingredients to create skincare products that are pure, organic & cruelty-free. Legendary Apothecary donates 10% of its proceeds toward like-minded charities.

We all know that it is essential that you are camera ready during NYFW. Who doesn’t want to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed during this hectic week?

Hyaluronic Acid does wonders for the skin although most times it comes in a syringe. So, a little short-term plumping comes with a little bit of pain. But now you can get your HA AND COLLAGEN fix without injections with Fillerinas new product additions with some of the strongest, most effective formulas you can get without a doctor’s assist.

Fillerina is a topical wonder product filled with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and other skin loving ingredients that plump up your skin. There’s a New Fillerina product with the “932” formula for the Lips and Mouth, Eyes and Eyelids and Face.  

Fillerina works over a period of weeks to plump and rebuild the skin’s collagen giving long lasting results. Whether you are looking for fuller lips, to fill in the hollowness under the eyes or simply to plump and hydrate your face, Fillerina is the injection-free way to get amazing results in the privacy of your own home.

Speaking of your skin, the winter weather can be tough on your skin. NYFW is now situated between 3 or 4 venues, and believe battling the harsh wind as you cross the Westside Highway to Pier 59 and leave you out in the cold, literally.

Mini Glow Boost Essence Serum ($12.99/15ML)—the travel-sized version of Lumene‘s super concentrated, miracle-boosting serum. Containing a unique new Nordic-C radiance enhancing and energizing technology with berry extract from antioxidant-rich Wild Arctic Cloudberry and Vitamin C, along with Pure Arctic Spring Water and two types of Hyaluronic Acid, the hydrating formula works to promote the appearance of more youthful-looking skin that feels plumper, smoother and looks more radiant. Available at Target and Target.com.

This industry concentrates so much on what female consumers want, but wait a minute, there are male consumers, and more importantly male fashion editors.

Every male editor wants their hair to look great during NYFW. And Fashion Reverie has the solution for you, especially if those hair follicles haven’t died. THICK HEAD helps to fight DHT (the leading cause of hair loss) with specially developed ingredients also proven to help regrow your hair. Be confident! THICK HEAD is manufactured in an FDA Approved facility and contains no harmful drugs.

Once you start, keep an eye out for a major side effect: Thick and healthy hair. THICK HEAD’s Regrowth Systems focus on fighting the most common causes of hair loss (androgens, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies). Take off your hat and bare your hair to the world.

Everyone knows that a good fashion editor needs a good bag. As you shuttle from show to show during NYFW, a great bag is essential to carry all of your press notes, party favors and the, now, fewer than ever, gift bag. Vince Camuto has a healthy mix of great bags that will suit all your needs during Fashion Week. And they are moderately priced!!

OK, you are at the end of your day and you really need to relax and distress. All those fashion shows have taken their toll. Fashion Reverie has the solution for you!!

Lifetherapy uses the power of scent, texture, and color, fused with extraordinary ingredients, to evoke positive experiences and emotions for the mind, the body and the spirit.


Lifetherapy’s body wash and bubbling bath is a great way to calm your mind, body and spirit after a long day at the shows. And for NYFW, Lifetherapy is giving a 20% discount on their Eternity body wash and bubbling bath products. Just use the code FASHREV.


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